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Super Smash Bros. Brawl Cheats :

This page contains Super Smash Bros. Brawl cheats list for WII version. Now we have 243 cheats in our list, which includes 18 cheats codes, 1 password, 42 unlockables, 26 easter eggs, 34 glitches, 122 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl on WII platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Get stickers and CDs really fast!

by pokemonmasterjustin Dec 24, 2008

This is how you get stickers and CDs easy. First, go to the valut section and go to the stage builder. Make a course of the following items:

*2 tredmailes
*4 blocks

Put the 2 tredmailes in the middle and put 2 of the blocks right next to the tredmailes, finally put the last 2 blocks above the other 2, then SAVE YOUR COURSE! After you do that go to the brawl section ( but before that make sure you have a buddy playing with you! ) and go to where it says 2 minutes, click on it and go to item switch. Turn OFF all of the items EXEPT the sandbag, also, put on MANY so that there is a really good chance that a sandbag will appear on the course. then go back to the charecter screen and you and your buddy pick your charecter, if you don't have a buddy to help you you will have to use a PUNY computer player. If you play with a buddy or computer player you will either way will use 99 stock lives. Then you are ready to begin! Click on the course that you have just created and start playing! But, if you play with a buddy DO NOT attack each other, wait for a sandbag to come up and then attack it. After you have attacked the sandbag a few times stickers and maybe CDs will start coming out. Then keep attacking until many stickers and CDs come out, then you will have lots and lots of stickers and CDs! ( I almost forgot, there is a bigger chance that stickers will come out then CDs. ) Then when you are finally ready to quit, look up to the top-left part of the screen and press all of the buttons that it says in order to quit. Look into your sticker center and my music, you should find your new stickers and CDs!

I really hope that this was able to help you, plese rate and comment!

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Secret - Do over about over 500 damage WITH HACKS

by dark567 Nov 17, 2008

first you need the giant pokemon and giant charactor code then choose lucario go to stage with a flat surface (large custom stage with only a flast surface reccomended) get a smash ball and find a pokeball with deoxy in it make sure hes at the middle of the stage right about he gonna start using hyper beam use lucarios final smash then line up the aura storm with the hyper beam then say "IMA FIREN MAH LAZOR!!!"

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Unlockable - Some Rare Trophies

by Bramblefang Sep 14, 2009

* Ancient Minister - Complete the Subspace Emissary
* Apples - Clear Target Smash Level One
* Ashley Robbins - Play one hundred hours of Brawl
* Ashnard - Clear Target Smash Level Three with ten characters
* Baby Peach - Acquire any five-hundred trophies
* Ballyhoo & Big Top - Unlock any seventy-five songs
* Banana Peel - Get ten max combos in Training Mode
* Birdo - Clear All-Star Mode on Hard difficulty
* Blast Box - Clear Target Smash Level Two with every character
* Blue Alloy - Clear the 100-Man Brawl with every character
* Bumper - Hit 15,000 total feet in Home Run Contest Mode
* Cardboard Box - Clear Target Smash Level Four in under thirty-two seconds
* Combo Cannon - Clear Target Smash Level Five un under thirty seconds
* Cracker Launcher - Get 1,000 KOs in Brawl
* Creeping Chrysanthemum - Collect every character's trophy
* Crazy Hand - Clear Classic Mode on Intense difficulty
* Dark Cannon - Clear Boss Battle Mode on Hard difficulty
* Dr. Eggman - Collect any five hundred different stickers
* Dyna Blade - Clear All-Star Mode on Very Hard difficulty
* Excitebikes - Collect every masterpiece demo
* Franklin Badge - Find Ness in Subspace Emissary
* Galleom (Tank Form) - Clearr Boss Battle Mode on Intense difficulty
* Gekko - Clear All-Star Mode with any ten characters
* Golden Hammer - Hit 45,000 total feet in Home Run Contest Mode
* Gray Fox - Clear Target Smash Level Five with every character
* Green Alloy - Survive a fifteen minute Brawl
* Gulliver - Get 2,000 KOs in Brawl
* Halberd - Clear Event #3
* Hocotate Ship - Find in Subspace Emissary stage Outer Ancient Ruins
* Home-Run Bat - Hit at least 1,500 feet in Home Run Contest Mode
* Jyk - Clear Boss Battle Mode with any twenty characters
* K.K. Slider - Collect every song
* Kapp'n - Reach 300 feet of swimming distance with all characters
* King K. Rool - Clear Target Smash Level Four with every character
* Kyle Hyde - Clear All-Star Mode with every character
* Master Hand - Clear Classic Mode with any twenty characters
* Mewtwo - Clear All-Star Mode on Intense difficulty
* Musketeer Daltania - Clear Target Smash Level Four with any ten characters
* Ouendan - Get four hundred combined max combos with every character in Training Mode
* Outset Link - Clear Target Smash Level Five with any ten... 

