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Super Smash Bros. Brawl Cheats :

This page contains Super Smash Bros. Brawl cheats list for WII version. Now we have 243 cheats in our list, which includes 18 cheats codes, 1 password, 42 unlockables, 26 easter eggs, 34 glitches, 122 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl on WII platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Meta Knight Glide

by crazycart64 Sep 08, 2008

if u jump up in the air and use meta knight's up-A move again and again, meta knight should stay in the air for a while!!! i used this to beat tabuu :-)

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Secret - Hint: Cruel Melee

by Lilfalcon64 Sep 03, 2008

when you play cruel melee or cruel brawl what ever its called use kirby and keep pressing down-b and make sure to keep you distance while you do it

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Secret - Dodge sonic's final smash

by Unregistered Jun 18, 2008

first have sonic as a computer then go 2 a stage with a flat surface like final destination of bridge of eldin when a smash ball comes out let sonic get it when he has he will turn into super sonic when you are on land and sonic comes to you press down B on the wii remote and BAM you dodge super sonic's attack keep doing it until he turns back to regular sonic

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Secret - How To make a Sandbag go far in Home Run Contests

by The__Pokemon__Master Jun 13, 2008

First You have to inflict a lot of damage on the sandbag. for this i sugest Samus, Link (Bomb, Down+B), Browser, and Captian Falcon. Then with atlest 3 seconds remaning pick up the home run bat. Here comes the hard part. To charge u must be close to the sandbag and faceing the rigt direction. charge the bat with about 1 second remianing(Right+A).

You'll hit the SandBag over 1000 every time

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Secret - How not to be confuse about palkias upsidedown trick at spear pillar

by Unregistered Jun 09, 2008

first go 2 spear pillar wait 4 a pokemon 2 show up in the backgroud if palkia shows up he will turn the stage upsidedown [i think] then if you are playing with the wiimote turn the wiimote upsidedown that way you wont be confuse on where to go

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Secret - Some stage things that have to do with the battle

by griratinab Jul 03, 2009

Unlike in melee, the cars on caption falcon's new stage don't respond to being hit

the demon-like thing's damage goes down the more it bites

the arm on the halberd indicates who it's aiming for by "leaning" towards them.

the pistons on 75m only appear when the big DK can hurt you

the time it take for the fish to eat you on the summit is about 1.5 seconds (i timed it myself)

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Glitch - Flying Pikachu!

by griratinab Jul 02, 2009

I was brawling as Pikachu when I hit a poison mushroom while using quick attack. Pikachu flew up so high that he was in a bubble (those things that surround your character when you're about to go off screen and get a k.o. if you keep going that direction) for awhile before coming down! try it!

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Secret - How to easlily beat enemies

by jimster Jan 19, 2009

if you are not an expierenced brawler then switch the coms difficulty to 1 puny in character selcetion mode when you have selected your character and your enemies
where it shows your enemies character it will have a number click it and change the difficulty
try to beat them with the low difficulty first if that doesn't work then go abck to options and select Handicap then choose 300% damage on all your enemies that will make them easier to knock off

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Easter Egg - How to get a Tabuu trophy!

by pokemonmasterjustin Dec 25, 2008

First off, go to the Adventure Mode and press on a file you COMPLETED! Then press the dot that says "The Great Maze" but press the top-right part of it. When you start go through the down that is right in front of you. When you get out of the door go to the bottom-left and break the stones that are blocking the way and enter through the door. you will now be in the jungle, go through the path until you reach the door with the BLUE arrow pointing at it, go through that door. You will now be in Tabuu's liar, go in the middle and press up you will enter the long path to the the final and toughest boss, Tabuu. Do as much damage as you can to Tabuu, but don't KILL him, just do enough damage till he ALMOST has none. After you do that, wait very paitenly you the coin item, when it comes up, pick it up and fling it at Tabuu. BAM! You have a Tabuu trophy! If the trick did not work you probably did not do enough damage.

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Secret - Wavebouncing

by chaizard4life Jul 04, 2008

There has been a feature within the game Super Smash Brothers Brawl called Wavebouncing that has recently been discovered. Using Wavebouncing, though, has a few requirements that must be met:

*You must use the GameCube controller, this will not work with any other controller.
*You will need to sacrifice the C-Stick Smash Attacks on the GameCube controller.

