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Super Smash Bros. Brawl Cheats :

This page contains Super Smash Bros. Brawl cheats list for WII version. Now we have 182 cheats in our list, which includes 26 easter eggs, 34 glitches, 122 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl on WII platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

SuPer Smash Bros. Fun Facts!

by blaziken1234 May 05, 2008

This isn't a cheat or anything, but they are facts you probably might not have known before! Check them out! Nowhere else can you find this info!

-Jigglypuff and Mr. Game and Watch have, virtually, the exact same weight!

-Kirby, Ike, and Squirtle have the exact same running speed!

-Mario, ROB, Bowser, Ivysaur, and Lucas have the exact same running speed!

-Kirby's dash attack is almost like a breakdancing move, but Jigglypuff's dash attack is the exact same as Kirby in Smash Bros. 64.

-Kirby's side-special (The hammer.) in the air is a good recovery move when knocked to the side of the stage.

-ROB's Up-special surp***es Zelda's Up-special, making ROB the new best recoverer in the game.

-Every playable character in Brawl has been in at least two games. (Except for ROB, who had two models of products in the USA.)

-Every Mario Stage in the Smash Bros. Series is a hint for a new Mario game. (Think about it! SSB64: Mushroom Kingdom, the remake was on Gameboy Advance. Or SSBM: Rainbow Cruise, "Super Mario 64 DS". Meaning they might make a remake of Super Mario Sunshine on the next generation handheld.)

-Pit, Sonic, Snake, ROB, and Mr. Game and Watch can all attack still in the air after using their Recovery move!

-Lucario's special game mechanic of being stronger with a higher damage percent actually stops once he's reach 130%. Basically, you want to keep him in a 100 to 180 range before you'll be in trouble without benefits.

-The song "Luigi Circuit" isn't actually the right one. If you have actually played Mario Kart 64, it's really Wario's Stadium! Nintendo has messed up big time! (V_V)

-Fox falls slower if you continuously use his refelector in the air.

-Just like Peach's Down-Special, King Dedede occasionally (Yet rarely.) throws other things besides Waddle Dees, Waddle Doos, and Gordos when he does his Side-Special! Such as Mr. Saturns, Capsules, Stickers (Weird yet true, seen it once happen.), and other things.

-A metal character is actually heavier than Bowser!

-Mr. Game and Watch, Toon Link, Zero Suit Samus, Sonic, and Sheik all have aerial smashes that make them fly downwards.

-The reason the Hanenbow stage doesn't have a music option is because there really isn't any music. Just the sound of an Orchestra getting ready is the only music you hear. The music is the Electroplankton bopping the leaves as you fight. You can alter the pitch as well, so basically, Hanenbow has the most sounds out of any... 

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UnLock Silver the Hedgehog

by pyro777 Nov 05, 2008

To unlock Silver the Hedgehog, build a Shadow the Hedgehog machine (In real life), run towards it, make Shadow use Chaos Control, freezing you, and then make him run around you and then roundhouse kick you in the back of your head. Turn on the Wii, and select Brawl. It will say Silver is approaching.

Don't these fake cheats bother you? Here's a list of the only playable characters.

· Mario
· Luigi
· Peach
· Bowser
· Ice Climbers
· Ike
· Wolf
· Fox
· Falco
· Marth
· Olimar
· Captain Falcon
· Mr. Game & Watch
· Pikachu
· Jigglypuff
· Link
· Toon Link
· Snake
· Sonic
· Wario
· Kirby
· Yoshi
· Zelda/Sheik
· Samus/Zero Suit Samus
· Pit
· Meta Knight
· King DeDeDe
· Pokemon Trainer
· Donkey Kong
· Diddy Kong
· Lucas
· Ness
· Ganondorf

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HoW to beat Tabuu in Subspace Emissary

by Sonicfan1 Nov 02, 2009

Tabuu tries to instantly KO everyone again, but Sonic leaps in and distracts
him. Pick your 6 dudes and get ready!