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Unlockable - WolfJiggplypuff!Ganondarf!Toon Link!

by dialga07 Jul 14, 2008

~How I Unlocked This Lot!~


SSE:Subspace Emissary

All Credit Goes To A Random Dude on Another Website.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Wolf* Play 450 matches in Brawl, and then beat Wolf in a fight. * Beat Boss Rush mode (the stadium boss battles in the Subspace Emissary) with Fox (and Falco?), then beat Wolf in a fight. Can only be done after the Subspace Emissary is completed. * Play as Fox in Stage 14 (“Iseki” Ruins), which you can find in the eastern mountainous area, it’s a level with lots of moving platforms and fire shoots often from traps on the ceiling. Part-way through the stage (at the end of the second part of the level) a flat platform will lower you down a huge pit, while being lowered skip the first door you pass (don’t worry when the elevator disappears, just fall), instead enter the second door at the bottom that appears there, and then beat Wolf in a fight. If you failed, you can retry this once the Subspace Emissary is completed
Jigglypuff* Play 350 matches in Brawl, and then beat Jigglypuff in a fight. * Complete the Subspace Emissary, then beat Classic mode with any character except Ike, and then beat Jigglypuff in a fight. * Complete the Subspace Emissary, then beat Event Matches #1 to #20, and then beat Jigglypuff in a fight. * Complete the Subspace Emissary, then return to Stage 18 (swamp). On the last part of the level where you are shooting yourself through barrels, stop on the platform below the new door. Go in and beat Jigglypuff in a fight, then finish the stage.
Toon Link* Play 400 matches in Brawl, and then beat Toon Link in a fight. * Beat Classic Mode on any difficulty (with Link or Zelda), and then beat Toon Link in a fight. Can only be done after the Subspace Emissary is completed. * Complete the Subspace Emissary, then return to Stage 9. On the first portion of the level after the first mini-battle with a few Primids, a new door appears. Go in and beat Toon Link in a fight, then finish the stage.
Ganondarf* Play 200 matches in Brawl, and then beat Ganondorf in a fight. * Beat Classic mode on Normal difficulty with Zelda or on Hard difficulty with Link, and then beat Ganondorf in a fight. * Get Ganondorf to join your party in The Subspace Emissary.
Captain Falcon* Play 70 matches in Brawl, and then beat Captain Falcon in a fight. * Beat Classic Brawl Mode on the Normal difficulty setting or greater in less than... 

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Secret - Large shadow characters

by metaknight527 Sep 15, 2008

Remember when you fought the shadow versions of everyone in the great maze? They're a foot taller than their normal selves! I played as Lucario and when I faced Shadow Lucario, he was taller than me!

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Easter Egg - Common Knowledge

by Pearl_Jay Feb 10, 2010

Here are some facts that everyone should know, but for the ones who don't:
-Marth's neutral-B(Shieldbreaker), when used to it's max extent, is great for recovering when you get knocked to the side pretty high. Unless you're at places like Temple.
-Pit, Charizard, and Metaknight all have the ability to fly/glide by holding down the jump button while airbourne, but Metaknight's is the only one that isn't considered as an up-B
-Right after a running kick attack, or dash-A, with Falco connects, you can immediately use an up-smash by tilting up on the C-Stick
-Luigi's Down-B midair is an excellent aerial recory that's not considered Up-B, you just have to press B fast enough
-Around 65-80%, Luigi's Up-B will KO if it connects on the ground
-The characters who can jump multiple times are considered "good recoverers", but in metal mode, they are basically the worst.
-You can use any Up-B more than once if you get hit after you use it the first time, but R.O.B. can use Up-B multiple times before it runs out of fuel.
-Bowser(Side-B and tilt control stick torwards the edge.), Ganondorf(Side-B while neither Ganondorf or victim is onstage), DK(F-Grab, walk off), Kirby(Suck In, walk off), and DeDeDe(Suck in, walk off) have suicidal moves. While Wario(Bite) and Ike(Aether) CAN have suicidal moves.
-Moves decrease to 0 damage if you use them too much(AKA spam)
-You do not, despite popular belief, get any special bonuses for completing Boss Battles/All Star without using any heart containers.

