Dragon Ball Z: Sagas Review

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Dragon Ball Z: Sagas Review :

could have been better

by ziko Sep 27, 2010

This game is not the best of all games but it is one of the best in it's age .In the xbox its a bit weird to play it because i do not play my x box a lot. The graphics are fairly nice and the sound fits perfectly with ever angle in the game.The game play is scrwed up at the end because there are not enough charecters to keep you from getting bored with them. That aside though it is good .Not the best but good. If i had a picture of this game that worked i would put it here but i dont have http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BjifaYQKJOLIone. But i guess i will put a video on here which i just did and this game has lots of combos to unlock. I will also start making reviews soon so look forward to that. So here is the rest.

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8Story line
The story line is good but stops at the middle of the series as you see in the video the final boss of the game so it is not long.
The graphics are good for two thousand and three and they should be or this game would easily go down.
The sound is good to so it makes up for the early time neingh realeased into stores so that gets a good score.
The gameplay is good but you dont get any prizes what so ever so that blows a lot well not all the time but most of the time.
9Lasting Appeal
All and all another good fighting game not the best but it is not to blame so good job for making somthing that is nice and new.
(Out of 10)


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