The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Review

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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Review :

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by no-life Jan 09, 2012

So far I really like how most parts of the game are easy to handle and not something very complicated. You get to start with 6 hearts, ride on your crimson loftwing, and upgrade your items. I also like to explore many areas for treasures and it's kind of my hobby in most games that includes hunting treasures for your collection. One of my favorite bosses is the one in the fourth dungeon in the game. Because you get to use its gigantic scimitar against it. After all, it was an epic boss. Hope to see it again in Hero Mode.

One thing worth noting is that sometimes the Wii Remote seems a little off, but good thing that there is a special feature where you can centerize your pointer in the game. Like using your Bow, Slingshot, Gust Bellow, etc. Fi is much more helpful than Navi, because Navi does not have the ability to dowse stuff. And furthermore, Fi is so much less annoying than Navi.

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10Story line
The story is great as Fi is your scientific helper and partner throughout the whole game. Most of the storyline in the game made a lot of sense and I find a lot of characters, like Groose, funny and well, heroic at times.
The graphics are very much similar to the Wind Waker. Which is nice, because everything is bright and colorful.
The music and sound in the game are alright. I also like the sound of shield bash since it sounds like you were tackling an enemy with your shield equipped. Also, some boss music (and mini boss music) are epic.
Well, since I am required to have a Wii Motion Plus, I wasn't able to get it until January 3, 2012. And as I played throughout the game, I really enjoyed the use of the sword and the items in this game. At first I wasn't used to the controls, but now I'm fine the way it is.
10Lasting Appeal
Last thing I want to say is that Nintendo really did well to make this game. Kudos to them. It's time to end Ghiriham's evil plots and bring back peace to both Skyloft and the surface world!
(Out of 10)


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