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Wii Sports Resort Cheats :

This page contains Wii Sports Resort cheats list for WII version. Now we have 36 cheats in our list, which includes 5 cheats codes, 20 unlockables, 1 easter egg, 10 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Wii Sports Resort on WII platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Unlockable - Swordsplay

by Forever Aug 04, 2009

Compete in the swordplay to unlock these cool unlock able items. Most of them are cool if your into Resort

2nd ArmorReach a rating of 1000 (PRO) in Duel Mode
Purple SwordHold 1 at loading screen (must have beaten the Swordplays Duel champion)
Samurai ArmorBeat the Champion in Duel Mode
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Secret - Secret Food Targets (Archery)

by nintendoallstar Jan 18, 2010

In archery, BEGINNER there are foods in each stage.
Stage 1: Orange- near or behind waterfall
Stage 2: Watermelon- to your left on a ledge near the bushes. need to go right round.
Stage 3: Japanese food thing- Directly behind left stand holding target up. barely visible. need to zoom right in.
Final Stage: Cupcake- Far right, below bridge. its pink/white.

If you hit any of these targets then you recieve 10 points! Just lika an extra bullseye, but i think you recieve a stamp for hitting one, not sure. I'm not sure what the japanese food is. but i would luv 2 kno lol. Hope this helps and PLEASE give me a Thumbs Up!


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Secret - WiiMotion Plus

by blaziken1234 Sep 16, 2008

Wii Sports Resort will have a new feature. It's called the "Wii-Motion Plus", and it makes the Wii-mote do more than ever. Before, you could point, shake, and turn the remote. But with Motion Plus, the Wii-mote is more accurate. This means you can throw a frisbee, sword fight, even ride a jet ski without defying the laws of physics! =D

Wii Sports Resort will be the first game featured to use WiiMotion Plus. Older games do not support the WMP, so you'd basically have an extra attachment for no reason if you played Metroid 3 or LoZ: Twilight Princess.

I hope you look forward to the Beach themed sports games as much as I do!

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Unlockable - Bowling

by Forever Aug 05, 2009

To change the Bowling Balls color you must hold the corresponding direction on the D-pad at the loading screen. (Blue is the default color)

Hold DownGreen Bowling Ball
Hold LeftRed Bowling Ball
Hold RightGolden Bowling Ball
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Code - These are actual code thingies not stupid hints here you go!

by daronray Mar 18, 2010

Enter these on the screen where you're picking you're mii on numerous events.

Hold down 2 and press A when the match startsOn the second match or screen...the sun will set near the ocean
Hold down 2 and press A when the event startsWhen you're playing Frisbee the map and frisbee will be gone and you'll always get perfect score
Hold down 2 and press A when the event startsThe golfball and puck will be gone and the next time you use it the golfball will be golden
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Unlockable - Hidden Power Cruising courses

by Forever Aug 05, 2009

Note that if a course is unlocked in Shalom it will not be unlocked in VS, and vice versa the other way around.

CavernPlay 10 times
MarinaPlay [Power Cruising] 5 times
ShoalsPlay 15 Times
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Unlockable - Alternate Modes

by Forever Aug 05, 2009

Follow the instructions when selecting an event. There also pretty good :D

11 point table tennis gamePress 2 at loading screen
Advance Frisbee GolfHold 2 at loading screen
Advance GolfHold 2 at loading screen
Advanced ArcheryPress 2 at loading screen
Play basketball at nightHold 2 on the loading screen
Play swordplay during the eveningHold 2 on the loading screen
Shoe/Slipper PaddlePress 1 at loading screen
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Secret - 2 button

by Madman4488 Jan 13, 2010

At the "Select a Mii" screen before an event starts, hold 2 while pressing A to choose "OK." You can let go of 2 when you see the black warning / info screen. This will have the following effects on certain Events:

* Airs Sports Island Flyover - Eliminate all balloons and i-Points
* Air Sports Skydiving - Play the intro Skydiving event
* Archery - Eliminate aiming circle (difficult!)
* Basketball Pickup Game - Play at night
* Frisbee Golf - Eliminate information on the screen including wind direction / speed and the distance to the hole
* Golf - Eliminate information on the screen including wind direction / speed and the distance to the hole
* Swordplay Duel - Play in the evening
* Table Tennis Match - Play a faster, 11-point match

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Secret - Secret Strike

by Forever Aug 04, 2009

In Bowling, during a 100-Pin Game, move your character all the way to the left or right (by using left or right on the d-pad), and roll a ball all the way down the gutter guard without it falling off. If it works, there will be a muted explosion sound, and all the pins will miraculously fall over. After completing the match you get the Secret Strike stamp.

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Code - Information Thingies

by Wii-Mad-Kid Jul 27, 2009

These are for the Island Flyover on Air Sports. There are a total of 80 information points to collect and here are most of them. They can be found around WuHu Island.

Queen PeachThe huge cruise liner straight ahead of the start point
Sugarsand BeachMassive beach on the pointy bit of the island
Seaside HotelHotel at the top of Sugarsand Beach
Tennis CourtsBy the Seaside Hotel
PoolBy the Seaside Hotel
Ring Road Tunnel OneBy the Seaside Hotel
Mt TenganamangaHuge volcano - you can't miss it
Menhirs of EmberInside the volcano
Camel RockIt's on Sugarsand Beach and looks nothing like a camel
Windmill ParkYou guessed it, by the windmills
Giant Candle"Should've gone to Specsavers, it's a lighthouse"
Wedge IslandThere's about 5 separate points here. You get a stamp for visiting it
Red Gate BridgeIt's a red bridge, duh
Mysterious Ancient RuinsThere's a few points scattered around here
Sea CaveGo through here and there's another one called Sea Cave Mouth
Duckling LakeIt's by the waterfall
Shrieking FallsHuge waterfall
Lakeside CastleExactly what it says on the tin
The Whale Shark (moving)Massive air ship
Albatross Express (moving)Ferry to Wedge Island
Miguel's Guide Plane (moving)Does tours around the island
Lighthouse RingIn the cliff underneath the lighthouse
Neptune's RingHole in a rock
Triton's RingFurther-out-to-sea hole in a rock
Blue Lagoon HideawayIn a secluded bit of cliff
Basketball CourtIn the town
Bowling AlleyIn the town
Silent Clock TowerIn the town
Wishing FountainIn the town
New TownCluster of houses
Woodland ParkTrees by the windmills
Wobbly BridgeCareful not to fall off!
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Easter Egg - Bowling Ball Colors

by cupman Nov 24, 2009

To change the boring blue color of your ball to something more flashy, hold a direction on the directional pad at the Bowling loading screen. The following directions correspond to colors:

Down Green Bowling Ball
Left Red Bowling Ball
Right Gold Bowling Ball

You can also unlock a bowling ball covered in stars for each bowling event by attaining Pro Level (1000 points).

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Unlockable - Samurai Armor

by rahulg Mar 17, 2011

Beat the champion in Duel Mode and your Mii will have upgraded Samurai Armor

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Unlockable - Unlockable Sword Play Armor Upgrades

by platinummaster8 Dec 09, 2010

Here are some unlockable armor upgrades.

Special Samurai ArmorGet a score level of 1000
Fight ChampionGet a score level of 1500 (set in evening)
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Unlockable - Unlockable: Island Flyover i Symbol Features

by Madman4488 Jan 13, 2010

While you are playing island flyover you have to collect a certain amount of i points to unlock everything.

You can now pop balloons! (Adds balloons to shoot with your gun)Get 10 i symbols
You can now fly in the evening!Get 20 i symbols
You can now use the double blaster!(When shooting 2 bullets will come out)Get 30 i symbols
You can now fly at night!Get 40 i symbols
The islands are now lit up at night! (By fireworks)Get 50 i symbols
You can now fly a two-seater plane!Get 60 i symbols
The Whale Shark has a new design! (Your Mii will be pictured on the side)Get 70 i symbols
A vacation house has been built for you! (Look on the private island for an 81st point of interest!)Get 80 i symbols
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Secret - Knock out of pins (Red Dot Way)

by Unregistered Nov 29, 2011

For one stamp in bowling when ever doing something with metal rims to protect from gutter try to balance the ball on the rim until you hit the small red dot.