Tabuu warps around the stage constantly, making him difficult to hit. However,
he attacks in a semi-predictable order: he selects a move from group A, then a
move from group B, a move from group C, and finally uses a group D move. While
the first three attacks are random, he always uses the two group D moves in
alternation (that is, he never picks them twice in a row). Here they are:

Group A:
Grass Cutter: Forms a pink blade and swipes the ground with it. Easy to avoid,
just jump.
Shark Blade: Hangs in the air, produces a large blade, and flies horizontally
across the stage. Easy to avoid, just air dodge.
Golden Brackets: Take a pair of "brackets" and sweeps them along the stage.
If they grab you, you get thrown into the ground for a likely one-hit KO.
Very hard to dodge.
Group B:
Chain of Light: Takes a yellow rope, quickly grabs you, flings you around a
bit, and slam you into the ground. Very powerful attack, almost no time to
Quark Glitter: Shines five or six points of light a cross the stage, which
quickly explode. KOs often.
Electro Field: Generates an electric field around himself that expands and
then shrinks. Not hard to avoid. Projectile bait.
Fury Swipes: Appears right in your face and slashes at you. Traps easily.
Dupli Fling: Sends copies of himself in all directions. High KO power. Explode
on contact with the ground, meaning you can dodge the thing itself but still
get hit by its shrapnel.
Group C:
Dragon Laser: Uses a large cannon-like device to shoot a beam along the
ground. Jump to avoid, but it lasts a while.
Bullet Rain: Appears near you and showers you with needles. Fires a large
KOing fireball at the end. The move sweeps while being used, so the only safe
spot is behind the enemy.
Triblade: Throws a spinning blade along the ground that acts like a boomerang
and makes two passes. Jump over it.
Group D:
Off Waves: A series of three stage-covering rings that do huge damage and an
instant KO. Sidestep dodging is the only way to reliably avoid them. Or, you
can use a mid-match character swapping move.
Giant Laser: Grows huge, appears at the side of the stage, and shoots a pair
of giant lasers across the stage, similar to Master Hand. Very easy to avoid;
just get right on the edge of the stage and wail at 'im.
Explosive Teleport:... 

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SoMewhat Useless Facts (2)

by Sakira Oct 14, 2008

More Somewhat Useless Facts! :D

You probably knew all of this already, but...Here goes.

-Toon Link doesn't kick

-Luigi's Final Smash is a major "WTF?" moment
-You can hit people with Luigi's Down Taunt

-Only blue Pikmin can swim. All the others die

-Kirby is the easiest character to use

-Without Pikmin, Olimar can't even throw

-Marth's sword, Falchion, does more damage from the tip

-If you use a move too much, the move gets weaker

-Sometimes, the Golden Hammer is actually the Squeaky Hammer, which does no damage at all

Yeah. That's all there is. For now. (I might make a third.)

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ChAracter Conversations

by dgmm7797 Sep 17, 2008

Tap the D-pad down while using the following characters in the appropriate stages to trigger mid-battle conversations:

Fox/Falco: Lylat Cruise, Corneria (Melee stage)
Wolf: Lylat Cruise
Snake: Shadow Moses Island

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MeW, Celebi, and Jirachi

by Lugia27 Apr 02, 2008

Finding their Pokeballs is extremely hard, but if you do happen to come across one, you get some REALLY RARE collectibles Mew gives you Music CDs, Celebi gives you statues, and Jirachi gives you Stickers

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CoMmon Knowledge

by Pearl_Jay Feb 10, 2010

Here are some facts that everyone should know, but for the ones who don't:
-Marth's neutral-B(Shieldbreaker), when used to it's max extent, is great for recovering when you get knocked to the side pretty high. Unless you're at places like Temple.
-Pit, Charizard, and Metaknight all have the ability to fly/glide by holding down the jump button while airbourne, but Metaknight's is the only one that isn't considered as an up-B
-Right after a running kick attack, or dash-A, with Falco connects, you can immediately use an up-smash by tilting up on the C-Stick
-Luigi's Down-B midair is an excellent aerial recory that's not considered Up-B, you just have to press B fast enough
-Around 65-80%, Luigi's Up-B will KO if it connects on the ground
-The characters who can jump multiple times are considered "good recoverers", but in metal mode, they are basically the worst.
-You can use any Up-B more than once if you get hit after you use it the first time, but R.O.B. can use Up-B multiple times before it runs out of fuel.
-Bowser(Side-B and tilt control stick torwards the edge.), Ganondorf(Side-B while neither Ganondorf or victim is onstage), DK(F-Grab, walk off), Kirby(Suck In, walk off), and DeDeDe(Suck in, walk off) have suicidal moves. While Wario(Bite) and Ike(Aether) CAN have suicidal moves.
-Moves decrease to 0 damage if you use them too much(AKA spam)
-You do not, despite popular belief, get any special bonuses for completing Boss Battles/All Star without using any heart containers.

There are many more, but I'll stop here.

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SoMewhat Useless Facts

by Sakira Oct 06, 2008

You probably knew all of this already, but...Here goes nothing.

-Link is the Hero of Time and also the Failure of Speech Classes.

-Although Marth is actually a Middle-Weight, he acts like a Light-Weight.

