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Mercenaries: Playground Of Destruction Cheats :

This page contains Mercenaries: Playground Of Destruction cheats list for X-BOX version. Now we have 10 cheats in our list, which includes 10 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Mercenaries: Playground Of Destruction on X-BOX platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Cheats - PDA Faction Codes

by CheatsGuru May 15, 2005


Civilian Health Crate DropBaggage Carried

Mafia MD-350 Scout Delivery

Play as NK numeric card Hearts

Play as Pilot

$250,000 Cash

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Secret - Shop Unlockables (By Contract Completion)

by Fourteen1 Jun 25, 2007

. Allied Nations Republic of China South Korea Russian Mafia Mafia Bonus
Clubs 1 Allied Supply; Surgical Strike Artillery I ROK Hummvee Russian Supply; Jaju Mafia Truck MG
Clubs 2 Cluster Bomb Vehicle Ammo Supply Covert Supply DPRK Jeep Chinese Supply
Clubs 3 Bunker Buster Bomb Vehicle Repair Supply Gunship Support I DPRK cargo truck Strategic Missile
Diamonds 1 AN Transport Chopper PRC Tracked APC Stealth Fighter Attack DPRK BRDM Artillery II
Diamonds 2 AN Humvee DPRK BMP-1 ROK Humvee TOW DPRK BTR APC Sniper Supply
Diamonds 3 Air Superiority Artillery II Gunship Support II Mafia Truck TOW GSRN Truck
Hearts 1 AN Wheeled APC Vehicle Support Supply Cruise Missile Strike Special Wpn Supply Mafia SUV
Hearts 2 Tank Buster PRC AA Tank ROK Tracked APC AN AA Truck Street Racer
Hearts 3 Carpet Bomb Fuel Air Bomb Gunship Support III Mafia Truck Grenade DPRK Scout Heli
Spades 1 Demolition Supply n/a n/a n/a n/a
Spades 2 n/a Skin Cheat Skin Cheat Skin Cheat Heavy Wpn Supply
Spades 3 n/a n/a n/a n/a Mafia VIP car

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Secret - Unlockables/Cheats

by Fourteen1 Jun 25, 2007

Shop Unlockables (By Deck of 52 Verification)

Cheat Supply - Unlock the cheat weapons supply crate by verifying all Deck of 52 targets. Note, this may be lethal or non-lethal verification, but you will need to finish the game at least once to unlock this supply drop since you need to verify General Song. If you want quick access to this item, enter the PDA screen, scroll to the faction status menu and use the D-pad to input Down, Down, Down, Down, Up, Left, Right, Right.

Add $1,000,000 To Your Account

If you need the money to buy stuff, enter this code as well (same menu): Right, Down, Left, Up, Up, Left, Down, Right. The $1,000,000 should get you off to a start. This code adds up if you do it repeatedly.

Invulnerability & Infinite Ammo

When you want to say, "Just fork this schnit", here's invulnerability and infinite ammo. Note the degreelessness mode does not extend to gunners or passengers -- vehicles your merc is not operating can be shot up when you leave it. Enter the PDA screen, scroll to the faction status menu and use the D-pad to input the following:

Invulnerability - Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right
Infinite Ammo - Right, Left, Right, Right, Left, Right, Left, Left

The invulnerability code turns off each time you see a loading screen. Just enter the code again to reactivate it. One last thing about these two cheats in particular -- turn them off before you save your game, or you'll be sorry.

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Secret - Faction Intel

by Fourteen1 Jun 25, 2007

Allied Nations - The Allied Nations are your basic goody-two-shoes police force. Since the game can only progress if you verify members of the Deck of 52, you should keep the A.N. forces at least neutral or unfriendly to your mercenary (this prevents him from being shot at). The A.N. does not have faction locked-down areas in the game, but they can easily cause you problems since they have SAM sites and heavy firepower at their disposal. Keep them happy by not killing any A.N. forces unless you are in need of some vital "equipment". A.N. forces are hostile against North Korean forces.

Strengths - The large American and European Union presences in the AN forces make the Allied Nations rather tenacious to take out. They are the main paymasters for the Deck of 52 you need to finish the game, so pissing them off is by far the most embarrassing and unprofitable mistake you will ever make. AN forces have deadly firepower at their disposal, and they don't hesitate to open up if they recognise your merc as hostile.

Weaknesses - The AN is slow to build up their forces; they are also hard to anger, unless you actively attack their forces. AN forces are almost never the target of any faction, so you can take measured steps around them. You may want to kill AN pilots for their deadly choppers since your merc cannot "commandeer" friendly choppers already in the air.

