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Bulletstorm Cheats :

This page contains Bulletstorm cheats list for XBOX 360 version. Now we have 8 cheats in our list, which includes 2 cheats codes, 6 unlockables. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Bulletstorm on XBOX 360 platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Unlockable - Get the Emerald-colored Leash

by neilsirocz28 Feb 25, 2011

You can unlock the Emerald-colored Leash by beating the Bulletstorm demo then playing the full game. The Leash behaves exactly the same as the Blue Leash, it's just a different color.

Emerald-colored LeashBeat the Bulletstorm demo.
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Unlockable - Achievements: DLC #2

by Ryoma Jun 13, 2011
Barber (10)Kill an enemy by thumping them into a helicopter in the Mini City map
Beat 'em down (40)Kill every enemy in a wave using only the Teleportation in the Ulysses map
Environmentalist (30)In the Rock Quarry map kill an enemy using a Mine Cart, Oven, Fan, Smasher and Lava Cart in one wave
Fast Track (25)On Mean Street, kill all the snipers on the rooftop before the DNA bomb explodes
Up-Lifting (20)On Monorail Factory, kill all enemies whilst riding the lift
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Unlockable - Gun Sonata DLC Achievements

by zapholer_25@yahoo.com Apr 13, 2011
Bell End (10)Kill 5 enemies at the same time using
Extinguisher (20)In the Sewer map Kill 5 enemies in 1 wave by setting them on fire then extinguishing them
Heart Attack (40)Kill a Boss using the Hot Dog cart in the Hotel Elysium map
Hell Razor (25)Kill a Burnout using the helicopter that arrives in Crash Site
Last Blood (30)At the end of Guns of Stygia, kill all the enemies on the walkways before the explosions do
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Code - Straight Edge and Space Pirate

by Ben1234 Mar 18, 2011

For the Easy Straight Edge and Space Pirate Achievements/Trophies you need to shoot or drink bottles you find. In Act 5 Chapter 1 - Crash Resistance, just play until you find the first Dropkit. After that, look around on the chair and you'll find a Nom Juice bottle. This is the interesting part -- you either just drink or shoot the bottle and, after that, pause the game an choose Restart Checkpoint. You'll find yourself in front of the dropkit and find the bottle again, with the choice to to shoot it or drink it. Just repeatedly restart and you will get the Achievements/Trophies.

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Code - Infinite Skill Points

by Drakul Mar 03, 2011

Note: This is very time consuming as it only allows you to get 500 points for every 1-2 minutes of play. You can probably get more points by killing the enemies normally, but this trick is available if you want to stock up on ammo, or fully upgrade one or two of your weapons.

Shortly after you and Trishka seperate from Ishi on your way to meet the General, you will come to an area where you will find a newsbot, a dropkit and a metal sliding door that you have to open. The door leads out to a street with a bus that you need to leash into a gap to cross. Continue fighting until you get to a point where the Mechaton's tail smashes a barrier allowing you to continue by hopping over a cement barrier. Walk up to that barrier, but do not hop over as you will not be able to get back. When Trishka is standing next to you by the barrier, you then run back to the dropkit in the room and the newsbot should have respawned. As you are running back to the room you will see the game pause for a split second with the loading symbol (rotating circle of dots) in the bottom right corner of the screen just before you cross over the bus. If you dont see this, go back to the barrier and let Trishka catch up to you. If done successfully, the newsbot will respawn indefinitely, giving you unlimited Skill Points at 500 points a kill. All you have to do after killing the respawned newsbot is to return to the cement barrier and allow Trishka to catch up to you, she has to come to a stop next to you or the bot wont respawn.

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Unlockable - Secret Skillshots

by jocker_toe Mar 01, 2011

Here is a list of the Secret Skillshots in Bulletstorm. The official descriptions are missing from the game, so we've tried to describe them accurately here.

