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Alan Wake Cheats :

This page contains Alan Wake cheats list for XBOX 360 version. Now we have 3 cheats in our list, which includes 2 unlockables, 1 secret. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Alan Wake on XBOX 360 platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - The enemies

by FCSNAKE Jul 29, 2010

The human like enemies of Alan Wake are called the "Taken." They were once humans that are now possessed by a "Dark Presence." Taken have a shield of darkness that protects them from injury. Use some type of light to take away this shield and then you can kill them with normal weapons.

There are different sizes of Taken:

Regular Taken: Just regular people that use axes for melee and pick axes for throwing. On Normal they can take about two shots from a revolver after their shield is down.

Quick/Fast Taken: These Taken are a lot faster and melee you. They will teleport around and you won't be able to see them much. They will slow down to stab you. Once their shields are gone they will stop speeding around. On Normal, once their shields are down, they take one shot from a revolver to take down.

Strong Taken: The strong taken are usually bigger than most taken by a bit and carry sledgehammers that hurt you real bad. With the addition of using a sledgehammer they can charge at you like a bull to do some damage.They have bigger shields than the other taken and can take more damage. About 4 times more damage I'd say.

Boss Taken: These can vary with size and speed. They're usually both strong and fast and some can teleport across the screen. They all have high shields and even higher damage resistance, by about 9 or 10 times.

Ravens aren't very strong by themselves, but once they're in flocks they can destroy you. They are very hard to hit with regular weapons so it's best to kill them with boosted light or a flare gun.

Poltergeist Objects
Even objects can be enemies in Alan Wake. Various objects like barrels and gates and other scenery can be possessed by the darkness and fly at you to injure or even kill you. To destroy them you need to use a light source. If you don't destroy them the first time they fly at you then they'll come back again and again. If they're within a certain range of you using a flare then they'll stop moving until the flare ends.

Black Goo
Hardly an enemy but it can hurt you! You'll find black goo all over and if you touch it then it damages you. Just keep your light on them and they die quickly without moving.

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Unlockable - Avatar Awards

by cGub May 18, 2010

Complete the indicated task to unlock each item.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Jacket and Scarf(female)Play the Limited Collector's Edition Bonus Disc.
Jacket and Scarf(male)Play the Limited Collector's Edition Bonus Disc.
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Unlockable - Achievements List

by cGub May 12, 2010

Follow the Light
Reward: 10 Points
Objective: Take a night course of light education.

Nordic Walking
Reward: 10 Points
Objective: Take a walk through the logging area, meet one of the quirky locals.

Bright Falls' Finest
Reward: 20 Points
Objective: Call for help.

Boob Tube
Reward: 5 Points
Objective: See what's on TV.

Under a Thin Layer of Skin
Reward: 10 Points
Objective: Defy the park ranger.

Park Ranger
Reward: 15 Points
Objective: Enjoy the sounds and sights of Elderwood National Park.

Heavy Metal
Reward: 10 Points
Objective: Survive the bulldozer attack.

Iron Horse
Reward: 10 Points
Objective: Encounter a steam engine.

Wheels Within Wheels
Reward: 20 Points
Objective: Meet the kidnapper.

Medical Opinions
Reward: 10 Points
Objective: Listen to Hartman's recordings.

Child of the Elder God
Reward: 10 Points
Objective: Have a rock'n'roll moment without dropping to a low health state.

Perchance to Dream
Reward: 20 Points
Objective: Take a moment to reflect on past events.

Drink 'Em Both Up
Reward: 10 Points
Objective: Put de lime in de coconut twice.

Reward: 10 Points
Objective: Cut the power to the transformer yard.

The Lady of the Light
Reward: 20 Points
Objective: Discover the secret she guards.

Tornado Wrangler
Reward: 20 Points
Objective: Defeat the tornado.

Reward: 40 Points
Objective: Complete the game on Normal difficulty.

Hardboiled Writer
Reward: 40 Points
Objective: Complete the game on Hard difficulty.

Alan, Wake Up
Reward: 50 Points
Objective: Complete the game on Nightmare difficulty.

If It Flies, It Burns
Reward: 20 Points
Objective: Burn 1,000 birds.

They're Heeeeeere!
Reward: 20 Points
Objective: Inanimate objects shouldn't move of their own accord. Put a stop to this affront, oh, say, 20 times.

The Six-Gun Scribe
Reward: 20 Points
Objective: Defeat 100 Taken with the revolver.

Taken Season
Reward: 20 Points
Objective: Defeat 50 Taken with the hunting rifle.

It's Not Just a Typewriter Brand
Reward: 20 Points
Objective: Defeat 50 Taken with a shotgun.

What Light Through Yonder Window
Reward: 20 Points
Objective: Defeat 50 Taken with the flaregun, the way Shakespeare intended.

Thunder and Lightning
Reward: 20 Points
Objective: Defeat 50 Taken with flashbang grenades.

Collateral Carnage
Reward: 20 Points
Objective: Defeat 20 Taken with indirect means.

Come One, Come All

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