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Borderlands Cheats :

This cheat for Borderlands [XBOX 360] has been posted at 02 Dec 2009 by 5-Year-Old and is called "Borderlands Tips and Cheats". The Cheat have a rating 24 by 40 our users and has been commented 12 times. Also 4 users added this cheat at them cheatbooks. If cheat is usable don't forgot thumbs up 5-Year-Old and share this with your freinds. And most important we have 4 other cheats for Borderlands, look them as soon as possible!

Unlockable - Borderlands Tips and Cheats

by 5-Year-Old Dec 02, 2009

Courtesy of IGN and it's listed user...
By Ray Chambers
Cheat: Gain Levels and Money Before Entering Borderlands

In the first scene, when you're getting the tour with the scrap robot, follow him all the way through to the small campsite with the car up on the lift next to the burning tires. Collect all the loot (guns, money) along the way and kill all of the guys. Once everyone is dead simply pause the game and go to exit. It will save your character (level & loot) and start you at the very beginning upon loading your game. You can repeat this as many times as you'd like!

By Stuffy

Cheat: Duplicate Items

To make a copy of any item you'll need a cooperative partner in a multiplayer game. Simply drop what you want to make a copy of on the floor, exit the game without saving, leaving your friend free to grab it. When you return, you'll have your copy of the weapon still, and your friend can hand you the other. This works on all guns, shields, and class mods, and can be done as many times as necessary.
Unlockable: New Game +

Complete the game to unlock a New Game + mode. Some items and stats will carry over into the new game and enemies will be tougher.

By AjaxRoxx

Hint: Reload Quickly

Watch your reload animation. As soon as the cartridge is removed (or rounds are being inserted), click the Right Stick (melee) and the gun will finish reloading. Do this to save time and possibly your life.
Hint: Easy Escape After Defeating Sledge

After you've defeated Sledge (and collected the artifact), exit and save your game. When you start you're game again you'll begin at the save point at the very beginning of the mission. This way you don't have to backtrack on foot and you'll save a lot of ammo too.
By Derek Southerland

Hint: Item Storage using an Alternate Character

An effective, but annoying, way to store your extra stuff is to create an alternate character that is only for holding your extra stuff. Just create a new character, load a co-op game with both your main character and your new level 1 character and give them the items you want to put up. Log back in to your level 1 character and give the items back to your main character when you need them. This can be really useful when you find weapons and items that are above your level, or are saving them to give to a friend's character.
By ragingvalheru

Hint: Easy 20,000 EXP

As soon as you are able to get a vehicle, find a safe place away from enemy spawn points and find a way to keep the trigger held down (tape rubber band). Just walk away for a few hours and after you have unloaded 100,000 shots from the vehicle you will get 20,000 exp.
By Yarotha

Cheat: Berserker Speed Exploit

Make sure you're in a fight with more than one enemy and your health is extremely low (10-20). Activate Berserker just before you enter Fight For Your Life! Mode, then kill someone to gain a Second Wind. If done properly, you should be able to run as fast as Brick can in Berserker mode AND you'll be able to fire your weapons. Note: you're not able to sprint while using this, but why would you need to anyway Activating his Berserker mode again and finishing it, OR dying will cancel the effect.
By Mike Keifer

Hint: Quick Money and Items

Want purple and orange items without having to kill a single enemy Once you get to "New Haven," head to the save/transport post near "Scooter" and save your game. Then, there are 2 red chests and 3 silver chest in town...4 of them on rooftops, and one that the claptrap rescue opens for you. Just loot them all, keep what you want, sell what you don't want and then save your game. Log off, then log back in to repeat the process. Check all the vending machines each time as they will offer great items as well.

Here is a rundown of the loot route from at the save/transport post near Scooter:

Red Chest #1 - On the roof of the building directly right of the save post. Go to the side with the yellow barrel, jump few times and you are there.

Silver Chest #1 - From the save post, turn directly left and go up the stairs, keep going in the same direction, cross the wood plank and then jump the railing to the other building. Turn a slight right around the corner.

Red Chest #2 - from Silver Chest#1...some tricky jumps, but not too hard. Simply look out to the red tarp hanging over a little platform and make a running jump to land on the tarp. Then turn around till you see the Red Chest, make another jump (not too high or you will get caught on the red tarp over the chest and fall off).

Silver Chest #2 - After completing the Claptrap Rescue this Silver Chest will be in a little shed across the courtyard from the Bounty Board (you just have to crouch to get in there).

Silver Chest #3 - From the save post go forward and go up the stairs where the dollar sign and arrow are. Hop on top of the washing machine, then on top of the roof with the big antenna. The Silver Chest is behind it.

By Mike Keifer

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