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Fable: The Lost Chapters Cheats :

This page contains Fable: The Lost Chapters cheats list for X-BOX version. Now we have 37 cheats in our list, which includes 2 cheats codes, 3 unlockables, 1 easter egg, 9 glitches, 22 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Fable: The Lost Chapters on X-BOX platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Fishing

by Fourteen1 Jun 22, 2007

When you havee gone to the fishing competition in Fisher's Creek, the best fish too look for are in the northern wastes, preferably Necropolis. Within necropolis, I have found a 7000 g (70 kilo) moonfish - a very good prize! The more you fish, the better it becomes - you can make a living off it, if you are in the early parts of the game! Actually, I might go back, start again and do that - make a living on fishing alone! Cool!

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Secret - $$$$$ easy as running

by chrisdeath Jan 28, 2010

1 buy houseand upgrade it
2 put up you best trophy
3 bash down door
4 sell house
5 take down trophy
6 buy house
7 do this again and again
How does this get you money
answer: trophies make a house more vauble
ex. house price 1500 gold put up trophy 1800 gold sell 1800 take down trophy buy 1500 gold
in that case every time you did that you profitted 300 gold

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Unlockable - Armor

by Fourteen1 Jun 25, 2007

These are some very good pieces of Armor...

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Arcon's ArmorNecropolis - Silver Key Chest (25)
Plate ArmorWandering Traders and The Arena
Daemonic Warrior HelmArcon's Shrine, in a chest going towards Arcon's Folly
Holy Warrior HelmLost Bay, a chest off the side
White Wizard's RobesRose Cottage Demon Door, give it a Rose
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Secret - Easy good poInts

by yohasakura Aug 17, 2009

To do this simply go to twinblades camp at night.U will c alot of bandits but they dont attack u until u attack them.I suggest u kill them with the sword of avo or aeons.then u will get good points.Keep reapiting till u have a halo on ur head.thats whhat i did and now im sooooo good

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Glitch - Under water

by Unregistered Aug 17, 2009

Summon a minion on the dock on the beach in oakvale and u will go under water. be careful u will have to run and hold the guild seal to get out

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Glitch - Lots of experience!!!

by Unregistered Aug 01, 2008

Well, once you defeat the white balverine, you get an Arena nomination from Knothole Glade. I'm sure you all know you can't world-save in a quest, but you can HERO-save. Okay, so here's what you do: Enter the Arena. Go through 7 out of the 8 rounds (wasp horde, scorpions, balverines, bandidts, earth trolls, rock trolls). Before the dude announces Arachanox (round 8), HERO SAVE. But then, leave the arena. All of the experience will be yours! Go back to the guild, leveel up, and keep doing that until you actually want to finish the Arena. Then you meet Lady Grey, and...Well, you'll see ;) By the way, I'm a girl ^^ Bet you all didn't expect this to come from a girl- none the less, a 12 year old girl. But keep in mind that you did.

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Secret - A LOT OF MONEY!!!!!!!!

by narutocrusader Jul 29, 2008

First u need to buy a house the most expensive house u can find then buy it find some ones house sleep in the house get out as fast as u can do that 6 times u get 3 bags of money out of your house if people rent the house in knothole glade u can get more then 10k

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Unlockable - Hero Dolls

by Fourteen1 Jun 22, 2007

All from pub games

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Thunder Hero DollFor sale in the Arena Anteroom and in Bowerstone North
Whisper Hero DollFrom playing “coin golf” in Oakvale (a score of 11 is enough to win the doll)
Briar Rose Hero DollFrom playing “card pairs” in Bowerstone South (a score of 24.7 seconds is enough to win the doll)
Scythe Hero DollFrom playing “coin golf” in Snowspire Village (a score of 9 is enough to win the doll)
Maze Hero DollFrom playing “shove ha’penny” at Hook Coast (a score of 32 in enough to win the doll)
Scarlet Robe Hero DollFrom playing “card sorting” in Knothole Glade (a score of 24.8 seconds is enough to win the doll)
Twinblade Hero DollFrom playing “spot the addition” in Twinblade’s Camp (a score of 22.5 seconds is enough to win the doll)
Jack Of Blades Hero DollWhen you have all of the required dolls, simply take them to the headmaster of the Bowerstone School (in Bowerstone South). He’ll exchange them for a Jack Hero Doll.
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Hints - Favorite Secrets and Stuff

