The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Cheats

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The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Cheats :

This page contains The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess cheats list for WII version. Now we have 47 cheats in our list, which includes 3 cheats codes, 6 unlockables, 5 easter eggs, 11 glitches, 22 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess on WII platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Rare Chu Location!

by Raethym Jun 30, 2009

On the path from Kakariko Village to Death Mountain, there's a little cave in the wall with vines hanging from it that can be grabbed with the clawshot. Use the clawshot to pull yourself up, and inside is a rare chu. If you are quick to kill it before it merges with the more common purple chu, you can get yourself some rare chu jelly which behave like Great Fairy Tears (the stuff the topless fairy gives Link that restores all life and enhances attack for a short while).

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Secret - Recovering Heart Pieces

by Keyblade99 Dec 02, 2008

Easily discover Heart Pieces

To easily find the locations of all Heart Pieces, go to Fanadi's Palace in Hyrule Castle Town and pay her 10 Rupees for a Love fortune. You will then see an area in the game that will contain a Heart Piece around it, obtainable in some fashion. You can keep paying her to show you other locations, but she will sometimes repeat the same location a few times over.

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Secret - Control the CUCCO!

by Keyblade99 Dec 02, 2008

Control a Cucco!

Unlike other Zelda games (where you got attacked if you hit the Cuccos), in Twilight Princess if you hit a Cucco about 8 times, you'll be able to control it for a short period of time.

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Secret - Infitinte Bombs:

by Keyblade99 Dec 02, 2008

Infinite Bomb Glitch

First, as a wolf, play PLumm's minigame with the fruit and crash. Then, turn back into a human and turn to the water behind you. While swimming in it, equip the hookshot, and while it is held out, strafe tothe side and through the wall. If it works, you'll be swimming through the wall. Keep swimming until you flall and die. Now, as you wake up, Plumm will come back and ask to to play again. Say yes. Then crash at the beginning again. You should wake back up in the beyond-the-wall area from before, but you can stand. Turn into a wolf and jump into the waterfall. Then, you'll wake up in front of Iza's assistant. Say yes, and you'll go to her cabin. The boat will take off without you, and you'll be a wolf. So now, warp anywhere you want, and you'll have infinite bombs.
Note: This ends when you turn off the game, sadly

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Secret - Unlock Special

by Keyblade99 Dec 02, 2008

Unlock Special-Edition Rollgoal

If you visit the Fishing Hole in Upper Zora's River, there's a mini game Hena will let you play for 5 Rupees called Rollgoal. If you make it past 1-8, you'll be rewarded with the Frog Lure. However, if you keep going and beat the entire thing, up to and including 8-8, you'll be able to play the special-edition version of Rollgoal. You can choose any level, the cost is free, the time limit is raised to 4:00:00, and you cannot win any Rupees. Also, as an added bonus, once you beat 8-8, Hena will fill your wallet completely!

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Hints - Magnetic Ceiling Glitch

by cGub Mar 02, 2007

This can be done wherever there is a magnetic ceiling, such as the first one encountered in Death Mountain Mines.

First equip the boots to the D-pad but donít put them on. Go under the magnetic field and equip the boots. In mid flight up to the ceiling press the - button and put an item where the iron boots were on the D-pad, and make sure the Iron boots are not anywhere on the D-Pad. Unpause the game and finish flying onto the ceiling. You should be on the ceiling with the Iron boots off and you will stay there and be able to walk faster.

To get down walk off the magnetic part of the ceiling or equip and unepuip the Iron Boots.

