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Halo 2 Review :

Halo 2s Review

by DarkCharizard Nov 03, 2010

Halo 2, was a great sequel to Number 1. In this game it was way better than Number 1 because you are able to Duel-Wield two weapons at a time, and the game gets more interesting, because the story continues where you left off in Number 1. There is way more Aliens in this game like the ones that fly, and the Hunters, are more stronger than usual. The flood is way more intelligent than Number 1 because they sneak up on you, and try to get your men, and you. The thing that made this game really awesome, is when the Gigantic spider thing with all the aliens in it. Some players really did not expect to see that.

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10Story line
In story mode the game continues, from where it left off in Number 1.Some things have a twist in it, and other things are the same, but every time you turn a corner there is something new.When master chief blew up the whole alien armata, with the big bomb, that made the story exciting
Some things may need some work on it, like the peoples faces, and the aliens need more color to them, and they need a little bit of touch on the Landscape, because some of the mountains look like a bunch of lines up together on one giant rock.But other things like the weapons have great quality
The weaponry sound is really great it sounded way better than Halo 1.Also some of the grunts got Sassy, like they say things to you that get you very angry like "Get that Bast*rd" and when you hit then it sounds really realistic, and the Grenade booms sounds like you are right there in the war
Story mode is awesome, short but a great story, it may have been short, but each mission was packed with a Chock full of Awesomeness.Even when you play with friends two players, on story mode the game gets even better, and you have someone to back you up when those Arbiters get to tough.
10Lasting Appeal
Every where you turn ever wherer you aim every where you shoot is a new place, and this game makes number 1 look like dust.But the point it that the people you meet, the people you kill the things you see is what makes this game awesome to play every day, and every night so Keep playing this game!
(Out of 10)


mythic    wrote on nov 10, 2010 4:54 am

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