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Super Smash Bros. Brawl Cheats :

This page contains Super Smash Bros. Brawl cheats list for WII version. Now we have 182 cheats in our list, which includes 26 easter eggs, 34 glitches, 122 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl on WII platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

FiNal Smash

by Sam-I-Am Nov 10, 2008

Ok, so you know the glitch when you're Jigglypuff and you go into the spot when the Hyrule Bridge is coming back and then you change yourself into the Giant Jigglypuff? Well You Can Do Stuff Like That With Many Other People If You Time It At Just The Right Time.
If You're Using R.O.B, use his Final Smash just when the bridge is coming back. He Will Be Invincible And The Laser Things Will Still Be Popping Out And Can Hurt People. Sometimes If You Do It At A Different Time He Will Just Be Invincible But the Lasers won't work. If you want them to work, just use the B down attack and the laser will come back a little (Might not work sometimes). I Tried With Other People Too But Nothing Happened. I Might Just Not Be Timing it at the right time so maybe one of you can try it too.

Anyways, Thank You ^_^.

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kiRby T-stance

by dark567 Nov 17, 2008

have meta knight have a smash ball and have kirby do his down b then use meta knights final smash on him while kirby is in his down b form then pause the match and look at kirby he should be in T-stance

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GaNon's super jump

by Sam-I-Am Dec 02, 2009

So of course, as the title says, Ganon has a super jump. No, you can't use it in the air, so don't try to do it to recover.

Anyway, this glitch is pretty simple.

First, go to a flat stage like Final Destination, Battlefield, Smashville, etc. Go to the edge of the stage and look on the stage, not off the stage. Just make sure you're on the edge.
Then, use Ganondorf's B-down and right when he stops (you'll see him do a little flip), press the jump button and B-down at the same time. It may be hard to do that, so you can change the settings to make it easier.
Anyway, if you did it right, he would do the super jump. If you did it wrong, you probably weren't exactly on the edge, or you didn't push the buttons at the same time.

That is all. :)

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RoCking Kirby

by Bramblefang Sep 08, 2009

Go to the Pictochat stage using Kirby and any other character. Go to the far right of the stage with the slant with Kirby and use his down-special move so he can turn into an object. He should be moving left and right on the stage and make some kind of shaking earthquake. If it doesn't work try again. When Kirby turns back into himself, the earthquake stops.

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MaRth Glitch

by NinjaUmbreon Nov 19, 2009

Just a glitch I'd found when I was messing around with people in Basic Brawl.

I'm guessing it's only done in the stage Bridge of Eldin. And I don't if you can use this with other characters.

-Stage Bridge of Eldin
-Final Smash

First, when a Smash Ball appears, break it until it you're able to use a Final Smash. If other players got it, just beat it out of them so you can get it. If the center of the bridge is gone, wait until the ship thing appears so the part will come back. Wait for a while, then go where the the bricks are restoring, then use Marth's Final Smash. But, the bridge stops him, so recover and go up to the bridge. Basically, you know how it zooms up to someone when they use a Final Smash Well, you'll still see Marth up close like he was using his Final Smash. I'm not sure if you can fix this, it'll just stay like that for the rest of the match. You can't see the rest of the characters of the rest of the stage, and if another person had done this, you'd walk up to Marth so you can see where you are.

Also, if I have anything wrong, please let me know.

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MaKe R.O.B invincible

by blackfox168 May 19, 2009

1)Choose R.O.B
2)Go to items and put ONLY Smashballs on HIGH.
3)Choose Bridge of Eldin
4)Get smashball and wait for the fat pig person(goblin) to drop the bomb on the bridge.
5)Once the bridge explodes, wait for it to start rebuilding.
6)As soon as it is almost done rebuilding, jump in and press (b)

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BoWser, Meta Knight, and Ganon's Through Wall Glitches!

by GamingProdigy Jul 13, 2012
  1. Build a Custom Stage in Stage Builder with these exact features:
  • One large Stage Builder part in which your character can fit in to with EXACTLY one space above ground level.
  • One line of the thin steady platform which is located in the "Floor" menu of the Stage Builder parts to the right of the screen. This platform must stretch across the very bottom of the object in which you want to go through. If you are using a "Structure" build part, then don't place these platforms all around the perimeter of the structure! Just place them under the ACTUAL OBJECT!!
  • One long, flat, solid ground of the regular floor blocks in the first menu of the build parts.