by Unregistered Dec 25, 2006

The Best Sword in the Game is not the Sword of Aeons, Or the Solus. If you go to Necropolis, you will find a Demon Door. It will ask for all of your Silver Keys. Give them to him. You will get a sword inside call the Bareaver (Forgot Spelling) At first it does not seem powerful with only 200 something attack, but boost it with two Sharpening Augmentations and you have a 345 attack power weapon. Solus and Avos and Aeons all already have augmentations and you cannot get rid of them. The strongest Bow is Skorms Bow, and you get it at the Chapel of Skorm near the Darkwood Camp. To do this just scarifice many people there. The best armor, I have forgotten were to get it, but it is called Archon's Armor or something. Also if your evil, if you want easy experience, have good stuff, just kill guards in Snowspire and all should be good. Snowspire guards are the strongest guards, so beware.

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Code - Temple of avo hint

by Unregistered Jan 31, 2011

If you donate 1 coin to the temple of avo you get 10 good points, keep donating 1 coin to get really good but it slowly goes down to 1 good point so you have to dontate 100 coins to get 10 good again... :)

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Code - Freeze everything around you

by Unregistered Oct 21, 2010

First of all go to Lookout Point and go to the entrance of Bowerstone South don't actually go into there but stand close enough so that the doors are open than berserk and assassin rush into Bowerstone South than while its loading hold down the left thumb stick than when its loaded run out of Bowerstone South back to the Lookout Point than when its loading again hold the left thumb stick down again. When its loaded you will run out of berserk almost instantly and than check to your right or left to see if the guard is frozen or another way is to shoot an arrow and if it freezes in mid air you've done it. Now you can go back into Bowerstone South and everywhere else you can go into stores and steal stuff off the shelves the best way not to get court is to hit the store tenet so that he or she is facing the opposite way to where to goods are. Now in Bowerstone South theres a weapons store sometimes you wont be able to steal weapons of the shelves there but if you sleep in the hut next to the store once for night and than other time for day sometimes you have to wait for a while for the weapons to appear but they should. You will get plenty of evil points i found that eating tofu gives you good points one bit of tofu gives you +5 good points so buy plenty. To unfreeze the world find any spot you want and just dig there (make sure its a grass or dirt area) then everything should be unfrozen and back to normal. [:

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Secret - Easy money.

by antzypwnz Mar 29, 2010

After you finish the guild, gather up some money. about 10k. then:

1. buy all the poitions you can. from all the general stores.
2. sell them to the shopkeeper then buy them back off him.

you should have made alot of money after 5 minutes of doing this repetatively.
i had full plate armour, a master longsword and a master greataxe after 30 minutes of gameplay.
i hope this helps!! :D (antzyy)

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Secret - Easy money at the start of the game

by Unregistered Mar 29, 2010

An easy way to make money is to buy a heap of produce at the start of the game (say 500 green apples and 150 apple pies) and the rest is easy. sell it to the store and then buy it back. you make triple the price of all the produce depending of how many of the item you have. I got full plate armour and master longsword in 15 minutes. heres how it works:

1.the less the item a store has. the more money they will buy it off you for. the more the item they have, the less they will buy it off you for.

2. when you buy 500 apples off the seller, you would buy them for 1 gold each. when you sell them, you sell them for 3 gold each.


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Glitch - Time stop

by Unregistered Mar 22, 2010

In order to do this glich and get out of it you need the spade.First head to a place where you go into to get to another area. Then line you self up get your bow out and press and hold x intill it vibrates slowley move backwards when you see a black thing on the buttom and the name of the area pull down the analog stick at the sametime roll back but keep holdding x,y and analog stick the same way when the loading screen diaspeers and you enter into the area hold the controls still you should roll back into the loading screen roll back 1 more time into the place behind you roll back into the place you tryed this glich if you did it right your bows aros should stop when fired use a spade to stop time or open a cheast villagers should be frozen and you can stell but make sure the shop keeper does not have a green underline. I think I explained it well sorry for spelling. I got this of youtube type in fable time stop.Note: this is one of the ways and is proberly the only way to stop time.