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Unlockable - Golden Bug Locations

by Icicles Sep 25, 2008

The Golden Bug Locations.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Ant - Kakariko Village:The male is located on a tree to the right of the hole in the back of the Kakariko graveyard. The female ant is in the house just prior to the bomb shop on the west side of the village.
Beetle - Faron Province, Hyrule Field:The male is located on a tree in the southern portion of Hyrule Field. The tree is positioned between two raised land masses. The female is on a tree on the western side of the field. It is just south of the giant dirt patch.
Butterfly - Hyrule Field east of Castle Town:The male is just south of the east entrance of Castle Town is a small flower patch containing the male. The female is on a vine-covered ledge just northeast of the east castle town exit.
Dayfly - Gerudo Desert:The male is found in the southern part of the desert, almost dead center, north of the barricades. The female is found in the trenches at the southeast end of the desert (near the chunk of bridge). It is recommended that you do this at nightfall.
Dragonfly - Zora's Domain:The male is on top of the hill at the southwest end of the domain. The female is right in front of the boating game shack.
Grasshopper - Eldin Province, Hyrule Field:The male is at the entrance to Kakariko Village. The female is at the northeastern part of the map. This is best done at night.
Ladybug - South of Castle Town:The male is on the vine covered pillar southwest of the gate. The female is near the three trees of the left side of the balcony.
Mantis - Great Hylian Bridge:The male is on the wall of the northern half of the bridge. The female is on a rock just south of the bridge. It is easier to find her by looking at the bridge.
Phasmid - Eldin Bridge:The male is on the arch on the south end of the bridge. The female is on a cliff to the north of the bridge. You will need the Clawshot.
Pill Bug - Kakariko Gorge:The male is on the southern end of the bridge. The female is found by some flowers on the southwest corner, north of the bridge.
Snail - Sacred Grove:The male is on the inside of the southwestern alcove. The female is inside the Temple Of Time, on west side of the staircase.
Stag Beetle - Hyrule Field north of Castle Town:The male is near a tree on the east side of the bridge. The female is on the northern side of the field, above a bombable entrance to an icy cave.
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by DarkCharizard Sep 10, 2010

Okay you all should know the bird in the forest right, if you do go there with at least 2 bottles, and when you are there Dip your bottle in the potion or the oil, and then you need to run quickly to the oil bucket, and take that, and then when you are all done, RUN!! then the bird will get mad, and when you have more money come back, and pay him, and then steal some More Repeat this if you want to have alot of potion, and oil.

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Easter Egg - Malo Comments

by Icicles Sep 25, 2008

Malo is the little child who resembles an infant or toddler, but is in fact probably one of the smartest children in Hyrule. He tends to make fun of everyone he encounters. Here is how to get him to make some of his comments:

When you are showing everyone how to use the sword and the slingshot listen to Malo's response.

When you find him in Kakariko Village, enter his shop and he will say rude things to you.

When you are showing off your archery skills to the children, cancel. He will ask if you need more arrows. Say "No" and he will ask if you want to give up. Select "I am no quitter". He will then quickly respond with some snide comment about how slow you are.

After the store is closed in Kakariko Village, come back at certain times of the night. Before morning, he will leave comments on his door.

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Glitch - Magnetic Ceiling

by Sam-I-Am Aug 03, 2009

The glitch can be done anywhere where there is a magnetic ceiling.

Put the boots on the D-pad, don't put them on though. Then go under the magnetic field and put them on. When you are in mid air, push - and put an item on where the boots were on the d-pad, also make sure that the boots are not on the D-pad. Unpause the game and you should be on the ceiling without the iron boots on. You will be walking at Link's speed without the boots.

To get down, put the boots on, then take them off.

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Glitch - Request for you to all the final heart piece

by pyromasteromegaz Oct 21, 2008

If you are missing some heart pieces you have to Hyrule Castle Town sourthwest walk in door and you will meet Fortune-Telling Manson,Fanadi's Palace see give a location
of the Pieces of Heart it cost 20 Rupee every time, every Heat pieces will be random for you.

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Secret - Roasted pig!!!

by Unregistered Jun 11, 2007

in the gerudo enemy camp slash the roastin pig 10+ times and u'll get a heart piece

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Glitch - Infinite Bomb Arrows

by blackfox168 May 27, 2009

Step 1: Play the ballon poping game at the grass away from the cannon man, and run into the cliff imedently, tell the bird that you don't want to play again.

