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Simpsons: Hit and Run Cheats :

This page contains Simpsons: Hit and Run cheats list for X-BOX version. Now we have 9 cheats in our list, which includes 6 cheats codes, 1 easter egg, 2 glitches. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Simpsons: Hit and Run on X-BOX platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Cheats - Change Main Menu Setting

by Unregistered Apr 27, 2005

When the screen pops up at the beginging hold both triggers and press A A A A X A B B B Y B A X.
Then when thhe cheat menu pops up type in:
Cheesebag: you get to throw bags of cheese
Jolt: makes you move faster

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Code - How To Beat Cop Cars!!!

by xx_Tasha_xxhunni Nov 18, 2008

I have a few cheats here that will help you beat the cops, and some that are just kinda' random :D

B, A, B, YA Grid Everywhere
Y, A, Y, AAn Invisible Car
Y, Y, X, XIf cops touch you're car - KABOOM!!!
X, X, X, YMakes other cars jump - Gives Precious escape time
Y, Y, Y, Y & X, X, X, XSuper Speed for your car
Triangle X Triangle XInfinite Car Health
X Circle X CircleAll Reward Cars
X Square Square TriangleCredits
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Code - The 4 cop losers

by Unregistered Jul 24, 2007

the 4 codes that let u hav fun wiv hit & run!

YAYAinvincable car:so the cops cant blow up your car.
YYXXblow up cars:so that if the cops touch you thell blow up.
XXXYhorn makes car jump:to make quick escapes.
YYYY&XXXXsuper fast cars:so your faster than the cops.
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Cheats - Invincibility

by Unregistered Apr 30, 2005

When you buy different costumes, in each level the character you select will react differently when you allow him or her to remain idle. For example, choosing Bartman will have Bart jump up and fly around for a few seconds.

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Cheats - 1 hit kills

by Unregistered Apr 26, 2005

Ok first this cheats only works on Alien "Auto" Topsy Part 1 and Second you CAN'T use a bonus car for this cheat to work.

First start the Mission then keep on continue it untill the part when you get the Toxic Waste then grap the toxic waste and quickly cancel the mission. There is a chance your car may Still have the Toxic Waste. (note: DO NOT drive the car with the Toxic Waste in the Tracter Beam because that will deactivate this effect Permanently)

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Cheats - One-Hit Wrecks

by Unregistered Apr 25, 2005

Ok to get the boat car, you have to play the squidport level with Lisa. During one mission u find Bart on a boat. After u talk to him jump up onto the ledge and explore the deck of the boat. Along with finding a collector card, u should also find a boat car across from the collector card.

Now to find the Monorail car, u have to play the downtown level with Marge. During one of the missions, you'll come to a broken monorail track on a small street. go up the stairs to the monorail and jump onto it and jump in the first car. Then u can drive the Monorail car!! There will also be a collector card there too.

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Cheats - Instant vehicle explosions

by Unregistered Apr 25, 2005


On other sites aswell as this one (the best one) I have seen that people have struggled to find where the searet car is for this lv.

Well as you enter the peir (nearest the casino) keep above the beach and turn left. You will see a building with a buzz cola sign on it. USE THE HORN = JUMP CHAT!! To knock the wall on the top-right of the poster, If you have done this you can see an old 50's style car!

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Cheats - Various Cheats

by Unregistered Apr 25, 2005

In the options menu hold L1+R1 and enter the following:

Triangle, Triangle, Square, Square - Blow up vehicles in one hit
Square, Square, Square, Square - Faster cars
Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle - Fastest cars
Triangle, X, Triangle, X - Infinite car health
Square, Square, Square, Triangle - Press horn to do a huge leap in your car
Circle, Circle, Circle, X - More camera angles
Circle, X, Circle, Triangle - Grid mode
X, Circle, X, Circle - All reward Cars
X, Square, Square, Triangle - Credits
Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Square - Speedometer display
Circle, Circle, Triangle, Square - Red Brick Car
Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Circle - Tripping mode

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Cheats - Various Cheats

by CheatsGuru May 15, 2005

1st LEVEL - Rocket Car outside (close to) Mr.Burn's Mansion.
2nd LEVEL - Monorail - The First Car of the Broken Monorail System.
3rd LEVEL - Boat - on the big cruise liner inside the green box.
4th LEVEL - 4 WHEELER - On the left of one of the trailers in the
trailer park.

