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Super Smash Bros. Brawl Review :

The Smash Review

by DarkCharizard Nov 05, 2010

This game was an Extreme fighting game, it was so awesome that it was named the best fighting game of 2007-2008, which in most cases was the best thing a person can hear. You are able to be more than 30 characters, which gave you time to try each and every character. When you mastered one character then try the next, and when you think your really great at brawling then take it to the big leagues SSBB Online where you are able to find the best of the best, brawlers, and beginners. There are so many stages in this game, and better yet, you can even create your own custom stage starting from scratch, and make it the way you always wanted it. When you do the Sub space emissary, how the whole story goes like a chain reaction, if you pick a character, and win it then try the other the story mixes up, and the game gets exciting.

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10Story line
Man the sub space emissary was so much fun the way the whole stroy was, it was like dominoes stacked up, and being pushed down. When you choose a character, then the story focuses on that character, and the story continues, and on your journey you are able to meet new brawlers to help you out
The Graphics were so amazing they made the characters so life like. They made each and every character there own personality, and they each had diffrent moves, and some stages make things look flat, while other stages make the characters pop right out of the screen, which feels like your right there
Man the hitting noises sounded real, they take real punching sounds, and real crowd sounds, and put them in this game which was really great, because when you knock off a character like 4 times in a row the crowd starts to cheer your name wich makes you want to fight even more, and kick major butt
Some things in this game can really make you happy, especially, if you like trophys, when you get a gold circle throw it at a enemie, and when they are captured, pick up the item and you get a trophie, you can even get trophies for brawling. So all fun things dont have to be in sub space.
10Lasting Appeal
When you play this game you notice that there are so many games that are combined in this game. There is Link, Mario, Ness, Ike, Fox, and so many more fun games that you can relate to, so when you get a new character you want ot try him/her out imediatly, so whatever you do keep playing SSBB!
(Out of 10)


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hero44    wrote on nov 07, 2010 8:18 pm
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DarkCharizard    wrote on jan 22, 2011 3:14 am
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