There are many more, but I'll stop here.

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Unlockable - Brawl stages

by masterofpokemon99 Oct 06, 2009

Iv you want some of the super smash bros brawl stages look here i hope you like it

Great Seaunlock toon link
big blue (melee)brawl as captain falcon 10 times
green hill zoneunlock sonic
spear pillarclear the 25th stage in event mode
flat zone 2unlock mr game and watch
75mbrawl as donkey kong 20 times
luigi's mansionuse luigi in brawl 3 times
green greensFight as Kirby in brawl mode 20 times
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Easter Egg - Somewhat Useless Facts

by Sakira Oct 06, 2008

You probably knew all of this already, but...Here goes nothing.

-Link is the Hero of Time and also the Failure of Speech Classes.

-Although Marth is actually a Middle-Weight, he acts like a Light-Weight.

-The end of Sheik's whip thing is electrified.

-It's easy to dodge Kirby's Final Smash with Zelda/Sheik. Just time your transforming well.

-If you suck in another Kirby as Kirby, nothing happens when you swallow.

-Only one character can grab a ledge at a time.

-Toon Link is faster and lighter than Link, but weaker.

-Link's shield can stop a enemy's projectile in its tracks. Just stand still.

-Using Olimar's down-special not only calls back all Pikmin, but also rearranges the order that they're lined up in.

...That's it. Well, I hope you learned something today. ^.^

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Secret - How to exclude stages from the Random Stage Select

by Sakira Sep 09, 2008

Once you unlock all 41 stages (There are cheats to help you do that here in CG), go to Group, then Rules, then More Settings. You should find it. You can then customize the Random Stage Select.

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Easter Egg - Somewhat Useless Facts (3)

by Sakira Jan 08, 2009

Even I doubted that his was coming...Oh, well. Who really cares?

Now here's more Somewhat Useless Facts!

-Marth's Counter lasts a little longer than Ike's, but Ike's has a tad more strength

-Marth's sword, the Falchion, has been nerfed since Melee

-Pikachu's side smash, when first used, inflicts 20% damage. After that first time, however, the side smash gradually gets weaker

-Pikachu's Thunderbolt is more likely to launch your opponent when they are touching Pikachu, not the bolt of lightning that comes down

-Link and Mr. Game&Watch should get along pretty well, considering the fact that neither of them can really talk

-The damage you have, the harder it is to escape from Yoshi's eggs

-If you time your jumps well, you can bounce off another character's head

-When changing directions with Pikachu's Quick Attack, there must be at least a 38 degree difference between your change of direction and the original direction you were heading in

-Electric attacks can be absorbed and reflected

Is there gonna be a fourth?!
...Maybe. Just wait and see!

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Secret - Spear pillar versions

by dark567 Jul 28, 2008

if you are wondering if dialga or palkia will appear in the background theres a sign to tell first make sure no pokemon is in the background next take a look around the stage it should be blue or pink if its blue that means dialga will come if its pink that means palkia will come and remember there are 2 versions of the stage diamond and pearl

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Secret - Some Facts 3 Part 1

by dark567 Jan 19, 2009

-Ganondorf was faster in Melee, but now he got a bit slower.
-Snake's C4 (down B), gernades, and landmines (down smash) can grow and shrink if Snake grows or shrinks.
-Snake's taunts is that he hides in a box, but if you look closely Snake can go in his box in 3 different ways.
This is all I know. I'll try to make Part 2 when I find facts.

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Secret - Cruel Brawl Tips

by Bramblefang Oct 01, 2010

Some people find it really hard to defeat the Alloys because of their extreme knock back and power. Fighting them normally is not he way to defeat them The only option left is to fight with the cheap style.

Cruel Brawl Tips

(Key: ! = Tested. * = Untested)

  1. (!) Select Ike. When the Cruel Brawl begins, immediately run to the edge and grab ahold of it. The Alloys will follow you. Let go of the ledge and use the Great Aether to get back on the ledge. If one or two of the Alloys decide to jump or walk off of the stage while you do this, the Great Aether will push them further down below the level of the stage. Hopefully they won't be able to get back on the stage
  2. (*) Use the same method as Ike. Go to the ledge, let go, and use your Up Special. The difference is that you have five jumps in total to get you out of any recovery trouble.
  3. (!) Select either Kirby, King Dedede, Jigglypuff, or Pit. When the match begins, run to one of the sides of the stage and jump off. Stay as far away from the edge as possible. The Alloys will go to the edge of the stage. While you're off of the stage, you as many jumps as possible to stay off of it but don't over do it and fall off of the stage. While you are doing this, some of the Alloys might jump to you. When this happens, immediately head back to the ledge. The Alloys who jumped should fall off. Wait a second or two and then jump back off of the stage to do the same method. If none of the Alloys will jump, just head back to the ledge before your recovery runs out and try again.
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Secret - Walkthrough-beating Tabuu

by needhelpIcouldhelp Sep 03, 2009

Okay, hes last on boss battles, and the final boss. but I'm surprised no one posted a walkthrough.