*NOTE: I will have the character's name as the title for each individual section of this glitch explanation because each character has a different method of getting inside/going through a wall.*


  1. First, go to the long, flat, solid ground of the regular floor blocks at the bottom of your stage and go directly under the object in which you want Bowser to go through.
  2. Now have Bowser face to the right and do Bowser's Down-Special move (Down B) [Depends on your controller settings]

If done correctly, Bowser should have jumped through the object!


  1. First, go to the long, flat, solid ground of the regular floor blocks at the bottom of your stage and go just slightly to the side of the object in which you want Meta Knight to go through.
  2. Now have Meta Knight use his Side-Special (Side B) [Depends on your controller settings] and while spinning go under the object you want to go through and aim up at the object.

If done correctly, Meta Knight should have landed inside the object!


**This one is "Special" because it allows ANY character to go through a wall without them doing a thing! Even Ganon himself can go through a wall with ease!!** Here's how it's done:

  1. First, have Ganon go to the long, flat, solid ground of the regular floor blocks at the bottom of your stage and stay directly under the object that you're intending to go through.
  2. Next have the other player go right in front of Ganon and make sure that BOTH players are facing each other!!!
  3. As Ganon, use Ganon's Side-Special (Side B) [Depends on your controller settings] WITHOUT RUNNING!!!!! Just stand still and use Ganon's Side-Special attack (the one where he grabs his foe by the neck and throws them.
  4. Now you should notice that your player is inside the object... 

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Unlockable - Toonlink

by eweelittlechick Nov 03, 2008

ok so all you have to do is comlete classic mode with link or zelda. then defeat him in a fight. if you dont defeat him then dont worry because then you can complete classic as any charcter and then all you have to do is defeat him in a fight.

Hope i helped :P

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ThE Golden Door

by Lugia27 Apr 04, 2008

In the Great Maze, if you find a Golden Door, go in, and you can renew all your characters! It's like new lives over and over again. Keep doing it as much as you like. Definitely renew your characters before you face Tabuu.

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SlOw Voiced Pit?

by PokeGal Oct 06, 2008

Eat a mushroom that makes u big while using Pit.Than,press 1 on the wii remote and than he will get slow moded!!!!!
I do'nt know if it works with all

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FlYing Pikachu!

by griratinab Jul 02, 2009

I was brawling as Pikachu when I hit a poison mushroom while using quick attack. Pikachu flew up so high that he was in a bubble (those things that surround your character when you're about to go off screen and get a k.o. if you keep going that direction) for awhile before coming down! try it!

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DK riseing statium glitch

by pokemonmasterjustin Apr 01, 2008

When you are in the DK stadium ( the one when the floor raises ) when keep going up and up until the red bubble shows where you are, sometimes if you go to high you might hear your charater screming and of course when that happens it maens that you are out ( this glitch does not work all the time so DON'T rate me tumbs down if it doesn't work!!! )

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WaRio Through-Wall Glitch

by GamingProdigy Jul 12, 2012

I found this glitch by accident while playing as Wario on a custom stage. Here's how it's done.

1.) First, build a custom stage in the Stage Builder. The custom stage MUST have the following features:

  • One Stage Builder part in which Wario can fit in to EXACTLY one space ABOVE the ground. Ex. One medium to large size single block. Ex. One medium to large size structure (depends on the type of structure you're using and/or with what theme/background you're using for your custom stage.)
  • One moving platform (the one that moves left to right and is located directly below the structures section of the building parts menu) placed DIRECTLY UNDER THE OBJECT IN WHICH YOU WANT WARIO TO GO THROUGH!!! Or the thin steady platform which is in the first section of the build menu's parts placed directly under the object that you want Wario to walk through.
  • A long flat solid ground of regular blocks. *Large enough for Wario's bike to drive safely on it without crashing into anything or falling off the stage.

*(I know my descriptions of the objects required to do this glitch aren't all that great, so if you have any questions whatsoever, please feel free to ask in the comments below!)*

2.) Now, go to a regular brawl and have your character play as Wario and your opponent play as anyone and go to the stage selection screen and go to your custom stages and select the custom stage that you just made. Now start the brawl!

3.) Once the brawl is started, as Wario, go to the object that you want Wario to go through. Stand a slight distance to the side of the object and get on Wario's bike and go up to the object as slow as possible.