Step 2: Turn into human and equip the Zora Tunic and clawshot. Step off the platform into the water.

Step 3: Turn towards the cliff that is to the left, hold L (or Z-target on Wii) and use the clawshot. Swim to the wall while still holding the clawshot and push into the wall until you go through it.

Step 4: Use the iron boots so you sink for a while, then swim up so you fall through the water and appear talking to the bird.

Step 5: Tell the bird that you want to try again and you will be in the balloon popping game again.

Step 6: Fall into the water again (during the air ride) and you will appear at the start of the canoe ride, turn into the wolf and jump into the water, as soon as you hit the water, talk to Midna.

Step 7: Let the current take you down river and you will appear in wolf form in the canoe, but mis-shapen.

Step 8: Tell the zora you want to ride again, you will appear in the inside of the canoe ride building. After the ride starts you will not be in the canoe but on the ground.

Step 9: Warp to any location and turn to human, and you will have infinite bomb arrows from the "Lent Bomb Bag" and a glitched quiver (requires some fiddling on your item screen).

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Secret - Malo Mart and Magic Armor Quest

by blackfox168 May 27, 2009

To reduce the amount of money required to open the Malo-Mart in castle town and be able to purchase the magic amor. Donate 1000 rupees to repair the bridge to the west gate to castle town to the goron inside the Malo-Mart in Kakariko Village.

Then talk to the old goron outside the Malo-Mart. He will send you on a quest to deliver some hot spring water to the goron sitting beside the bridge outside the west gate to castle town. To easily complete this quest. Simply walk along the edge of the cliff until you reach the brige. Then smash the barrel of hot spring water on the sitting gorons head.

After you have done this go back to Kakariko Village and talk to the goron collecting donations inside the Malo-Mart. He will have lowered the required amount to 200. After donating 200 rupees a Malo Mart will open in Castle Town and the magic armor will be available to buy.

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Glitch - Back in time Glitch (works on GCN and Wii)

by flygonmasterking Mar 13, 2009

This Glitch works on Wii and Gamecube and requires you to reset your Console at a certain time.

If done correctly you'll be on the Title Screen map of Hyrule Field.
This happens because you reset exactly when the game reloads the area and Link is being reloaded in his *Stand up* animation. Since you reset it loads the Title Screen and Link's animation is tranferred to the title screen.

This is the easiest way to do this.
Run or Roll into the quicksand hole and let Link sink.
Now this is where it get's very hard.
When you see the very tip of Link's fingers...RESET!
This will probably take you alot of tries to get this done correctly.

Now after this is done you will appear on the Title Screen version of Hyrule Field. Do not click any buttons or the game will freeze. Now just jump off the bridge and you'll re-appear on the bridge. NOW you can click whatever you want.

There are no loading points in this version of the map, so you'll just see dead ends if you Walk/Run/Epona boostin to any of the loading points.
You can call Epona using the horse call. But you have to use it twice before she actually reaches you.

Jump off the bridge again and click *Yes* on the Game Over screen. Now you will be in a battle with King Bulblin and Lord Bullbo! If you watch the whole cutscene you'll notice all the bokoblins will be gone...but you will appear behind the fence on the bridge.
Now just jump off 3 times and continue by saying *Yes*. Now you'll be on Epona.

If you skip the cutscene you'll be right on Epona! Now go and slash King Bulblin.

You will now be on the bridge after you slash him several times. Now just normally do the Horseback Bridge Battle.

You will now appear at Kakariko Village. Notice anything?
You are in the Twilight Realm!
After the cutscene you'll notice Epona!
Whatever you do, do not ride her out of Kakariko Village. If you do the game will freeze since Epona cannot be in the Twilight Realm. You can do what you want now...sadly you cannot play through the game since everything is blocked.

You can save here if you want, won't make a difference though.
If you save while in the King Bulblin battle and then quit and continue, you'll be at Ordon Spring.
Do what you want, you still can't play through the game.