Worthy A.N. Vehicles To Steal:
AN Transport Chopper. Good if you just need to go somewhere quickly.
AN Gunship. The ultimate attack chopper.
AN Tracked APC. An extremely tough and reliable workhorse.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --
Republic of South Korea - The ROK are easily the whipping boy for mercenaries who like PO'ing factions. ROK forces have some good anti-infantry weapons, chiefly their signal jammers and APCs, but they have no SAM vehicles to worry about. However, they do "own" significant areas around the map -- you just need to learn how to exploit the ROK forces for your benefit. ROK soldiers are poorly equipped, but their special forces will have access to a 100 round sniper rifle later in the game. Whack one and take the gun! ROK forces are hostile against Chinese and North Koreans.

Strengths - The South Koreans only have limited access to weapons, so you will only find the most advanced equipment with their all-female special forces. Their Hummvees are modded to be TOW carriers as well as recce... 

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Secret - Vehicular Disguise

by Fourteen1 Jun 25, 2007

One particular thing in Mercenaries is the "vehicular disguise". Basically, once you drive around in a vehicle, and no one is around, your faction will become the same as the vehicle's owner. For example, you get into one of the A.N. Hummvees near where you start the game -- provided no one is around, the disguise your merc will have will be that of an Allied Nations soldier.

When disguised, soldiers of that faction will not attack your vehicle (if they are hostile towards your merc). They will pretty much leave you alone so you can drive around and go anywhere in their presence until such a time that the disguise is blown. How? Any of the following actions will result in a dropped disguise:
Honking the vehicle's horn.
Killing a soldier in disguised vehicle.
Ramming another vehicle while disguised.
Attacking while in vehicle disguise.
Having any officer see your disguised vehicle.

Once the disguise is lost, the only way to regain the disguise is to exit the vehicle and re-enter it once there are no other people around (this includes occupied vehicles). The basic rule of disguise is make like a Larch (no. 3 ... the larch ... the larch) and not be seen.

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Secret - Faction Gain & Loss

by Fourteen1 Jun 25, 2007

You gain and lose "faction status" by doing stuff for, or against certain groups. Normally, completing missions for a faction will cause them to like you -- you're being "reliable". However, you can also gain faction status by doing the following:
Successfully clear a contract
Killing enemies attacking a faction's forces (must be in line of sight of faction)
Grabbing open bounties (Chinese and ROK only)
Selling a vehicle to chopshop (Mafia only)

Killing people of one faction is by far the fastest way to make them hostile towards your mercenary. If you absolutely, positively need to destroy a factions' vehicle or soldier, you should try your very best to kill only that target to minimise faction status damage. The basic rule is the more people within line of sight when you pull the trigger (or initiate the airstrike) the more you stand to lose.

If you happen to kill a faction's unit within the line of sight of five or more other faction units, you go from immediately from friendly to hostile. For purposes of accounting, "unit" means one soldier or one vehicle (despite how many soldiers are in that vehicle). Press counts as two units for purposes of calculating "units" for faction gain and loss. Having press accompanying you into a battle with DPRK soldiers will increase your faction standing with the AN, but not other factions. Other ways to lose faction status:
Destruction of a faction's vehicle (occupied) or soldier
Killing a civilian (AN, China, and ROK only)
Killing a member of the press (AN, China, and ROK only)
Destruction of key mission objectives (tents, bridges, etc)

Strangely enough, you can sometimes fool the game by doing things either out of order or by thinking outside the box. If you melee bash a soldier, you only stun them, but do not kill him. Using the take down move will reduce the status. Flashbang grenades will also not cause faction loss, but the effect is temporary. So long as there is only one soldier in the area, you can "disable" him (or her) using multiple melee bashes (or kill them with a gun) without damaging faction status. If you lose faction status when the target drops, then another unit came around when you committed your heinous act.

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Secret - Free Supply & Weapon Locations (South Map)

by Fourteen1 Jun 25, 2007

Medical Kits (Clubs, Diamonds) - On the road between Sariwon and Kaeson, there is a dirt road that meets the paved road. A truck parked on the side has three supply crates full of medikits.

Sniper Rifle Crate (Clubs) - In the Chinese held territory of Nampo, there are three crates next to a building with sniper rifles, RPGs, and assault rifles. This changes after the Chinese seizes Nampo later in the game, but the sniper rifle will be there until then. Since you may not survive the trip out once you grab the weapon, consider using a chopper to winch the supply crates to a safe spot so you can inspect the goodies.

ROK Supply Crate (Diamonds) - Right at the door to Buford's HQ in Kaesong. Note, the Carbine weapon is not included in this supply crate, only ammo and grenades.

