The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Review

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The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Review :

A Great Reason to Get Back on Your Wii

by sdan12 May 16, 2012

Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is an RPG game that is a lot of fun. For those who have never played or don't know much about the Legend of Zelda titles, the main character is Link. He is the boy you play as throughout the series. Although the game series is called Legend of Zelda, the main character is always Link. Link and Zelda reincarnate. All of this is explained during Skyward Sword which I have yet to play. This game is very addictive. So I wouldn't recommend playing if you're currently working on other games. Cause once you start, you can't stop! A little advice for anyone that decides to play this game, always think about what's obvious because the most obvious things in this game is what's going to stump you.

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9Story line
I'm not going to give too much away but the storyline is amazing. So i'm not going to say anything about the storyline.
The graphics are done very well, especially since this game is on the wii. Link looks really good and the characters are detailed well.
The music is nice to hear. If you happen to get it stuck in your head than it wouldn't be annoying. The only thing that I don't like revolving the sound is some of the noises that the characters make. Like the monkey, for example, has a really annoying sound that get's old pretty quickly.
The gameplay is not the best. When I first started out fighting with my sword, I had a horrible time remembering how to do certaing moves. Especially since some moves involve the nunchuck and some don't.
9Lasting Appeal
This game is worth. It's a huge reason to get back on your wii or buy one if you're hesitating. This game would be a good game to have somebody start out with if you have just been introduced to video games or are starting to play wii for the very first time.
(Out of 10)


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