When orbs surround him, back away. they will circle him and inflict damage.

when he turns into a fish, duck. it can send you flying.

While he's teleporting, if he leaves behind a cloud, wait. it can temporarily stun you.

If he moves to a side and reaches him, look out. he lets out a bunch of projectiles, followed by a large fireball.

when he appears in the middle and grows wings, stay grounded and dodge the rings. being hit by them means instant death.

When he points his hand and three pluses appear, get away from them. they explode.

if he creates a boomerang, jump over it, then jump again.

when he grows to a huge size, stay on the edge of the screen. two lasers come out of his eyes.

if he transforms to two brackets, dodge it or jump. it also means instant death death.

if he forms a whip, jump of dodge it. It covers the whole screen.

if he appears next to you, on ground, dodge an attack sorta like triforce slash.

He also might bring out a crow gun. stay on the ground, then when it's about to fire, dodge.The last boss in SSBB; and the hardest. He hardly stays stationary, and his attacks are brutal. SAVE BEFORE YOU BATTLE HIM!!!!!!!!!! Most of his attack have a wide range on the field, so jump right before he attacks, but do it too early, and he'll aim for the air. Most of his attacks are on field, but some are aerial energy pulses, so be wary of that. His weak points are his heart, and his face. You can hit him anywhere, but those places cause the most damage. Good Luck

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Unlockable - How to unlock characters

by Unregistered Aug 24, 2009

In the game there are many characters and here is how to get some of them but took link jigglypuff and wolf you can only get once you've completed the game note: doesn't have to be
a 100% just as long as you've defeated tabuu the big blue guy

most of them you can get just by completing subspace or do somewhat brawl matches.
sonic you can also get by leaving a brawl match on overnight

by the way hope it helps i'm oliedude and I don't no if anyone has sumbitted this cheat

sonicwhen you beat tabuu and he will come along and join your team
toon linkgo back to the jungle and go in the first door you see
jigglypuffgo back to the swamp and go to the water then in the red door
wolfgo back to the ruins and complete it you can be any character
ness5 brawl matches or make him join you in subspace emisary
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Secret - Zelda/Sheik Teleportation

by fayor May 15, 2009

IN this game the characters Zelda and Sheik have the ability to teleport. This is good when in battle. When you fall off a platform you can teleport yourself upward to give you a chance to glide back on to the platform. You could also use it ti move out of the way when under attack.

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Unlockable - How to unlock characters at Super Smash. :)

by Unregistered Apr 15, 2009

If you just bought Super Smash, or suck and don't know anything about Super Smash, here is some characters and how to unlock them. (if you think these aren't right, do your research punk)!

Donkey Kong (DK)unlocked
Diddy Kongunlocked
ShiekPress down+B on Zelda to switch to Shiek.
King Dededeunlocked
Meta Knightunlocked
Zero Suit SamusUse Power Suit Samus and use your Final Smash. NOTE: If you use Final Smash while bieng Zero Suit Samus, you get requipped with your Power Suit.
Pokemon Trainer NOTE: The pokemon trainer uses pokemon to fight, the three pokemon are...unlocked
Ivysuarunlocked. (if in SSE, you must capture him first).
Charizardunlocked (if in SSE, you must capture him first).
Ice Climbersunlocked
Pikmin & Olimarunlocked
NessPlay five matches in a brawl, then beat him in a fight, Reflect 10 projectiles, then beat Ness in a fight. have him join you in SSE.
MarthPlay ten matches in a brawl, then beat him in a fight. Finish Classic Mode in any difficulty level, then beat him in a fight. Have him join you in SSE.
SnakePlay 15 matches in a brawl in Shadow Moses Island, then beat him in a fight. Play 130 matches in a brawl. Then beat him in a fight. Have him join you in SSE.
LuigiPlay 22 matches in a brawl. Beat classic mode with now continues, then beat him in a fight. Have him join you in SSE. NOTE: In SSE, Luigi hides against the army of King Dedede. King Dedede then turns him into a statue. (don't ask).
FalcoPlay 50 matches in a brawl, then beat him in a fight. Clear the 100-man brawl, then beat him in a fight. Have him join you in SSE
Captain FalconPlay 70 matches in a brawl. Then beat him in a fight. Have him join you in SSE.
LucarioPlay 100 matches in a brawl, Then beat him in a fight. Defeat target smash on all difficulty levels, then beat him in a fight. Have him join you in SSE.
R.O.BPlay 160 matches in a brawl, then beat him in fight. Get 250 trophies, then beat him in a fight. Have him join you in SSE
GanondorfPlay 200 matches in a brawl, then beat him in a fight. Beat classic mode on Normal with Zelda, or hard mode on Link. Thenn beat him in a fight. Have him join you in SSE.
Mr. Game and Watch. (cool little dude. isin't he)Play 250 matches in a brawl, then beat him in a fight. Beat Target Smash with 30 different characters. Then beat him in a... 

