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Thief Deadly Shadows Cheats :

This cheat for Thief Deadly Shadows [X-BOX] has been posted at 05 Nov 2007 and is called "Guide to hiding places and secret passages". If cheat is usable don't forgot thumbs up and share this with your freinds. And most important we have 6 other cheats for Thief Deadly Shadows, look them as soon as possible!

Secret - Guide to hiding places and secret passages

by Unregistered Nov 05, 2007

A guide to Hidden places where you can make an escape, hide from a guard, practice arching or just mess about: This is very long
Arching Place (need climbing gloves): To get to this place you require climbing gloves, When Auldale loads, go to the place the picture shows... Look at the archway near the stairs leading down... look at what's on top...! Go to side of the archway where that cart thing is and climb up the wall next to it. then shimmy along and drop when you are directly above The archway. you will be able to jump from side to side when you are up there, take note... this is USELESS against archers... do not try if archer is after you!
A place to muck about (and glitch up TDS): (requires climbing gloves again):
Ok... this is easy all you need to do is go outside the door of fogerty's gold smithery
nearby, around the corner (where the path leading down to the exit of auldale is) there is loads of flowers and grass and a statue, turn your back to the statue and you see a wall, climb up that wall and you have a huge spacious place to muck about in.
Old Quarter
Thieves highway (rooftops): If you have finished the cradle mission you will have been here, But maybe you dont know how to get back? Ok its simple. Go to the place where your fence was supposed to be but is dead... there will be stairs.. run up the stairs backwards and stop when you see that sort of thing that shops have (an awning) and jump and climb up onto that you will now be looking at a gap in some rooftops jump and land on there and you are on thieves highway.... It is brilliant for hiding and at the end there is a little hideout room you can stop in for safety!
The Tavern getaway: This is brilliantly easy... So... some guards after you coz u killed some people? Retreat to the tavern... go run through to the door that u have to pick lock to get in where no one is aloud... (door must already be picklocked or you are screwed) and to your left theres a cupboard jump on it and there is a hole in the wall crawl through and come out the other end, jump over to the pipe and then make is safely down and the guards will still be in the tavern wondering where clever you went!
Safe way into hammerite fort ironwood: (this isnt needed if allied with hammerites)
This may be quite hard with the hammerites outside but if neutral no hammerite will attack you until you get inside... Ok kill, K.O or lead the hammerites outside away if you are hostile with hammerites, now once they are gone go outside the door that leads into fort ironwood, now take a few stept back until you are no longer sheltered by that big platform above.. go to the wall to the left and climb up with the gloved and then shimmy and drop onto the above platform here there is a door wich leads into fort ironwood but there is no hammerites near this entrance (and also there is holy water nearby)
South Quarter
This place is filled with places to hide, glitches getaways and hidden "Dens"! So in this section we will also give a few funny glitches! (all of these were found by my friend!)
Funny black alley glitch: Ok this is just a random glitch witch is totally pointless. Go to black alley and go into the shop and then leave again, and then stab the door with your dagger and the door will open and shut!
Get away from a guard: Ok, simple... if a guard is chasing you... run off to where the southquarter well is near there there are steps leading to a house go under those steps and there is a hole in the wall wich leads into the house.. go through and take a left until you come to a door go out that door and you will be still be able to see the guard standing near the steps confused as he lost you.
Run in the house run out the house: Ok this is for when a bunch of guards are after you and you desperetly have to give em the slip... Ok.. Run to the place where on the first few missions you had to get into the pagan tunnels by going down the well.. well where the the metal fence is at the entrance take a right and there is a house there run in and go into the room to your right and jump out the window and run off!
That is all! Have fun tricking guards... i will be submitting another one soon for: Docks and stonemarket! E-Mail me at if you need more help... i will reply with a some screen shots or more info

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