Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Cheats

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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Cheats :

This page contains Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare cheats list for XBOX 360 version. Now we have 19 cheats in our list, which includes 2 cheats codes, 3 unlockables, 1 glitch, 13 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare on XBOX 360 platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Unlockable - Full list of Achievements

by kingviper37 Feb 11, 2009

There are 37 achievements with a total of 1000 gamerscore.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Piggyback Ride (20 gsCarry Cpt. MacMillian to safety
Your Show Sucks (20 gs)Destroy all the TVs showing Al-Asad's speech
Ghillies In The Mist (20 gs)Complete 'All Ghillied Up' without alerting any enemies
Death From Above (20 gs)Operate an AC-130 gun ship
The Search (40 gs)Complete 'Charlie Don't Surf' on Veteran difficulty
The First Horseman (40 gs)Complete 'Shock and Awe' on Veteran difficulty
The Second Horseman (40 gs)Complete 'Safehouse' on Veteran difficulty
The Third Horseman (40 gs)Complete 'Heat' and 'The Sins of the Father' on Veteran difficulty
The Fourth Horseman (40 gs)Complete 'Game Over' on Veteran difficulty
The Package (40 gs)Complete 'Crew Expendable' on Veteran difficulty
Mile High Club (20 gs)Sky dive to safety on Veteran difficulty
Win the War (40 gs)Complete the game on any difficulty
Wrong Number (20 gs)Find Al-Asad's safehouse
Desperate Measures (20 gs)Corner Zakhaev's Son
Make the Jump (20 gs)Infiltrate a cargo ship
Man of the People (10 gs)Save the farmer
No Rest for the Weary (10 gs)Stab an injured crawling enemy
New Squadron Record (20 gs)Complete the cargo ship mockup in less than 20 seconds
Look Sharp (20 gs)Find 15 enemy intel items
Save the Bacon (20 gs)Protect 'War Pig', the Abrams tank
Straight Flush (20 gs)Kill 5 enemies with one shot while in the AC-130 gunship
Down Boy Down (20 gs)Survive a dog attack
Dancing in the Dark (20 gs)Kill the power
Earn a Winged Dagger (20 gs)Complete 'F.N.G.'
The Shot (40 gs)Complete 'All Ghillied Up' and 'One Shot, One Kill' on Veteran difficulty
The Ultimatum (40 gs)Complete 'Ultimatum', 'All In', and 'No Fighting in the War Room' on Veteran difficulty
The Rescue (40 gs)Complete 'Blackout' on Veteran difficulty
The Escape (40 gs)Complete 'Hunted' and 'Death From Above' on Veteran difficulty
Eyes and Ears (20 gs)Find 30 enemy intel items
Rescue Roycewicz (20 gs)Save Pvt. Roycewicz on the stairs
Deep and Hard (90 gs)Complete the game on Hardened or Veteran difficulty
The Bog (40 gs)Complete 'The Bog' and 'War Pig' on Veteran difficulty
Roadkill (10 gs)Kill 2 enemies by blowing up a car in the single player campaign
Bird on the Ground (20 gs)Shoot down an enemy helicopter with an RPG in the single player campaign
Daredevil (10 gs)Kill an enemy while blinded by a flashbang in the single player campaign
Four of a Kind (20 gs)Kill 4 enemies in a row with headshots in the single player campaign
Three of a Kind (10 gs)Kill 3 enemies in a row... 

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Secret - Intel pieces.

by dpad Jan 20, 2010

Collect the following number of Intel pieces to unlock:

2 Intel pieces- Unlocks "COD Noir"- Changes graphics to black and white.
4 Intel pieces- Unlocks "Photo-Negative"- Inverts game colors.
6 Intel pieces- Unlocks "Super Contrast"- Contrast increases.
8 Intel pieces- Unlocks "Ragtime Warfare"- The game feels like an old silent movie.
10 Intel pieces- Unlocks "Cluster Bombs"- One frag grenade thrown equals five in explosion.
15 Intel pieces- Unlocks "A Bad Year"- Enemies explode into tires when shot.
20 Intel pieces- Unlocks "Slow-Mo Ability"- Game plays at 40% of the normal speed.
30 Intel pieces- Unlocks "Infinite Ammo"- Gives you infinite ammunition.