Wavebouncing is a very interesting thing to use, though having good effectiveness with Wavebouncing depends on the character being used. Some characters such as Marth and Lucas have extremely large effects with Wavebouncing, and can definitely be used as an additional part of the fighting style. Some characters, though, have absolutely no effect to Wavebouncing whatsoever, such as Sonic and Wario.
It's difficult to explain how Wavebouncing works or how to use it, so I'll put out a few videos on how it's done and all of its features. Thanks to my friend Zero9teen for making these videos.

We'll start with the introduction on what Wavebouning really is and how to use it. Copy and paste the YouTube link onto a new tab or new Window to watch.

The next two videos are a demonstration for each character on how effective their Wavebouncing is for those characters.

Part one:

Part two:

Some people will say that to sacrifice the C-Stick attacks for Wavebouncing isn't worth it. In some cases, it really isn't worth it if you're using a character that has no effect with Wavebouncing whatsoever, though in other cases it can really be applied to the fighting style of the player. Some people will still say that it isn't worth it since many people never even touch the A button so that they can use Smash Attacks with the C-Stick. It really depends on how you fight and if the C-Stick is any worth to you.

I'll answer any questions on Wavebouncing here, so feel free to comment for questions or PM me, I'd be more than happy to answer any questions on Wavebouncing.

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Unlockable - Unlock all star mode and boss rush mode.

by dragofett229 Mar 25, 2008

In all star you need to defeat every character(co-op availible).In boss rush, you beat every boss you beat in SSE(co-op availible).

Unlockable:How to unlock:
All-star modeUnlock every character
Boss rush modeBeat the SSE
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Secret - Quick CD/Sticker Getting!

by VampireBidoof Apr 22, 2008

First, acquire Stage Builder Parts Set B (Make 5 custom stages). Make a level where there are conveyor belts running into a wall, and a platform somewhere in the level that a player can stand on and stay there.
Plug in a second controller. Go into options, and set every item EXCEPT Sandbag off. Set items to high. Go into your conveyor-belt-level in a regular Brawl and have the second character jump and stay on the platform, so it's not in the way.
Now, when the Sandbags fall, they'll stay at the wall. Use your character (Kirby's basic A attack, repeatedly, recommended or another character that can hit many times quickly.) to hit the Sandbags over and over. Since all other items are turned off, only stickers and CDs will appear. This is the easiest way to get a lot of CDs/Stickers quickly.

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Secret - Shot names and pictures after beating Master hand

by pokemonmasterjustin Apr 02, 2008

When the names and pictures come up, use the nunchuck to move the blue circle on the screen press A on the pictures or name and then the picture will twirl and the name will go black ( depending if you shoot the name or the picture ) but you will see coins fall out as well. At the end of the pictures and names you will get a score depending on how many you go and how many coins have fallen out.

This is just a extra so that you won't have to just watch and be bored watching ( which I'm glad they did )

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Glitch - DK riseing statium glitch

by pokemonmasterjustin Apr 01, 2008

When you are in the DK stadium ( the one when the floor raises ) when keep going up and up until the red bubble shows where you are, sometimes if you go to high you might hear your charater screming and of course when that happens it maens that you are out ( this glitch does not work all the time so DON'T rate me tumbs down if it doesn't work!!! )

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Secret - Getting rid of Resetti

by ShaneWolf172 Jun 24, 2009

OMG he is the most annoying character in the Animal Crossing game.
Wanna get rid of him
Simple: Dont use the assist trophies, or deactivate them in the item list for Normal Brawl
Other than that, there's no way to get rid of him. '^_^
He is just a random character that will sometimes appear in assist trophies

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Secret - A hint of when your oppenet will most likely die

by pokemonmasterjustin Mar 31, 2008

The hint is that higher for foe's precentage is the more likely to die ( the highest % it can go up to is 999%, just so you know )