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Unlockable - Modes

by dialga07 Jul 14, 2008

Unlockable Modes

Unlockable:How to unlock:
All Star ModeUnlock All 16 Hidden characters
Boss Battle ModeBeat the Subspace Emissary
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Glitch - Marth Glitch

by NinjaUmbreon Nov 19, 2009

Just a glitch I'd found when I was messing around with people in Basic Brawl.

I'm guessing it's only done in the stage Bridge of Eldin. And I don't if you can use this with other characters.

-Stage Bridge of Eldin
-Final Smash

First, when a Smash Ball appears, break it until it you're able to use a Final Smash. If other players got it, just beat it out of them so you can get it. If the center of the bridge is gone, wait until the ship thing appears so the part will come back. Wait for a while, then go where the the bricks are restoring, then use Marth's Final Smash. But, the bridge stops him, so recover and go up to the bridge. Basically, you know how it zooms up to someone when they use a Final Smash Well, you'll still see Marth up close like he was using his Final Smash. I'm not sure if you can fix this, it'll just stay like that for the rest of the match. You can't see the rest of the characters of the rest of the stage, and if another person had done this, you'd walk up to Marth so you can see where you are.

Also, if I have anything wrong, please let me know.

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Secret - Big Jiggly Puff

by needhelpIcouldhelp Aug 14, 2009

1. go on a stage that has a recovering hole in it(Bridge of Eldin works Best)
2. Get a smash ball
3. Wait till that guy bombs the bridge
4. when the bridge is getting restored, use the final smash
5. if timed correctly, Jillgglypuff will be blasted up, then fall back down
6. voila, permanent puff up
7. to cancel, die, or use the final smash again

if yoshi, or kirby/yoshi swallows you, you will come out twice as big

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Code - Zero Suit Samus

by animefreak274 Mar 02, 2009

Ok people think you have to press b to get zero suit samus up here is the TRUE way!

Once you click samus press - until the match startsZero suit samus will apper
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Secret - Unlock toon link, ganondorf and wolf easily

by blackfox168 Feb 27, 2009

WOLF~ you can either play boss battle mode with fox to get him or find him in the hidden ruins in SSE

TOON LINK~beat classic mode with link or find him in the forest at SSE

GANONDORF~ use link/zelda on boss battle mode to unlock ganondorf

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Secret - The Super Smash Bros. Brawl Characters

by Unregistered Feb 22, 2008

The Veteran Fighters are:

Donkey Kong
Ice Climbers

The Newcomers are:

Zero Suit Samus
Pokemon Trainer
Diddy Kong
Meta Knight
King Dedede
Pikmin and Olimar

The Secret Fighters are:

Captain Falcon
Mr. Game & Watch
Toon Link
R.O.B. (Robot)

What is YOUR favorite character? Vote now!

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Unlockable - How to Unlock Special Characters (Redo)

by PikaHero2 Mar 24, 2008

my cheat got cut off for some reason b4, please dont rate it down! just dont touch it, this one is the not sure how this will go

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Toon Linkafter beating the subspace emissary, go back to
Jigglypuffafter beating the subspace emissary, go back to
Wolfafter beating the subspace emissary, go back to
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Easter Egg - Glitch sonic fly and teleport .

by darklucario10 Apr 26, 2010

Make a custom stage with a full sized ramp(the one that is steep) now go to that stage choose sonic then go on to the ramp hold side+B and release it and sonic will be doing his side b in the air and while doing this if he hits any thing like an opponent or item he will disappear and reappear at the top if there is an enclosed area there then he will be trapped inside!!

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