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Secret - Unlimited Rupees & Invincibility

by Icicles Sep 25, 2008

Collect all 60 Poe Souls and bring them to Jovani. He is in a house in the southeast corner of Castle Town. Turn into a wolf and dig your way inside. Use your senses to find out where to dig. After you give him 60 Poe Souls he will give you a Silver Rupee worth 200 Rupees. Talk to him again to get another Silver Rupee worth 200 Rupees. Repeat this as much as desired. Then, go to Malo Mart in the Kakariko village. Donate enough money to lower the prices at the Town Castle's Malo Mart. You will now be able to buy a Magic Armor there for 598 Rupees. The Magic Armor makes you immortal, but normally reduces your Rupees until you have no more. Because you can get unlimited Rupees, you can stay immortal.

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Secret - RollGoal Minigame Walkthrough: (How To Get)

by Icicles Sep 25, 2008

After receiving a letter about new events near Zora's Domain, go to the Fishing Hole in Upper Zora's River. It is through a door in a cliff just east of the canoe rentals. After reaching the fishing area, go inside the nearest building and talk to the guide (Hena). Decline her offer to fish. Walk into the top right corner of the room and press C to look at the board game on the shelf. The guide will instruct you to play "RollGoal", a mini-game designed mostly to show the capabilities of the Wii-mote. The mini-game costs 5 Rupees per play and you win 10 Rupees for each round completed. Successfully complete the 1-8 round to unlock the Frog Lure. Successfully complete the 8-8 round for Hena to completely fill your wallet and to unlock the Special Edition of the RollGoal mini-game. This version of the mini-game is free and allows you to choose any level with a time limit of 4:00:00, but you cannot win any Rupees.

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Secret - Chicken Link

by TheSuperSmashBro Dec 22, 2009

To become a chicken in Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, you must find a chicken and slash exactly 10 times. If done right you wil become that chicken.

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Easter Egg - Ooccoo's Name Origins

by pyro777 Nov 26, 2009

Have you ever wondered how Ooccoo got it's extremely unordinary name Well, upon looking at a table of colors and their codes for the computer, one could easily discover its origins! Upon looking at said table, if you look at #00CC00, which can be translated to Ooccoo if you turn the zeroes into oes and fix the grammar, you notice that it's a shade of green. This is no mere coincidence, as the green on Link's outfit from the original Legend of Zelda was none other than the color #00CC00. Perhaps the developers placed this neat little Easter Egg in Twilight Princess for only the most obsessive Zelda fans to discover.

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Glitch - Infinite Bombs and Arrows Glitch How-To

by GamingProdigy Nov 20, 2012

Yes, you heard it right... infinite bombs and arrows! And best of all... you can get them for free! Here's how to do this awesome and easy glitch:

Step 1: Go to Lake Hylia and go to the part of the Lake where the bird that allows you to play the Flight-by-Fowl mini-game is and howl with the grass as Wolf Link so that you can start the mini-game.

Step 2: Once the mini-game has started, simply crash into a wall or something so that the birds drops Wolf Link so that you can exit the mini-game.

Step 3: Once you've crashed and the bird asks you if you want to play again, select no. Then transform into a human.

Step 4: As a human, go over to the right (on the Wii version) of where the Howling Grass and bird are. Walk into the water until link starts to swim.

Step 5: While swimming, Z-Target with the Clawshot (regular or double; it doesn't matter) and turn so that Link is facing the part of land that slopes down leading to the water and the Flight-by Fowl mini-game and while Z-Targeting while aiming with the Clawshot and still deep enough in the water so that Link is still swimming, move as far to the left as you can until you hit the wall that's to your left. Then move forward enough so that the very edge of the dirt/soil pathway leading to the mini-game touches the water and the edge of the wall that you're up against. Now just move a tad left and back. If done correctly, you should end up going through the wall and be floating in water while out-of-bounds.