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Unlockable - Unlockable Stages

by Unregistered Feb 18, 2014

Complete The Tasks To Unlock Each Stage Listed Below

Luigis MansionUse Luigi 3 Times In Brawls
75 mUse Donkey Kong 20 Times In Brawls
Big Blue MeleeUse Captain Falcon 10 Times In Brawls
Pirate ShipUnlock Toon Link
Mario BrosClear The Wario Bros Event
Green Greens MeleeUse Kirby 20 Times In Brawls
Pokemon Stadium MeleeBrawl On The Pokemon Stadium 2 Stage 10 Times
Flat Zone 2Unlock Mr.Game And Watch
Jungle Japes MeleeBrawl On Melee Stages 10 Times
HanenbowClear The Flower Blooms In The Echoest Event
Green Hill ZoneUnlock Sonic
Spear PillarClear The Aura Is With Me Event
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Code - Missle through man.

by Unregistered Apr 02, 2013

Pick Snake and any other character you want and then go on any level you want. Then have Snake shoot a missile ( B over or 1 over) at the other opponent. Have the other opponent shoot, punch, kick, or blast the missile right before it hits you. The missile will go through you!

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Code - Unlock Shadow the Hedgehog

by Unregistered Oct 29, 2012

How: Beat All-Star with Sonic on Intense, defeat Tabuu with Sonic on Intense, Boss Battles on Intense, and Target Practice on Intense. You must not die or you have to start over. If you finish the Target Practice in under 5 minutes, you have to fight Shadow. He fights similar to Sonic but not completely. If you beat him, you unlock him, but the Assist Trophy one is gone.
Unlock: The master of chaos, Shadow the Hedgehog has joined the battle!

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Secret - Easy Games

by Z-Rex Oct 12, 2012

Some characters and achievements require a set amount of games. An easy way to do that is this:

Go to special brawl

Put the flower on

Put stamina on

Choose any character for you and the cpu

Put the cpu on 1, and put yourself on anything but that

Keep hitting start

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Glitch - Wario Through-Wall Glitch

by GamingProdigy Jul 12, 2012

I found this glitch by accident while playing as Wario on a custom stage. Here's how it's done.

1.) First, build a custom stage in the Stage Builder. The custom stage MUST have the following features:

  • One Stage Builder part in which Wario can fit in to EXACTLY one space ABOVE the ground. Ex. One medium to large size single block. Ex. One medium to large size structure (depends on the type of structure you're using and/or with what theme/background you're using for your custom stage.)
  • One moving platform (the one that moves left to right and is located directly below the structures section of the building parts menu) placed DIRECTLY UNDER THE OBJECT IN WHICH YOU WANT WARIO TO GO THROUGH!!! Or the thin steady platform which is in the first section of the build menu's parts placed directly under the object that you want Wario to walk through.
  • A long flat solid ground of regular blocks. *Large enough for Wario's bike to drive safely on it without crashing into anything or falling off the stage.

*(I know my descriptions of the objects required to do this glitch aren't all that great, so if you have any questions whatsoever, please feel free to ask in the comments below!)*

2.) Now, go to a regular brawl and have your character play as Wario and your opponent play as anyone and go to the stage selection screen and go to your custom stages and select the custom stage that you just made. Now start the brawl!

3.) Once the brawl is started, as Wario, go to the object that you want Wario to go through. Stand a slight distance to the side of the object and get on Wario's bike and go up to the object as slow as possible.

4.) Finally, once directly under the object and still on Wario's bike which is moving very slowly, pop a wheelie and hold it. CAUTION: Do not have the bike's rear tire touch the ground! If this happens you will fall off the bike and not go through the object and you will have to try again!!

If done correctly, what should happen is that while doing a wheelie, Wario's bike will crash into the object directly above him with the tip of his bike and you will fall off the bike and land on the platform that's directly below the object that you want to get into. Now you're able to move freely inside the object!

CAUTION: Be careful not to move too far from the platform once on it after crashing Wario's bike and ending up in the object! If you do, then you will be out of the object and you will have to go back in by crashing Wario's... 

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Glitch - Lucario Light Hole Glitch

by GamingProdigy May 14, 2012

Requirement(s): 2 Lucarios that are on your team and that you control. 1 Pikachu which will be your main player. 1 character (doesn't matter what character). And 4 controllers (GameCube, Wii Remote held sideways, Classic, or Wii Remote and Nunchuck).

