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Borderlands Review :

A Fun and Addictive Game

by arbynthechief Apr 02, 2011

Borderlands is very straight forward. You're the Vault-Hunter and you find the vault, but you will come across complications and face many challenges along the way. First of all, Borderlands is very unique. If you're one of those people that only plays games based on reality, then this isn't for you. You start off on a bus on the way to Pandora. You can choose from one of four characters, either The Hunter, The Soldier, The Siren, or The Berserker. You are dropped of at a seemingly abandoned town, where you are greeted by a friend, Claptrap. He will guide you through the town and introduce you to raiders. You will see them racing cars. They will start shooting at you. You must kill them. Most of the game will follow this same pattern. Discover towns, kill enemies, and eventually find your way to the mysterious vault of legend. However, along the way you will encounter some "interesting" enemies, including the Crimson Lance and The Guardians. You will also experience some new scenarios and plot twists towards the second half of the game. This is where it gets interesting......

Now go out there and experience the world of Borderlands for yourself!

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7Story line
The story was average. Your goal was to reach the Vault. Over time, I felt that the game dropped the story. I felt lost at certain points. But the wonderful part about it is that the game took you to so many wonderful places.
Graphics were excellent. The intense colors captured the beauty of Pandora. There were many different enemies and weapons to look at that had different designs. Material wasn't copied into other parts of the game.
Sound was slightly above average. There were some parts of the game that contained good sound, and others bad. There were a few annoying glitches here and there, and people screaming loudly after killing them got tedious after a while, but overall, good.
This is Borderlands' strong point. Gameplay is amazing. You can team up with other "vault-hunters" and adventure around the Pandora wastes.Combat is very fun. Powers made combat more interesting. According to the developers, there are millions of different guns in the game!
10Lasting Appeal
Borderlands has so much to explore, so many bosses to defeat, and so much treasure to loot,and entertaining DLCs, I guarantee you'll still be playing this game years from now.
(Out of 10)


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