Vehicle Ammo Crate (Clubs, Diamonds) - Northeast of the DMZ is a helipad with Vehicle Ammo. This was where the Two of Clubs was located earlier on. You will have this available even after the northern province is unlocked in your current campaign. Beware that attempting to winch the ammo supply crate with a chopper -- the fuel tanks next to this power-up may explode and kill you.

Shotgun (Clubs, Diamonds) - Near the Russian chopshop in East Pyongyang, there is an officer with a shotgun. If you want to save money and take down the Russian for his weapon, do it. Beware that aside from the second Russian near the garage officer, there are three more Russians hanging around the backdoor of Sergei's HQ, not to mention the Russian observer on the roof of the garage (only horizontal displacement counts when determining stealth in this game). However, you can also pick up this officer, drive to a lonely road and melee him sight unseen.

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Secret - Free Vehicle Locations (South Map)

by Fourteen1 Jun 25, 2007

DPRK Scout Chopper (Clubs, Diamonds) - On the open bridge between Downtown Pyongyang and Sariwon, several DPRK scout choppers usually pass overhead. Draw their attention and hijack them when they descend to attack. This place is fairly reliable as a source for scout choppers, but the appearance of the choppers is random.

DPRK Scout Chopper (Clubs, Diamonds) - The $ symbol southwest of the DMZ, very close to the Ten of Clubs. This is not the same symbol as the AN Transport Chopper. You can reach that chopper simply by following the railroad leading south into the badlands; once there, you just need to snipe the pilot out of the chopper cockpit and claim it for yourself. Watch out flying forward -- the restricted zone is right in front of your new ride.

DPRK ZSU (Diamonds) - These AA tank units are found in the backroads fortress area west of the NK Artillery Base and Farmland (northwest of Haeju). The shells are weaker than actual tank guns, but since you can fire 8 of them in rapidity, you can destroy light jeeps quickly for money.

DPRK BMP-1 (Diamonds) - These IFVs are usually parked near the tunnels which spawn North Korean troops. They have decent armor against anything except anti-tank missiles and tank guns. They can be used for your North Korean jeep killing sprees if you find one. BMP-1s are great to use for the AN mission where you need to rescue three or four downed allied airmen near the North Korean Fortress. Just make sure you fire your BMP cannon first on the enemy BMPs, or you won't be going anywhere in about five seconds.

DPRK BTR APC (Diamonds) - These IFVs are usually parked near the tunnels which spawn North Korean troops. Many of them are roaming the roads near the North Korean Fortress in the northeast area of the game map. They are fairly tough, unless you are facing off a tank; disguising yourself as North Korean is worth it for the most part if you are trying to get to an objective and facing a mass of North Korean troops. The APC is faster than the BMP-1 and handles more like a "normal" car than a tank (which uses the joystick to move).

DPRK Type 54/55 Tank (Diamonds) - These North Korean tanks are usually parked near the tunnels which spawn North Korean troops. Many will appear in the northeast where the NK Fortress is. If you get one, consider blasting the immediate forces around your area, especially North Korean jamming vehicles, SAM carriers, and other vehicles. Once you're done with it, you can... 

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Secret - Free Supply & Weapon Locations (North Map)

by Fourteen1 Jun 25, 2007

Anti-material Rifle (Five of Hearts) - At Unsan Village, there are anti-material rifle men near the number card. Once you incapacitate the Five of Hearts, you won't have them available anymore so make a decision if you want to keep the rifle or not. Unless you are really good with your sniper scope, the normal sniper rifle is a much better choice since you have double the ammo, and you may kill chopper pilots using either rifle (both rifles need to shoot through the canopy to be effective).

Vehicle Ammo Crates (Spades) - Various spots in the Chemical Complex and NK Garrison have vehicle ammo crates, presumably to refill your tank when your merc goes on a killing spree to pad ExOps' bottom line. If your NK Gunship-transport needs ammo, this would be a good time to take up the free ammo while in disguise. It saves you $6000 in operating costs.

Prototype Rifle (Spades) - Near the Chongju Farms area, several ROK female special forces soldiers will be milling around taking pot-shots at passing DPRK forces. Take one down (try luring one into your car with a promise to take her someplace exotic -- like Toledo -- then subduing her on a stretch of lonely road to avoid faction status damage) and nab a $16,000 weapon. The Prototype Rifle may behave like the Light Machinegun, but it can also fire while zoomed in. Don't let go of the sniper rifle though -- the prototype rifle's shots cannot pierce the canopy glass on choppers and does less damage.

Anti-air missile (Four of Spades) - This number card will have an Air-to-Air missile launcher to use against mercs who fly in without disguise or in the wrong chopper. If you want to keep this weapon, now would be a good time to pick one up for free.

