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Halo Review :

very graphic game

by ziko Sep 28, 2010

This game is very fun. If you love blowing up friends you have chosen the perfect game. the games story mode is not long at all and finishes quickly but the weapons are hard to get and the opponent is usually has the better weapons. The 2 player mode is better because they give you battle fields you do not get Also the weapons your opponent has is the ones you get so you do not get to use your own weapons. The graphics are war like and therefore do not make any bright colors that bright, The sounds are also pretty good and fit with the game being yet again war like.So i gave brief looks so now time to dig deeper into this game.

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7Story line
The story line is team halo travelling and killing other teams.You get monjey and some items but it is a small story mode.
The graphics are all serious and the bright colors never get so bright in any pert of the game so it is very warlike.
The sound is only serious songs nothing happy about the songs either.Yet again everything here is warlike and it fits.
Only one problem in the gameplay:you can not be rewarded many weapons but besides that it is yet more warlike
10Lasting Appeal
All and all a good war game it all fits and is good for boys and on one of my owned systems.See ya till next review
(Out of 10)


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