4.) Finally, once directly under the object and still on Wario's bike which is moving very slowly, pop a wheelie and hold it. CAUTION: Do not have the bike's rear tire touch the ground! If this happens you will fall off the bike and not go through the object and you will have to try again!!

If done correctly, what should happen is that while doing a wheelie, Wario's bike will crash into the object directly above him with the tip of his bike and you will fall off the bike and land on the platform that's directly below the object that you want to get into. Now you're able to move freely inside the object!

CAUTION: Be careful not to move too far from the platform once on it after crashing Wario's bike and ending up in the object! If you do, then you will be out of the object and you will have to go back in by crashing Wario's... 

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LuCario Light Hole Glitch

by GamingProdigy May 14, 2012

Requirement(s): 2 Lucarios that are on your team and that you control. 1 Pikachu which will be your main player. 1 character (doesn't matter what character). And 4 controllers (GameCube, Wii Remote held sideways, Classic, or Wii Remote and Nunchuck).

Stage: Battlefield

Player(s): 4 players

Item(s) needed: Hothead

Difficulty level: 3/5

Objective: Dangerous light hole


1.) At the character select screen, choose Pikachu for Player 1. Then choose Lucario for Players 2 and 3. And choose any character you want for Player 4. Then in the battle options, set the time to infinite. Infinity is represented by the sideways 8. And go to the items and put items spawning to high if it isn't already there and turn all items off except for Hotheads!

2.) Next, go to team battle and have Pikachu teamed up with both Lucarios, so Players 1, 2, and 3 will all be on the same team. Have Player 4 brawl solo so Players 1, 2, and 3 will fight against Player 4. Once this is done, proceed to the stage selection screen.

3.) At the stage selection screen, go to very top row and all the way to the left and chose the Battlefield stage for your brawl.

4.) Once the fight starts, move both Lucarios to one of the 3 platforms that float in the air (1 on the left, center, and right). I do the center platform because it's just easier to aim at, but either one will do. This next part is crucial! Once both your Lucarios are on the same platform, be sure to have both of them facing away from each other!!! Then have them both hold their auras (on the Wii remotes, it's done by pressing the "1" button and on the GameCube controller it's done by pressing the red "B" button). Be sure to have their auras inside each other!!!!! You can do that by having them stand back to back. Note: Their auras will grow much larger when they have a very high damage percentage than they would if they had a low damage percentage. The larger their auras are, the better this glitch will be!

5.) Now, move Pikachu go directly below the platform that both Lucarios are on. Wait for a Hothead to spawn. When you spot a Hothead, go right next to it with Pikachu, BUT DON'T PICK IT UP YET!!!!!!!!!! Instead, use Pikachu's, Smash Attack (on the GameCube controller, it is done by using the yellow "C Analog stick", but I don't know what it is for the other controllers. :( I mainly use the GameCube controller. If you insist on using this glitch with a different controller, I'm sure you can find it in the game's... 

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MaRth's Wavedash

by _Marth_ Feb 06, 2010

I actually found this out while I was using Dancing Blade with Marth.
This glitch only works best at a custom stage. You can start off by building a custom stage with the moving part that goes either left or right (sorry ^_^' I don't know the name). There should be nothing else that is next to it. First, Brawl with Marth. Next, go to the custom stage that I asked you to make. Now, go to the wheel on the opposite side of the moving part that will not make you fall off. You should also be next to the wheel. Sorry if it didn't make any sense.

.__.__.=moving plateform

This is what it should look like. Note: The plateform is moving to the right for my example.


Now, perform Dancing Blade to the right and be sure to do a full Dancing Blade. Note: This is for my example only. Do this if your moving part is like in my example. So Did you notice something or what You can sometimes get knocked off the stage if you did it correctly. The credit goes entirly to me.

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GiAnt Jigglypuff

by celebiboy Jun 03, 2010

Choose characters jigglypuff and yoshi. go to bridge of eldin stage. have the item smash ball set. then when the mittle explodes get your smash ball ready. when the thing comes to replace the bridge, jump in the hole and click one(while the black stuff is just getting there). then have yoshi eat jigglypuff and put her in an egg. once she hatches she will be SUPER DUPER TALL. ( you should take a pictere of jigglypuff towering over yoshi). PS you probably should set the time on infinite

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SoNic Teleportation!!!!

