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Mercenaries: Playground Of Destruction Cheats :

This cheat for Mercenaries: Playground Of Destruction [X-BOX] has been posted at 25 Jun 2007 by Fourteen1 and is called "Faction Intel". If cheat is usable don't forgot thumbs up Fourteen1 and share this with your freinds. And most important we have 2 other cheats for Mercenaries: Playground Of Destruction, look them as soon as possible!

Secret - Faction Intel

by Fourteen1 Jun 25, 2007

Allied Nations - The Allied Nations are your basic goody-two-shoes police force. Since the game can only progress if you verify members of the Deck of 52, you should keep the A.N. forces at least neutral or unfriendly to your mercenary (this prevents him from being shot at). The A.N. does not have faction locked-down areas in the game, but they can easily cause you problems since they have SAM sites and heavy firepower at their disposal. Keep them happy by not killing any A.N. forces unless you are in need of some vital "equipment". A.N. forces are hostile against North Korean forces.

Strengths - The large American and European Union presences in the AN forces make the Allied Nations rather tenacious to take out. They are the main paymasters for the Deck of 52 you need to finish the game, so pissing them off is by far the most embarrassing and unprofitable mistake you will ever make. AN forces have deadly firepower at their disposal, and they don't hesitate to open up if they recognise your merc as hostile.

Weaknesses - The AN is slow to build up their forces; they are also hard to anger, unless you actively attack their forces. AN forces are almost never the target of any faction, so you can take measured steps around them. You may want to kill AN pilots for their deadly choppers since your merc cannot "commandeer" friendly choppers already in the air.

Worthy A.N. Vehicles To Steal:
AN Transport Chopper. Good if you just need to go somewhere quickly.
AN Gunship. The ultimate attack chopper.
AN Tracked APC. An extremely tough and reliable workhorse.
Republic of South Korea - The ROK are easily the whipping boy for mercenaries who like PO'ing factions. ROK forces have some good anti-infantry weapons, chiefly their signal jammers and APCs, but they have no SAM vehicles to worry about. However, they do "own" significant areas around the map -- you just need to learn how to exploit the ROK forces for your benefit. ROK soldiers are poorly equipped, but their special forces will have access to a 100 round sniper rifle later in the game. Whack one and take the gun! ROK forces are hostile against Chinese and North Koreans.

Strengths - The South Koreans only have limited access to weapons, so you will only find the most advanced equipment with their all-female special forces. Their Hummvees are modded to be TOW carriers as well as recce vehicles, plus they have access to the LHX chopper (left-overs basically, from the U.S. Air Force). While the LHX is not very helpful late in the game, it can easily tip many odds into your favour early on -- provided you know where to find it.

Weaknesses - The ROK forces lack SAM sites, which means the only air-to-air attacks you need to fear are from LHX choppers and the occasional Anti-air missile toting special forces babe. If you are hostile to the South Koreans, you will find that their presence throughout the map may interfere with your merc's other missions, so you'll need to keep them at least neutral unless you want to fight the entire population of Korea.

Worthy ROK Vehicles To Steal:
ROK LHX Chopper. A versatile light attack chopper.
ROK Tracked APC. A tough and reliable workhorse.
Peoples' Republic of China - The PRC is easily the most heavy handed force in the game. Since this is 2007 and not 1907, expect the PLA to have some heavy firepower at their disposal. Two centuries of being victimised by European Imperialism has not made the PRC government very jolly either. The Chinese have access to the biggest and most commonly available tanks and heavy ground weapons you can find (for free). Do everyone a favour and hijack them when you can. The PLA has SAM sites, so once you make them hostile, you should use a vehicle disguise (in a ground car) to approach them to make amends. Going in by chopper is plainly suicide, unless of course, you activated the cheats. Chinese are ambivalent to the ROK forces at first, but will start to fight them later on. Chinese are always hostile against the North Koreans.

Strength - Imperial Japanese Admiral Isoruku Yamamoto once said of the United States, "We have awakened a sleeping dragon and filled him with a terrible resolve". Little did he know the same also applied to yet another sleeping giant in Asia. Chinese forces are pretty much deploy the same equipment as the DPRK, but they have better equipment -- be it more powerful, or simply tougher.

Weaknesses - The PLA has excellent SAM tanks (they also have cannon in addition to the missiles) and the only thing they really lack is significant air power. Luckily, the Chinese are rather insular for an expeditionary force -- if you make enemies of the Chinese, you can avoid most of their enclaves. However, set foot into one and expect to be blasted out of existence. Keep the Chinese at the very least unfriendly or neutral, or you might get shot down at the wrong time when running around Korea.

Worthy PRC Vehicles To Steal:
PRC Type 80 Tank. The biggest tank you can find early in the game.
PRC APC. A good shuttle for delivering allied troops to shoot enemies.
PRC Missile Chopper. An ammo laden missile slinger.
PRC Type 96 Tank. An even bigger tank than the T80.
PRC Type 95 AA Tank. A useful anti-air and anti-infantry tank.
The Legitimate Russian Businessmen's Assocation - Or Russian "Mafia". The Russians are keenly interested in making money in the Korean Peninsula and will make their online shop available to your mercenary for a price. The Russians are like the ROK -- they have very little in terms of heavy equipment, but they can be a pest. Their main clout comes from denying you access to their online shop (which you need to beat the game with little difficulty). Keep the Russians at least on Neutral if not friendly terms, or you'll be quick to find that you're up the proverbial crap creek without a password. Russians automatically open fire on DPRK, but usually leave everyone else alone.

Strengths - The Russian mafia is not the Russian military -- their strength is in providing mercenaries illegal support, not in head on engagements. If they do attack, it will be either through treachery or through ambush.

Weaknesses - The Russians offer the least amount of support and free stuff for your merc on missions; if you pull through and accomplish all their goals however, you can unlock all the items in their online shop. Russians are lightly armed and do not carry much in terms of heavy equipment. Their most common vehicle is an SUV with a TOW missile -- easy picking with a gunship. The Russians do not regularly deploy SAMs either.

Worthy Russian Vehicles To Steal:
Russian Coaxial Gunship. A good substitue for the AN Gunship.
Russian GL Technical. A good light vehicle with a killer weapon.
Democratic Peoples' Republic of Korea - The DPRK is always hostile to your mercenary, and to every other faction in the game. The only people to escape the wrath of the DPRK forces are the civilians, so if you need egress into an area heald by DPRK forces, you can use a civilian car if you're so inclined. DPRK forces have SAM sites and heavy firepower, so be wary when fighting them.

Strengths - The DPRK is the most hostile and populous force in the game. Your merc will find all manner of equipment arrayed against him or her, as well as special one of a kind weapons, like "Superguns", "Super Nukes", and "Superkrezzyfragicalicious". DPRK forces are always combined arms in the later half of the game, meaning that jammers placed with SAM carriers are protected by tanks, choppers, and infantry. Your merc will need to employ workable tactics against such a tenacious foe.

Weaknesses - Unfortunately, the DPRK is the target of all the other factions of the game. The ROK, Russians, Chinese, and AN will all open fire on DPRK forces. This also includes your merc, if a vehicular disguise is active on a DPRK vehicle. Remember to keep honking that horn when driving a DPRK vehicle near friendly forces!

Worthy DPRK Vehicles To Steal:
NK ZSU AA Tank. A useful "light" tank for killing soldiers and cars.
NK Type 54/55 Tank. A useful medium tank early in the game.
NK Type 62 Tank. A useful heavy tank for infiltration.
NK Scout Heli. A common chopper you can hijack almost anywhere.
NK Gunship-transport. The most useful chopper in the game.

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