Step 6: Simply swim towards the waterfall that you take when playing Iza's Boat Ride mini-game to get down to Lake Hylia and eventually, you will end up falling into an empty void. Once you respawn, the bird from the Flight-by-Fowl mini-game talks to you, asking you if you want to play the mini-game again when you're a human instead of a wolf. This time, select yes, you do want to retry. Now you will be playing the Flight-by-Fowl mini-game as Human Link instead of Wolf Link even though you're only supposed to play it as Wolf Link, not a human. You will now see that the bird that would normally be carrying Wolf Link isn't holding anything at all; you're completely invisible!

Step 7: From here, just simply crash into one of the surrounding walls so that the bird drops you or just continue on flying straight forward from the start. Either way you choose to do it, you will wind up standing out-of-bounds on a small solid piece of ground that's outside the mini-game as Human Link.

Step 8: At... 

continue →

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Easter Egg - Dark link

by Unregistered Apr 25, 2011

ok this is freaky, but if you go in the basement in links house there's a mirror. go to it, and you'll see dark link!

there's also another thing where if your a wolf, (with midna riding you) and look in the mirror, you won't see midna! this suggests that midna has no earthy soul and as a twili, not seen by normal people

P.S you must have the lantern off to see it

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Secret - Frog Lure

by blackfox168 May 27, 2009

To unlock the Frog Fishing Lure for the Fishing Hole, you must beat all eight levels of Roal Goal, a game found in the owner's establishment. To play it, simply look at it in first person using the C button.

The game requires 5 rupees a play and you win 10 rupees for each round, and the frog lure for the eighth. (If you run short before you manage to get the lure, mowing the tall grass just outside (still in the fishing hole area) offers around 60 rupees.)

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Unlockable - Fairies

by Icicles Sep 25, 2008

Locate the Gerudo Mesa and Cave Of Ordeals in the Gerudo desert to be able to unlock Fairies, and later Great Fairies, at each spring around Hyrule. Successfully complete the indicated number of rooms in the Cave Of Ordeals to unlock the corresponding Fairies. Smaller fairies can be bottled and used to restore up to eight hearts. Great Fairies give you a bottle full of Great Fairy Tears, which fully heal Link and temporarily boost his attack as long as you have an empty bottle and no Tears in your inventory already. Both kinds of Fairies have an unlimited supply once unlocked.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Fairies in the Eldin Spring:Successfully complete 30 rooms in the Cave Of Ordeals.
Fairies in the Faron Spring:Successfully complete 20 rooms in the Cave Of Ordeals.
Fairies in the Lanayru Spring:Successfully complete 40 rooms in the Cave Of Ordeals.
Fairies in the Ordon Spring:Successfully complete 10 rooms in the Cave Of Ordeals.
Great Fairies in all Springs:Successfully complete 50 rooms in the Cave Of Ordeals.
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Unlockable - Bottles

by Icicles Sep 25, 2008

The 4 Bottles.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Bottle 1:Sera gives this bottle to you with milk at the beginning of the game.
Bottle 2:Purchased from Coro South of Faron Forest for 100 Rupees (includes Lantern Oil with purchase).
Bottle 3:Go to the Fishing Hole that Hena owns at the place called Upper Zora River. Go to the Fishing Hole and bobber fish at the bridge where there is a sign. The water is murkier than normal. This may require multiple attempts.
Bottle 4:Defeat and collect 20 Poe Souls and bring them to Jovani in Castle Town (all the cats must be able to dig where they are).
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Cheats - Frog Fishing Lure

by cGub Mar 07, 2007

To unlock the Frog Fishing Lure for the Fishing Hole, you must beat all eight levels of Roal Goal, a game found in the owner's establishment. To play it, simply look at it in first person using the C button.
The game requires 5 rupees a play and you win 10 rupees for each round, and the frog lure for the eighth. (If you run short before you manage to get the lure, mowing the tall grass just outside (still in the fishing hole area) offers around 60 rupees.)
Lure description: The must-have lure for bass.

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