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Unlockable - Event Permutations

by Dave911 Mar 17, 2011

At the "Select a Mii" screen before an event starts, hold 2 while pressing A to choose "OK." You can let go of 2 when you see the black warning / info screen. This will have the following effects on certain Events:

Submissions by Jordan Pearce, omar, ricpicado and kyuubics2demon

Airs Sports Island FlyoverEliminate all balloons and i-Points
Air Sports SkydivingPlay the intro Skydiving event
ArcheryEliminate aiming circle (difficult!)
Basketball Pickup GamePlay at night
Frisbee GolfEliminate information on the screen including wind direction / speed and the distance to the hole
GolfEliminate information on the screen including wind direction / speed and the distance to the hole
Swordplay DuelPlay in the evening
Table Tennis MatchPlay a faster, 11-point match
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Unlockable - Three Holes - Special Course

by matijohn10 Mar 17, 2011

Beat every course with a total score of under par for each (-1 or lower) to unlock the mystery course called "Three Holes - Special." You can do this for both Golf and Frisbee Golf. Unlocking the course for one will not do the same for the other.

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Unlockable - Swordplay Showdown Reverse Mode

by jester953 Mar 17, 2011

Beat the Volcano round to unlock Reverse rounds where you can play all ten original rounds backwards.

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Unlockable - Additional Wakeboarding Levels

by whysotan Mar 17, 2011

On the Wakeboarding event, get your overall event score to 400-500 to unlock Intermediate level. Expert is unlocked when you get to about 800-900.

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Unlockable - Shoe Paddle for Table Tennis Match

by alvin fung Mar 17, 2011

Note: You must play and beat the champion (get an event score of about 1500) before doing this. At the "Select a Mii" screen before an event starts, hold 1 while pressing A to choose "OK." You can let go of 1 when you see the black warning / info screen. This will unlock a shoe as a paddle for Table Tennis Match.

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Unlockable - Cycling Unlockables

by earthtaker Mar 17, 2011

Meet the requirements below to unlock additional courses and longer races! For the longer races, you'll actually race in stages. Each day a different race will allow you to gain ground on your many opponents. On the final day you'll need to fight for first!

1-Stage Race - Over Talon RockPlay 3 1- Stage Races
1-Stage Race - Up the VolcanoPlay 5 1-Stage Races
1-Stage Race - Into Maka WahuPlay 7 1-Stage Races
3-Stage Race APlay 3 1-Stage Races
3-Stage Race BPlay 3 3-Stage Races
6-Stage RaceGet about 650 event points.
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Unlockable - Phases of the Moon

by sumeguy Mar 17, 2011

The phases of the moon in Wii Sports Resort are accurate and reflect the real moon phases you can see at night. You can see the Wii Sports Resort moon during events like Island Flyover and Archery (at night).

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Unlockable - Basket Bike for Cycling

by i farted on you Mar 17, 2011

Once you've attained Pro status in the Cycling, you can hold down 1 when choosing you Mii to use a 'basket bike.' The 'basket bike' either has a picture of a pizza or some flowers on it depending on your Mii's gender.

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Unlockable - Swordplay Showdown Purple Sword

by rones Mar 17, 2011

Not only can you get the purple sword on dueling, But you can get it on showdown. To do this, Defeat the twentith level on swordplay showdown. Then, Just like the duel purple sword glitch, Hold the 1 Button and select ok on character select screen. Don't let go until you select level and warning screen pops up!

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Secret - 100-Pin Game Bumper Trick

by moneybla Mar 17, 2011

In bowling's 100-Pin Game, if you can toss the ball onto the blue bumper just right and make it travel all the way to the end, it will hit a switch and knock down all the pins. To do this, release the ball late on Manual to toss the ball into the air. Angle it towards the bumper with some spin to keep it on track.

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