-The end of Sheik's whip thing is electrified.

-It's easy to dodge Kirby's Final Smash with Zelda/Sheik. Just time your transforming well.

-If you suck in another Kirby as Kirby, nothing happens when you swallow.

-Only one character can grab a ledge at a time.

-Toon Link is faster and lighter than Link, but weaker.

-Link's shield can stop a enemy's projectile in its tracks. Just stand still.

-Using Olimar's down-special not only calls back all Pikmin, but also rearranges the order that they're lined up in.

...That's it. Well, I hope you learned something today. ^.^

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SoMewhat Useless Facts (3)

by Sakira Jan 08, 2009

Even I doubted that his was coming...Oh, well. Who really cares?

Now here's more Somewhat Useless Facts!

-Marth's Counter lasts a little longer than Ike's, but Ike's has a tad more strength

-Marth's sword, the Falchion, has been nerfed since Melee

-Pikachu's side smash, when first used, inflicts 20% damage. After that first time, however, the side smash gradually gets weaker

-Pikachu's Thunderbolt is more likely to launch your opponent when they are touching Pikachu, not the bolt of lightning that comes down

-Link and Mr. Game&Watch should get along pretty well, considering the fact that neither of them can really talk

-The damage you have, the harder it is to escape from Yoshi's eggs

-If you time your jumps well, you can bounce off another character's head

-When changing directions with Pikachu's Quick Attack, there must be at least a 38 degree difference between your change of direction and the original direction you were heading in

-Electric attacks can be absorbed and reflected

Is there gonna be a fourth?!
...Maybe. Just wait and see!

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GlItch sonic fly and teleport .

by darklucario10 Apr 26, 2010

Make a custom stage with a full sized ramp(the one that is steep) now go to that stage choose sonic then go on to the ramp hold side+B and release it and sonic will be doing his side b in the air and while doing this if he hits any thing like an opponent or item he will disappear and reappear at the top if there is an enclosed area there then he will be trapped inside!!

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K.K. Slider Concert

by dgmm7797 Sep 17, 2008

If you play any kind of Brawl on the "Smashville" Animal Crossing stage when your Wii's internal clock is set to a Saturday between the hours of 8:00 PM and midnight, K.K. "Totakeke" Slider will appear in the background of the stage and serenade your brawl.

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SnAke's Codec

by blackfox168 May 25, 2009

Here's a really interesting feature to the game that can only be executed by Snake while playing on his stage, Shadow Moses Island. If you have your taunts set to the d-pad on either the Gamecube controller or the Wii controller, press down on the d-pad repeatedly. This must be done extremely fast.

If executed properly, Snake will take a knee and get on his Codec, where he'll speak with familiar characters from the Metal Gear Solid series, including Otacon, Colonel Campbell, and the like. You'll have a completely unique, often humorous conversation with the person on the other end of the Codec depending on who you're fighting. That's right -- there are completely unique conversations for each character, including character variants (Shiek, Zero Suit Samus, the various Pokmon). Give it a try!

Additionally, if Snake is killed when using the Codec, another interesting sequence occurs.

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StAr Fox Conversations

by blackfox168 May 25, 2009

If you're playing on Lylat Cruise with two of the three characters from the Star Fox series (Fox, Falco, or Wolf), you can have a conversation between characters. Press down repeatedly on the d-pad (so long as your taunts are mapped to the d-pad) during the battle, and the conversation should occur. This can only happen on the Lylat Cruise stage, and only with two of the three characters from the Star Fox series on that stage at one time.

Update: The Star Fox conversations can also occur on the old Melee stage Corneria.

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PeAch's Final Smash

by _Marth_ Feb 06, 2010

Nintendo actually putted a sound that will sound familliar to some other Nintendo game. Peach's Final Smash actually had a soundtrack from Super Mario Bros 3 Secret Stage(if I'm not mistaken). So, I want you to perform this. The best thing you should do is go to training in Solo. Play as Peach and go to the item select. Select the Smash ball and equip it. Now, turn the speed into the slowest possible speed there is and compare SMB3 Secret Stage and Peach's Final Smash. It's kind of nice that Nintendo did put that there.

Unfortunatly, none of the credits go to me. I just find it interesting so I wanted to spread the easter egg.

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MeTaknight flying around the Hyrule Temple

by pokemonmasterjustin Feb 02, 2009

In order to do the trick, pick Metaknight as your character. Then, go to the Hyrule Temple course in the melee section, select it. Then when the match starts go to the end of the battle course and use Metaknight to jump off the edge, then, use the jump button to fly, and then swoop, keep repeating until Metaknight reaches the other edge on the Temple. This is good for staying away from your opponet.

