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Halos Awesome review

by DarkCharizard Nov 11, 2010

Well in this game you start off as master chief, and you were put in a sleep, but when you wake up, you are put through some training, but right in the middle of your training, you were stopped, and you need to fallow the captain, and when you fallow him, you end up seeing all your team mates being killed. Then you get your Magnum and that is were the gun begins. This game was so much fun that it was elected the best One player shooting game of year! and when you play this game you fell like your there, and with the marines. When you see an alien the first thing you want to do is shoot its head off, or blow it up with a grenade.

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10Story line
The stroy in this game is really great! you start off in space, and you end up fighting the flood, and killing aliens on the way, you even can throw grenades at aliends.
The characters in this game could really use some adjustment, because when they grab a weapon all it shows is the weapon, and the hands, wich is not really helpful, when you need to look down.
The sound Is TERRIFIC! i really like the song when you are fighting the flood, it makes the game all that better, and the characters voices, are really great they each have diffrent voices like master chief.
When you play this game it was really awesome it is also the birth game of the Flood, wich is kind of an alien, and zombies at the same time, wich is really fun because you have a Zombie game, and a Shooting game all in one case!
10Lasting Appeal
When i play this game it was so much fun when you fight the flood, and even more fun when you are with a partner.
(Out of 10)


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