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Dynasty Warriors 4 Cheats :

This cheat for Dynasty Warriors 4 [X-BOX] has been posted at 10 Jul 2007 by Sorceress and is called "How to unlock all harnesses.". The Cheat have a rating 13 by 13 our users. If cheat is usable don't forgot thumbs up Sorceress and share this with your freinds. And most important we have 4 other cheats for Dynasty Warriors 4, look them as soon as possible!

Secret - How to unlock all harnesses.

by Sorceress Jul 10, 2007

Red Hare Harness
Appearance: A red horse with decorative horsey clothes.
Effect: Fastest horse in the game
Commonly Used By: Lu Bu, Guan Yu
Side: LU BU
How To Get: See Guan Yu meets Red Hare event(southeast peninsula). Cannot
kill any generals(including sub).
Valuable Item Location: Near Red Hare

How I Got It: I played on Normal and I was using Lu Bu. I played in my Musuo
mode with my little brother(Gan Ning). I ran towards the peninsula located
towards the south and waited for Guan Yu to show up. I saw him running at
me and I ran away form him(leaving him alone with Red Hare). Once I saw an
event where Guan Yu climbed onto the horse me and my brother double teamed
him and I finished him off. Seconds later an item box appeared near Red Hare
and I picked it up.
I experienced a point where Guan Yu did not go to red Hare, but instead went
to the east(right) side of the castle. I later discovered the reason for this.
My Zhang Liao killed Xu Zhu. I set the difficulty on Normal to prevent this.
If Guan Yu doesn't head toward Red Hare you should avoid him as well. The
first time you should see him is when he's running toward your Red Hare on
the peninsula.

Hex Mark Harness
Appearance: Dark grey horse with blue and white saddle
Effect: Unknown(checkout Q&A as to why this hasn't been updated)
Commonly Used By: Liu Bei
How To Get: You must first play the Yellow Turban Fort Defend Battle. Then
select the Liu Bei Invasion battle. Now, while playing Liu Bei Invasion you
should see Zhao Yun instead of Zhang Fei. Defeat Zhao Yun and Guan Yu before
the back-up troops appear. After that invade LIu Bei's castle and fight Liu
Bei until the Item Report appears. You'll either need to kill his surrounding
soldiers or lower his health a little bit.
Valuable Item Location: Left of the entry point in Cao Cao's castle.

How I got it: I had to use 2 players for this one. Me and my friend killed
both officers quickly. I wiped out Guan Yu real quick, while he dueled Zhao
Yun and killed him. After that Liu Bei tried to charge at us, and we eliminated
all his privates around him and the item report appeared.
Speed is the key here. If you kill Guan Yu or Zhao Yun and the message that
says you defeated them appears AFTER Huang Zhong appears you'll need to reset!
You MUST play Musuo mode! The reason for this is because if you play Yellow
Turban Fort Defend Battle, Zhao Yun will take the place of Zhang Fei in the
Liu Bie Invasion battle. Make sure you're playing MUSUO MODE.

Storm Harness
Appearance: Yellow horse with yellow tail
Effect: Ride Attack+12 (solution towards the bottom)
Commonly Used By: No one
Scenario: LU BU
How To Get: Circle around behind Yue Jin's secret ambush party. To do this
you must head right and down. You'll see an ambush party of Xu Huang. Kill
him, and one of your generals will inform you about other ambush parties.
A flashing white dot will appear south of the castle on the left side of the
map. Head down to Cao Cao's caslte and head left and up, so you are to the
rear entrance of the castle. Yue Jin's ambush party will run away, and after
a few minutes Xiahou Dun will appear in the empty section to the top left
area of the map. Kill him and the item report shall appear.

How I got it: First I headed to the right and rushed down the path. After
Zu Huang made an appearance I killed him and circeld behind Xiahou Yuan and
a hidden ambush party appeared(Yue Jin). Yue Jin immediately escapes and
Xiahou Dun appears minutes later. I ran up and killed him and then my Item
Report appeared. I went towards Cao Cao and picked my item up and finished
the stage.
Failures: You have to circle behind Yue Jin, so don't go through the left
side of the map. Other than that, I don't see how this could be failed.

shadow Harness
Appearance: Black Horse
Effect: Cannot fall off horse
Commonly Used By: No One
Scenario: SHU
How To Get: Make Han Sui think about defecting, and before Han Sui defects
cause him to decline Cao Cao's offer.

Valuable Item Location: Bottom right area of map against right wall
How I got it: This is confusing so listen up! First, you'll want to kill as
many officers as you can, but not so many in which it'll cause a quick victory.
What I first did was killed the 4 generals in the bottom right area of the
map. After this I stayed near Han Sui and made a pathway for him and Cao Cao.
After they met up Cao Cao tried to convince Han Sui to defect in an EVENT.
After this happened I started to kill EVERYTHING on the board excluding Cao
Cao. Kill every single general and sub-general on the board and try to get
rid of most of Cao Cao's units. Once Cao Cao had nearly 10% of his troops
left with one morale star Han Sui refused to defect and my item report appeared.
This one is VERY frustrating to get. Just always play through the stge,
because you never know if it'll appear or not. Basically, if you get Han Sui
to NOT defect the item should appear. Just try to work fast and play on easy
for sure! This may take a few tries so don't give up!

Elephent saddle
Appearance: Elephant mounded with armor
Effect: Begins stage mounted on a slow elephant
Commonly Used By: Meng Huo, Zhu Rong, and other Nanman generals
Scenario: NANMAN
How To Get: Ride an elephant into Zhuge Liang's camp
Valuable Item Location: South of Meng Huo's castle

How I got it: After clearing the Nanman Musuo mode I played it again as Huang
Gai on easy. I used his triangle attack to knock my allies off their elephants.
After I stole an elphant I charged my musou until it maxed. Next I ran into
Zhuge Liang's camp and received my precious item report. I walked all the
way back down and picked the item up in a little southern wall in Meng Huo's
You must not even take a step into Zhuge Liang's camp before entering with
an elephant. Make sure you arrive out of the forest on an elephant and venture
into Zhuge Liand's camp until the Precious Item report appears. If you're
afraid of getting knocked down then enter in with a Musou Attack.

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