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Wii Sports Resort Review :


by enyal Aug 12, 2010

This game is sure to keep you occupied some times unless you're playing the game that's not for you. The game is a better version and with 6 new fun games added to the list, you're sure to dump "Wii sports"

Though some things have changed, tennis was removed and so was boxing, but they were replaced with things pretty similar, There is also more than you think! Each game has at least 2 modes, courses etc.

If you had fun on Wii sports, anyone is sure to love this!

  CheatsGuru rating and opinion
10Story line
There is no real story line, this is just for fun! Enjoy playing casualy. competitivly or even with your freinds!
A 3D like flat, a very popular desgin. This is a well known desgin that is enjoyed by people who like 3D games
Not the best sounds, but realistic. They are somewhat irritating sometimes (as in airsports island flyover) but just turn the volume down or off if so.
many different fun games to choose from. If you like sword fights, ping, frisbee, golf, bowling, and other fun sports, this is for you!
9Lasting Appeal
Since there are 12 selectable games, you're sure to like 1 of them. This game is for anyone who liked Wii sports!
(Out of 10)


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