Stage: Battlefield

Player(s): 4 players

Item(s) needed: Hothead

Difficulty level: 3/5

Objective: Dangerous light hole


1.) At the character select screen, choose Pikachu for Player 1. Then choose Lucario for Players 2 and 3. And choose any character you want for Player 4. Then in the battle options, set the time to infinite. Infinity is represented by the sideways 8. And go to the items and put items spawning to high if it isn't already there and turn all items off except for Hotheads!

2.) Next, go to team battle and have Pikachu teamed up with both Lucarios, so Players 1, 2, and 3 will all be on the same team. Have Player 4 brawl solo so Players 1, 2, and 3 will fight against Player 4. Once this is done, proceed to the stage selection screen.

3.) At the stage selection screen, go to very top row and all the way to the left and chose the Battlefield stage for your brawl.

4.) Once the fight starts, move both Lucarios to one of the 3 platforms that float in the air (1 on the left, center, and right). I do the center platform because it's just easier to aim at, but either one will do. This next part is crucial! Once both your Lucarios are on the same platform, be sure to have both of them facing away from each other!!! Then have them both hold their auras (on the Wii remotes, it's done by pressing the "1" button and on the GameCube controller it's done by pressing the red "B" button). Be sure to have their auras inside each other!!!!! You can do that by having them stand back to back. Note: Their auras will grow much larger when they have a very high damage percentage than they would if they had a low damage percentage. The larger their auras are, the better this glitch will be!

5.) Now, move Pikachu go directly below the platform that both Lucarios are on. Wait for a Hothead to spawn. When you spot a Hothead, go right next to it with Pikachu, BUT DON'T PICK IT UP YET!!!!!!!!!! Instead, use Pikachu's, Smash Attack (on the GameCube controller, it is done by using the yellow "C Analog stick", but I don't know what it is for the other controllers. :( I mainly use the GameCube controller. If you insist on using this glitch with a different controller, I'm sure you can find it in the game's... 

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Secret - Same Character Color

by GamingProdigy May 14, 2012

This glitch is fairly simple. The steps for how to do this glitch are listed below:


1.) In Brawl mode at the character selection screen, select the character(s) you want to have the same color as each other.

2.) Next, choose the color you want with one of the characters and close that player so that that player slot is empty, but DO NOT CHANGE THAT CHARACTER ONCE SELECTED!!! JUST CHANGE THE COLOR!!!!!

3.) Now, go to the next player and choose the same exact color that you chose for the first player and close this slot down.

4.) Simply repeat steps 2 and 3 until all of the players have the same color as each other and have all player slots closed.

5.) From here, go to team battle and open up all the player slots and put all the players on the same team so that all 4 players are all on the same team as each other and it won't let you start the brawl because there are no opponents to face. For example: Players 1, 2, 3, and 4 are all on the Blue Team.

6.) At this point, go back to the regular brawl (no teams) and you should notice that it says start the battle when all 4 of the players are all the same color. For example: Players 1, 2, 3, and 4 are all Blue Marios. Once you start the brawl and move on to the stage selection screen, select the desired stage for battle and you should see that all 4 players are all the same character and all have the same exact character color!

Once you leave the brawl and return to the character selection screen, the character colors have changed to all different colors even though all of the characters still remain the same. Simply repeat the steps and you will all have the same exact characters and the exact same character colors.

Please note: I have not tested this secret/glitch on Wi-Fi! While fighting with the same characters and the same character colors, you are not in teams! So, you can hurt anybody with anything whether you have the Team Attack option activated or deactivated. It will be just a regular brawl.

*You can do this glitch with both Human Players or CPU (Computer) Players.*

*If you can't follow or understand my instructions/directions, please watch this YouTube video demonstrating this secret/glitch:*


Thank you,


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Secret - Sheik at the start of a brawl

by Z-Rex Oct 17, 2011

For the people how don't know about this, it is really simple. All you have to do is move your pointer to Sheik before a brawl and click on her. The also works on Pokemon Trainer.

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Code - Unlock characters quick

by Unregistered Oct 17, 2011

when you brawl in the game set the time for 1 minute each time basically you only need to fight to unlock all the characters and by the time your at about 1,000 brawls you should have unlocked everyone

put brawl time on 1 minthe brawl is over quick to avoid long waits
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