5th LEVEL - At  the stadium jump from the fountain up to
the Monster Truck.

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Code - The simpsons:Hit and run codes

by UltimateCheater Feb 16, 2009

On the main menu,go to the options menu,hold L + R and enter these codes.A horn will confirm correct entry.For the 'All bonus cars' cheat you must complete all missions first.For the '1-hit-kill car' cheat you have to touch a car for it to explode.The 'red brick car' cheat turns the bonus cars into a red Lego car.To jump super high after activating the 'super jump' cheat,you have to press the horn.

X(4)Fast cars
Y(4)Really fast cars
A,B,A,BAll bonus cars
Y(2),X(2)1-hit-kill car
B(2),Y,XRed brick car
X(3),YSuper jumps
Y,B,Y,BGrid view
A,X(2),YAlternate credits music
B(3),AAlternate view
Y,B,YBPsychedelic view
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Hints - Underground area

by Unregistered May 30, 2007

Get the hyper jump and jump into ant lake. You willfall through the water and land in an underground area. You will be driving on the sky, find dark water to escape. Or you could select a mission.

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Glitch - Potal Car

by Unregistered Sep 03, 2008

The RC Buggy Is The Portal Car.
Basically It Let's You Travel To A Glitch Inside The Game.
You Must Have Completed The Game 100%,Then Use The A,B,A,B Cheat
In The Option Menu At The Main Screen.
To Activate The Cheat Go To One Of The Phones In The Game And Use L Or R Trigger.
To Enter Got To Some Water And Use The Jump Cheat (On The Cheats Page On Cheats Guru For This Game).
Them Be Amazed!

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Glitch - Strange floorless world

by Unregistered May 05, 2008

on either homer's first level or marges level, if you enable horn jumps, and go over to the river near cletus's house, on the bridge if you jump into the river at a fast speed with the horn jump you go into a strange world. in this world you can reach a top speed (if you enable speedo) of 720!!! but only if you have activated max speed cheat but at this speed it resets itself and you stop at a standstill but you stay in the world!!!!

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Code - Any Car in Any Level Cheat

by Unregistered Jan 06, 2012

Here it's a cool cheat that lets you to play with any car in any level you want!

Note: You need to have game complete 100% to do this (that means all missions completed not skipped, all cards, all cars bought, all costumes bought, all wasps, all gags and more + the bonus movie at level 3 after collecting all 49 cards)

once you completed the game, go to options menu, hold f1 and press up down up down (this is the cheat for PC)

once you entered the cheat, go to phone booth. press f2 and then it will appear a list with all cars from the game including all unlocked cars that appear at phone booth, all bonus cars (speed rocket, monster truck, rc car, etc), all street cars, all hidden game cars/unused cars (ice cream truck, cube van) and more...

you can use any car in any level you want! it is worth to complete the game 100%.

Up Down Up DownAll Cars at Phone Booth (need game 100% complete first)
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by simguy7 Nov 26, 2010
on the options menu hold down L+R wile you tipe in the code wich is ABAB.GETS ALL CARS!!!
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Easter Egg - Pink Cadillac car

by 121212123 Nov 30, 2009

In the 6th level, go to Planet Hype and go on the roof. on the side of the building in the back there will be a big hole with a Pink Cadillac in it. to get the car all you have to do is drop down on top of it and press the "Y" button. then just start driving!!

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Code - Simpsons

by aust078 Jun 15, 2007

On the options hold L+R then enter the following code(s)

B,A,B,Ya grid everywhere!
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Simpsons: Hit and Run Cheats


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