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Secret - Free Vehicle Locations (North Map)

by Fourteen1 Jun 25, 2007

DPRK Gunship-transport (Three of Hearts) - This unit is linked to the Three of Hearts; once you incapacitate him, this unit will not appear anymore. You may consider leaving the Three of Hearts last and verify him right before the Ace of Hearts contract. Go north of the Kusong MASH to the Sinuiju Farms. He will be on the field with several tanks and gunships. By far the easier of the pre-set choppers to hijack.

DPRK Gunship-transport (Seven of Hearts) - This unit is linked to the Seven of Hearts; once you incapacitate him, this unit will not appear anymore. You may consider leaving the Seven of Hearts last and verify him right before the Ace of Hearts contract. Go north of Yongbyon Station and head directly east of the Industrial Zone to the Seven of Hearts. A gunship is sitting next to him; simply head into the area from the south and hijack the gunship. Repair it for free by cancelling any contract and opting not to retry.

DPRK Gunship-transport (Hearts, Spades) - East of Changsong Train Station, there is an eliptical road. Go to the east section of the loop and look for an alarm tower east of the road. One of the gunships can be seen; nearing it will cause the SNS Radar to be jammed. Go up the slope and take any of the gunships there.

DPRK Transport Chopper (Hearts, Spades) - Locate the eliptical road near Changsong Train Station and drive along the north section. North of that road, near the restricted red area, is a small airbase with a transport chopper, a tunnel, and a tank.

DPRK Scout Chopper (Hearts, Spades) - Between Taechon Battlefields and the dirt road immediately east of Taechon, there are two small airbases with Scout Choppers on their pads. You're required to hike up to those bases

DPRK Scout Chopper (Spades) - East of Farm Valley, a small base is nestled in an equally small valley. Several ZSU and SAM carriers are around, as well as a tank. Probably too much work for a simple scout chopper.

DPRK Type 62 Tank (Hearts, Spades) - Near the North Korean garrison on the southeast, there are several tanks patrolling the area. If you want a tank for infiltration, snag one here or near the Taechon Reactor in the west. If you simply want firepower, stick with a Chinese Type 96 tank.

AN Gunship (Hearts, Spades) - This requires a sniper rifle or anti-material rifle and the ability to lose $25,000. Head to the east entrance of the Kusong MASH and climb the local hillside. This places your merc at the height of the... 

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Secret - Choose Your Operative Wisely

by Fourteen1 Jun 25, 2007

ExOps has three good candidates for the Song Contract. Each one will really affect how hard (or easy) a time you will have, so pick carefully. Once chosen, the operative cannot be changed unless you start new game, so pick wisely.

Chris Jacobs (aka., The Black Guy)
Languages: English, Korean
Strengths: Toughness. Has 100% more "life" than normal, allowing this merc to take more damage.
Strategies: Use toughness to suck up hits and to take out hordes of enemies. Toughness allows this merc to survive explosions and falls that will kill other mercs. (*I recommend playing as this merc the first time through -- it's not just that I think Phil Lamar is a funny guy, but this merc lets you tough out a lot of situations where you simply get killed from big explosions.*)
Recommended Weapons: Light machinegun and sniper rifle.
Play Style: Up front and no nonsense. Hijacking hostile tanks and choppers is not a problem for this merc. The damage sustained is often not enough to put him out of action. Equipment can be sparse and airstrikes are only used in the most dire emergencies.

Jennifer Mui (aka., Token Asian Chick Who Talks British)
Languages: The King's English, Cantonese, Mandarin
Strengths: Stealth. Can get closer to enemy soldiers from behind without causing alert. Stealth covers being detected when firing sniper rifles (which are unsilenced for range).
Strategies: This merc must use sneaking to take out enemies; she cannot withstand damage like the black merc. Carrying two sniper rifles or a sniper rifle in her kit is recommended.
Recommended Weapons: Light machinegun and sniper rifle, or prototype rifle and anti-material rifle.
Play Style: Slow, methodical approach is best. Stealth must be used more for this merc than other operatives. She cannot approach hostile tanks and choppers without sustaining lethal damage, so she needs a sniper rifle to take out the operators of light vehicles and choppers, and airstrikes to destroy tanks and heavy amor.

Matthias Nilsson (aka., Krezzy Swedish Guy)
Languages: English, Swedish, Russian
Strengths: Speed. This merc runs at a better speed than his other co-workers. This means he can outpace pursuing foot soldiers and catch up to slow moving vehicles.
Strategies: Plays mostly like the black merc, but with less "life". Cannot take much punishment so avoiding head-on confrontations with tanks and heavy vehicles are a must.
Recommended Weapons: Light machinegun and sniper rifle,... 

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Cheats - All rewards

by Unregistered Apr 30, 2005

Collect the indicated number of SKU Listening Post bounties to get the corresponding reward:

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