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HoW to get a Tabuu trophy!

by pokemonmasterjustin Dec 25, 2008

First off, go to the Adventure Mode and press on a file you COMPLETED! Then press the dot that says "The Great Maze" but press the top-right part of it. When you start go through the down that is right in front of you. When you get out of the door go to the bottom-left and break the stones that are blocking the way and enter through the door. you will now be in the jungle, go through the path until you reach the door with the BLUE arrow pointing at it, go through that door. You will now be in Tabuu's liar, go in the middle and press up you will enter the long path to the the final and toughest boss, Tabuu. Do as much damage as you can to Tabuu, but don't KILL him, just do enough damage till he ALMOST has none. After you do that, wait very paitenly you the coin item, when it comes up, pick it up and fling it at Tabuu. BAM! You have a Tabuu trophy! If the trick did not work you probably did not do enough damage.

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SnAke Easter Egg

by pikachusonic Jun 30, 2011

This allows Snake to talk with people from MGS during battle. First, select Snake and go to Shadow Moses Island, then, this is the tricky part, press his down taunt a bunch of times REALLY FAST until he crouchs instead of his box. After that, he will either contact Otacon, the Colonel and others and talk about the foe he is fighting. Enjoy!

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SnAkes Codec

by xInsaneGamer10x Feb 12, 2010

To do this you need to play as Snake while playing on his stage, Shadow Moses Island. If you have your taunts set to the d-pad on either the Gamecube controller or the Wii controller, press down on the d-pad repeatedly. This must be done extremely fast.

If executed properly, Snake will take a knee and get on his Codec, where he'll speak with familiar characters from the Metal Gear Solid series, including Otacon, Colonel Campbell, and the like. You'll have a completely unique, often humorous conversation with the person on the other end of the Codec depending on who you're fighting. That's right -- there are completely unique conversations for each character, including character variants (Shiek, Zero Suit Samus, the various Pokmon). Give it a try!

Additionally, if Snake is killed when using the Codec, another interesting sequence occurs.

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SoMe stuff I tested and/or obsereved

by griratinab Jun 30, 2009

Latias and Latios are the two most common legendary pokemon to appear from the pokeball!

the Gigglypuff glitch can be done not only at the bridge stage, but it can also be done at the pirate ship stage too!

you can't combine the effects of 2 stickers with the same type of boost.

and Pickachu's up-throw goes farther than his up-smash, test it and see!

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HoW to be the best

by starfox26 Feb 23, 2009

every day go on training and train against a lvl 9 ( or from 6-9 your choice) when training press the + button and go down to where it says stop change it to either jump, custom, attack, run or walk and you will train to be the best if u do exactly that.

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by addin123 Jan 20, 2009

Go to his place while playing with the Wii nunchuck. Keep on pressing 1 and 2 at the same time and he will talk to his friends about other characters.
Go to fox's ship in the Melee stages with fox or falco with nunchuck and kee pressin 1 and 2 at the same time.

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StArfox team is talking.

by razor10000 Aug 09, 2010

You can make the Starfox team talk! Just read this and I'll show you.

Step 1:In Brawl mode, choose Fox and get a second controller to play as well. You can get a CPU to but it will attack you while you are doing this.

Note:You must do this with nunchuck

Step 2:Choose the Corneria stage

Step 3:While the nunchuck is connected to the Wii remote. Press 1 and 2 at the same time.

Note:If the taunts are one of Fox's normal taunts, then you are doing it wrong.

Step 4:You're done! Something should happen afterwards.

I've never tried it in training mode so you should this one first.

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UnLock Krystal

by Unregistered Aug 14, 2008

To unlock Krystal, beat Classic Mode and Allstar Mode on Intense with 1 life and no continues with Fox. Then beat Krystal and she's yours!!!

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SmAsh Bros. Soda Can

by TheSuperSmashBro Dec 21, 2009

In Olimar's home level (Distant Planet) pause the game and look to the lower left of the screen, using the camera. You will see an opened soda can with a smash symbol on the side of it. It's just a cool thing someone sent a picture to me of. :)

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ALL characters in less than 3 hours!!!

by jstar365 Mar 17, 2008

In group go to special brawl, then set the rules to stamina ( health) then turn on flower and start. Set your health to 300 then set your enemy's (press A to set) to 1 pick random stage and as soon as it says GO it will say GAME. Reapet the process for 2 or three hours ( be paicent it works i know iv tried) and thats a vs. match by the end you will have at least 500 vs. matches ( the last unlock is 450. v.s. matches

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