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Secret - Easy as gems of any kind

by Unregistered Oct 14, 2009

After a certain quest is finished (don't know what one) you can find a man in lookout point that wants to go to orchard farm. kill him and in the bag you will find a gem leave to anywhere go back and repeat you can get heaps of gems. P.S you will also get evil points for killing him.

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Secret - Free EXP. & Money

by Wolfboy1 Oct 13, 2009

Get the Arena level and Defeat the rock trolls Stanoth and groyn then go back to the cells and hero save then load the hero save you will find you have lots of money and exp but when you go back to the arena again you will have to defeat the enemies again this WILL work over and over again (no need for anything like action replay)

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Glitch - Walk on lava and out of the whole map!!!

by Unregistered Jul 27, 2009

To walk on lava all you have yo do is get the summon spell and get a minion as your summoned creature. Finally go to archons folly summon the minion into the middle of the wall then assassin rush into it and eventually you will fall on lava! You wont die and you can walk over the mountains and everything!

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Secret - Raid without getting evil points

by Epic22 Apr 02, 2009

Want to raid a place and your good? just go kill all the bandits and only the bandits in the bandit camp it dosent give evil points because there bandits! but the pub master nad the guy who is helping you for money give evil points

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Secret - How to get gems

by Epic22 Mar 30, 2009

You dont have to buy gems! they always drop off trolls and the ones in the northern wastes dont count only the ones in the regular area drop them! tell me if this helps at all please

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Secret - Easy low lvl gear

by Epic22 Mar 26, 2009

Ok go to bowerstone and marry this girl with red hair and if she says "Im melting" when you use The manly arm pump expression thats the girl and if you keep her happy she gives you like Obsidian Greatswords and leather gloves and not just some dumb health potions like the other ones give you "I found this when i got married for the money and renown and gifts but i ended up getting greatswords if this dosent work try another girl just like the one i explained"

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Secret - Huge fast money maker

by Epic22 Mar 26, 2009

You should probably get lots of money before you do this cheat heres a step by step to get lots of money!

1Buy alot of houses

2Decorate them all the way max

3Rent them out

4 Find someone elses house (tent in bowerstone recommended)

5 Sleep in it then run out FAST and you wont be charged for trespassing you have to run before the screen blacks out though

6 after you have done step 5 alot of times then go and if you did it enough times you should have 2 or 3 bags of gold it depends on how many bags you get everyime i do it i go to my house and i collect all 3 bags from one house and i get 402 gold from it I did not find this cheat out by myself i know this cheat thanks to Naruto Crusader! and i hope this helps it took me like 1 minute to type lol i dont like to waste much time typing this stuff

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Glitch - Funny dosent always work

by Epic22 Mar 26, 2009

Go to the armor shop in south bowerstone go up to the deck area and sometimes your legs drop into the ground lol

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Secret - The hidden treasure location

by dragon-knight999 Aug 25, 2008

just buy a spade and go to orhards farm you must have started the quest and have at least one treasure clue it can be any clue it doesnt matter when you see the big red barn if ur looking at it theres a couple bayels or hay in front of it go in beetween the hay and the barn and go in halfway and dig if you didnt get it move a little and re dig if you didnt find it then re read the above and try again

i wonder if the eggs will look like a face

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Glitch - Unlimted silver keys

by Unregistered Jun 09, 2008

if ur really sad cuz u want silver keys then get the quest where you have to save a grandson go to rose cottage save the game( hero save) dig keys hero save repeat this as many times as u want tis easy!!i did it it only lags ur game A LOT

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Secret - Sell and buy! easy money... sorta easy

by VampireBidoof Jan 21, 2008

This is a secret I found out on how to make money! but it does require at least 10,000 gold for the minimum... the amount varies.
once you coughed up enough gold, go to a merchant, anyone at all (not ones that sell weapons or cloths, the ones in taverns or on the road, i prefer the ones on the road, up to you though) and trade with them, but don't sell anything, buy every single item they have. this will raise the prices on everything you sell him... you must sell him everything you got. But not by one by one, use the 'Sell all' option, this will make you get more money for what ever you sell! and once you buy your stuff back, you get more money!

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