Pancake (1-2)Flatten an enemy with an environmental object
Sucker (2-1)Send an enemy into a fan blade
Kill-O-Watt (2-2)Send an enemy into an electric sign
Mass Extinction (2-2)Shoot an enemy with the Mechaton
Fish Food (3-1)Kick an enemy into standing water
Floater (3-2)Kick an enemy into flowing water under a bridge just before the dam
Man Toast (3-2)Fry an enemy on a reactor in the dam
Grinder (3-2)Send an enemy into a water wheel at the dam
Halloween (4-1)Kick an enemy with a Nom on his head into an electrified object
Weed Killer (4-2)Defeat the flytrap boss
Ding Dong (4-3)Drop rubble from the trap doors on the ceiling onto an enemy in the collapsed building
Tenderizer (4-3)Use an elevator to kill an enemy
Steady Hand (5-2)Hit a burnout's orange growth/weak spot to kill it
Minced Meat (5-2)Kill the muta-burnout boss
Dino-Sore (5-3)Hit Hekaton's neck wound with the banshee's chaingun
Outburst (6-1)Knock an enemy into the gamma radiation storm
Forced (6-3)Send an enemy into an EM pulse barrier in the Ulysses generator
Grilled Meat (6-3)Defeat the second muta-burnout boss
Ejaculated (7-2)Hit the switch to eject enemies in the cargo hold
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Unlockable - The Red Ring of Door Death

by best_ever_ Mar 01, 2011

In the very first area on the ship, just after the opening cutscene, a door malfunctions with a semi-circular red light flashing. Soon after an attempt by your crewmate to fix it, three red lights appear in a ring around a dot: This is the universal luminous symbol for Xbox 360 failure.

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Unlockable - Achievements

by KILLER654321 Feb 17, 2011

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Weed Killer (15 points)Tidy up the back yard.
Minced Meat (15 points)Take out the Mall's biggest customer.
Grilled Meat (15 points)Prepare a big meal using an improvised electric stove.
Size Matters (15 points)Use your biggest weapon.
Damsel in Distress (15 points)Rescue the princess.
Destroyer of Worlds (15 points)Cause major destruction.
Disco Inferno (10 points)Kill all enemies without leaving the dance floor in the city outskirts.
Chop-Chopper (30 points)Kill the enemy inside the airborne helicopter in the park.
Red Barrels (10 points)Explode all the red barrels on the rooftop while in a helicopter.
Armed and dangerous (15 points)Grow as a person, experience betrayal. Again..
Stowaway (15 points)Catch a ride.
Pointless (10 points)Execute at least 10 Headshots before you find the first DropKit.
All Bow To Heavy Metal (15 points)Big head, big headache.
Blood Symphony (50 points)Complete the Campaign on Very Hard Difficulty.
Major Malfunction (10 points)Destroy 50% of the Newsbots in the Single Player Campaign.
Total Malfunction (20 points)Destroy all Newsbots in the Single Player Campaign.
Destructive Beat (20 points)Complete the Campaign on Very Easy or Easy Difficulty.
Violent Melody (30 points)Complete the Campaign on Normal Difficulty.
Brutal Chorus (40 points)Complete the Campaign on Hard Difficulty.
Straight Edge (10 points)Destroy at least 20 bottles of Nom Juice in the Single Player Campaign.
Fits Like a Glove (15 points)Meet your new best friend.
Patched Up (15 points)Receive a software update for your leash.
Insecticide (10 points)Destroy 50% of the Electroflies in the Single Player Campaign.
Pest Control (20 points)Destroy all Electroflies in the Single Player Campaign.
Space Pirate (10 points)Drink at least 20 bottles of Nom Juice in the Single Player Campaign.
Old School (15 points)Finish an Echo round without executing a single Skillshot.
Enforcer (20 points)Get at least 15,000 points in one Echo round.
Star struck (10 points)Get 3 Stars on 10 different Echoes.
Bounty Hunter (20 points)Have a total of at least 75,000 points in Echoes Mode's total high score.
Guerrilla Tactics (10 points)Execute at least 25 different Skillshots in one Echo round.
Halfway There (15 points)Get at least 21 stars in Echoes Mode.
Team Player (10 points)Complete 200 team challenges in your career in Anarchy mode.
Final Echo (40 points)Achieve level 65 in Anarchy mode.
Environment Master (20 points)

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