by Lightning110 Jul 02, 2008

The best way to do this glitch is to make a stage and put a curve going right then put a curve going left on the other side of the stage builder, u can put other stuff there too but make sure nothing gets in the path of the curves... once you've completed the stage, get sonic and and put a P2 there just so u can control both of them. take the P2 character and put him on the top edge of one of the curve's, take sonic and go on the middle of the other one, then then push B-over to make him roll up and get ready to shoot off in his little ball thing.. once you have done this he should go strait across the curve and onto the other on where P2 is (make sure sonic hits P2). Once sonic hits P2 he should then teleport to the top of the stage!!! (he might die after he teleports)...

if you don't understand what i'm saying just say so and i'll put it up on youtube so u can see it :D

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BoWser Stamina Glitch

by Kakashi_Hatake Mar 18, 2008

If you fight as Bowser and you get the smash ball in stamina mode, and when you have low health everyone beats you up until you reach 0%, you could keep fighting at 0 until someone elso hits you! this works for coms too.

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StOne Glitch

by Shiny_Ho-oh Oct 12, 2009

The Stone glitch is where Kirby uses his move stone on a ledge, which causes him to fall infinitely. This is how you do it: First, choose Kirby. Then choose the Pictochat stage, make sure no one attacks you. After that go to the RIGHT ledge, then use kirby's stone move on that ledge. Be careful not to KO yourself, You should now fall on the ledge.

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KiRby Chaos

by celebiboy Jun 07, 2010

Choose the character kirby. go to the stage Pictochat. go to the very edge of the stage so that you are just balancing. then click 1+down. you will turn into a brick, 100 ton cube ect. you will make the whole screen shake severely.

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3 Trainer Glitches

by MissingnoJ Jun 01, 2010

I was fooling around with Pokemon Trainer and I found 3 glitches

"Eyelessaur" If Ivysaur stands on the right edge and does his near edge animation, his eyes will be missing.

"Groundizard" The dessert Mario stage has this one stair (forgot which one, but it is a bottom step) that if Charizard lands on it, he can't jump.

This last one made me go WTF. On Delphino Plaza, if you use Triple Finish when the platform is about to land, the Pokemon will fall below the stage. I was Squirtle when this happened.

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GlItch-Pit Slow Mode Voice!!!

by PokeGal Oct 06, 2008

If you eat a mushroom 2 make u big while using Pit,press 1 and he will say the fight is on in slow mode

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GlItch-Turn to normal size

by PokeGal Oct 02, 2008

If I use a taunt button when I'm Big or small,than somehow I turn 2 normal size

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KiRby Stone-Star Glitch

by blaziken1234 Apr 14, 2008

How to set up:

I discovered this glitch myself. Create a stage that has two diagonol platforms you can pass through. Make it so a "" shaped platform is above a "/" platform. Now, make it so if something fell down the top one, it would land on the bottom one. After you've got it set up start a brawl with Kirby.


It should look something like that. The underlines are to keep the text still. Only use the slopes when you create the stage or this won't work.

How to do:

Okay, building the stage was the hard part, now this is how you do the actual glitch. Go to the stage you made and be as Kirby. Jump onto the top slope and do your down special (The Stone-move), you will slide down but continuously land on the same spot. Making a tremor of thumps and a stream of shooting stars. You are pretty much invinsible while you do this. This can be done anytime, so long as you're at that spot. When someone touches you, they get hurt and go flying off in a certain direction. If you think this sounds weird, try it out, it actually looks really cool!

Glitch over, you can stop reading now.
All credit goes to me.

Do not claim this glitch for yourself.

If you're wondering the phsyics of why this glitch happens, I guess the game thinks you're landing on a different platform each time there's a star.

If you didn't do this cheat exactly the way I told you, don't come crying to me and rating my cheat down if it doesn't work. It does, and I use the glitch often in fights.

Thanks for your time! (3

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SuPer Smash Bros. Brawl Easter Egg: Snake's Codec

by celebiboy Jul 26, 2010

Here's a really interesting feature to the game that can only be executed by Snake while playing on his stage, Shadow Moses Island. If you have your taunts set to the d-pad on either the Gamecube controller or the Wii controller, press down on the d-pad repeatedly. This must be done extremely fast.

If executed properly, Snake will take a knee and get on his Codec, where he'll speak with familiar characters from the Metal Gear Solid series, including Otacon, Colonel Campbell, and the like. You'll have a completely unique, often humorous conversation with the person on the other end of the Codec depending on who you're fighting. That's right -- there are completely unique conversations for each character, including character variants (Shiek, Zero Suit Samus, the various Pokmon). Give it a try!

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