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Spider-Man 2 Cheats :

This page contains Spider-Man 2 cheats list for X-BOX version. Now we have 0 cheats in our list, which includes . We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Spider-Man 2 on X-BOX platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Cheats - 40% of Game Completed

by CheatsGuru May 15, 2005

Beat the game one time to be able to purchase these in the store

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Cheats - Programmer save

by Unregistered Apr 30, 2005

"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses so I may enslave them all." is an altered version of the saying on the Statue Of Liberty.
"Klaatu Verada Nicto" is spoken in movies "The Day The Earth Stood Still" and "Army Of Darkness".
"You have no chance to survive make your time" is a line from the Sega Genesis game Zero Wing, which also originated the "All your base are belong to us" phrase.

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Cheats - 44% completion, other bonuses

by Unregistered Apr 26, 2005

Alien Buster Defeat Mysterio in story mode
Anger Manager Stop 25 road rages
Automobile Avenger Stop 25 car jackings
Balloon Popper Pop 25 balloons
Bane of Petty Thieves Stop 25 purse snatchers
Big Game Hunter Defeat Rhino in story mode
Champ Defeat 200 enemies
Crime Stopper Stop 250 petty crimes
Drenched Explorer Collect all 130 Bouy Tokens
Employee of the Month Complete all Pizza Missions (20)
Friend to Children Return 25 balloons to children
Game Master Complete Everything in the game (100%)
Gold Medalist Beat all challenges' mega times
Good samaritan Help 250 citizens in distress
Hardcore Gamer Complete all arcade games
Hero Accumulate 45K hero points
Hero in Training Accumulate 15K hero points
Honorary Deputy Assisted 25 officiers
Human Ambulance Resolve 25 medical emergencies
Knowledge Seeker Collect all 213 Hint Markers
Life Preserver Resolve 25 sinking boat crisises
Lifter of Spirits Rescue 25 hanging citizens
Lover not a Fighter Complete all MJ missions
Master Explorer Collect all exploration tokens
Mega Champ Defeat 500 enemies
Mega Hero Accumulate 200K hero points
Partycrasher Stop 25 battle royals
Shock Absorber Defeat Shocker in story mode
Shutterbug Complete all Daily Bugle Missions (6)
Silver Medalist Beat all challenges
Speed Freak Get max swing speed
Stick Up Artist Foil 25 robberies
Sucker Foil 25 ambushes
Superhero Accumulate 100K hero points
Tentacle Wrangler Defeat Doc Ock in story mode
Thug Mugger All skyscraper tokens found
Towering Explorer Collect all skyscraper tokens
Vigilant Explorer Collect all hideout tokens
Watch Dog Foil 25 break-ins
Watchful Explorer All secret tokens found

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Cheats - Start in a special mode

by Unregistered Apr 25, 2005

When you fight Doc Oc for the last time, save up your Spidey Sense energy. When
it gets too full or half-way, let him get close and active it. This will help you defeat
him without losing health. Note: If you can get good hits on him when three of his
four arms are down, you will take little damage if you are careful.

When facing Doc Ock in the final battle, stand your ground in a corner and let him
approach you. When he arrives, beware of his tentacles. Dodge them one by one
pressing B when Spider- Man's head flashes, then respond to each dodge by
pressing Y and shooting a web at the Doc's tentacles to bind them to the wall or
the ground. When all four tentacles are bound to either the ground or the wall, run
towards the Doc by holding L then pressing X, performing an uppercut which sends
the Doc in the air. Then, hold and release A and continue to press X rapidly. When
the Doc falls to the ground, continue to perform combos to him by pressing X, but
beware of his tentacles. Doc Ock will use them to throw you repeatedly. Web out
of there after one combo and move to another corner and repeat the process until
the Doc is defeated.

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Cheats - Cheat: Complete Story Mode

by Unregistered Apr 25, 2005

Go to the Chrysler building (the other huge sky scraper near the empire state building), up far enough to where there are green pyramids on 4 corners of the building, and go around the building. You should find green feathers on the building, referring to the first game when you fought Vulture there.

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Spider-Man 2 Cheats


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