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Secret - Intel - Crew Expendable

by kingviper37 Mar 30, 2009

1: Just after the first stairs you will see a drunk sailor stumbling out of a doorway kill him and go into the doorway There are two more sailors asleep in a bunk-bed kill them aswell the intel is on a table right next to the bunk-bed

2: When you reach the first cargo hold just after Captain Price throws a flashbang go through the door and down the stairs on your right the intel is at the bottom on an open grid-section next to a tool-box

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Secret - Daredevil Achievement - Easy

by kingviper37 Mar 30, 2009

On the mission 'Crew Expendable' run down the first stairs before your allies line up the drunken sailor and flash yourself just shoot where you remember he was and if you kill him you get the achievement

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Secret - Intel - Blackout

by kingviper37 Mar 30, 2009

1: At the first shack/outpost you come to kill the enemies and go inside the intel will be inside on a crate near a TV

2: In the house where the informant is go through the house until you reach the second story Once your up the stairs hug the wall on your left until you find the door into the bathroom the intel is in-front of the toilet on a crate

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Secret - Intel - Charlie Don't Surf

by kingviper37 Mar 30, 2009

1: Once you enter the first building and go down the stairs stay left and there's a door in the corner go through the door there is two enemies in the room The intel is on the table against the back wall

2: Go down the last road right just before you cross the highway there will be a two story building with a large hole in the roof in front of you Go through the door and up the stairs the intel is directly left on a table in the corner once your up the stairs

3: Just after you cross the highway stick to the right until you find stairs going up just turn left until you see a TV on a table the intel should be sitting beside it

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Secret - Intel - The Hunted

by kingviper37 Mar 30, 2009

1: After coming out of the house with the trap-door entrance(second house) go down the stairs and around the wrecked car thats sitting there You should see a vending-machine next to a door way go through this door and go right the intel will be on a table under the only light in the building

2: After going through the ruined green-houses you should see a destroyed building on your left in-between this building and the barn is a tin roof on poles Under the tin roof is several tables the intel is on the corner of one table close to two blue barrels

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Secret - Intel - War Pig

by kingviper37 Mar 30, 2009

1: After the tank goes through the gate into the town at the second place it stops there is a dry-cleaner store on the left side of the street Go into this building and go to the second story the intel is in the second room on the right sitting on the bed

2: Across the street from the first intel on the corner of the street is another building Make your way to the second story via the stairs located at the north side of the building go in the first door on your left the intel is on a set of drawers in the corner of the room

3: After a alleyway with a lot of civilian cars lined along it follow your allies into the building in front of you and go up the stairs Hug the wall on your left and go into a small room the intel is on the bed

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Secret - Intel - Shock and Awe

by kingviper37 Mar 30, 2009

1: After coming up the first stairs and meeting up with the advanced recon troops go to the south-east corner of the building the intel is near some barrels

2: After meeting the advanced recon troops jump down to the ground and go into the building to your right(the one with enemies on the roof) Go to the second story and turn right the intel will be in the small room next to some shelfs

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Unlockable - Cheats

by cGub Nov 09, 2007

Cheats are unlocked by collecting enemy intel, which look like laptop computers, that are hidden throughout the campaign.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
CoD Noir: Simply turns all gameplay turns black and white, giving the game a classic war movie feel.Collect 2 pieces of enemy intel.
Photo-Negative: Inverses all of the colors of the game.Collect 4 pieces of enemy intel.
Super Contrast: Dramatically increases the game's contrast, making the darks much darker and the lights much lighter.Collect 6 pieces of enemy intel.Collect 6 pieces of enemy intel.
Ragtime Warfare: Gameplay goes black-and-white, dust and scratches fill the screen, it plays at 2x speed, and the music becomes piano music.Collect 8 pieces of enemy intel.
Cluster Bombs: After one of your frag grenades explodes, four more explode in a cross-shape pattern.Collect 10 pieces of enemy intel.
A Bad Year: When you kill enemies, they explode into a bunch of old tires!Collect 15 pieces of enemy intel.
Slow-Mo Ability: By using the melee button, you can change the game to slow-mo and play at half-speed.Collect 20 pieces of enemy intel.
Infinite Ammo: Wepaons have unlimited ammo, you don't even need to reload! Doesn't work with single-shot weapons like RPGs, or C4 and Claymores.Collect 30 pieces of enemy intel.
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Secret - Hard Part - One Shot One Kill Level

by kingviper37 Mar 30, 2009

When you do the 'One Shot One Kill' level on veteran the end bit is difficult to survive until the helicopter comes and picks you up How i did this is when you first come out of the last building(where the abandoned amusement park is) you see the ferris wheel on your right and thats where you have to go to put Cpt MacMillan down instead turn around once you drop off the building and go down the path on your left The path is a dead-end but there's a door thats shut at the end on the right remember the way to get there Go kill the gaurds and drop off MacMillan now you will have 30 seconds until the gaurds start coming First run down to the white fence the goes through the middle of the area and place all your C4 around it then run back to MacMillan or to the tall buildings you can go between Once the enemies start coming shoot as many as you before they get close then run through the L shaped pathway between the tall buildings to get behind them and get to the doorway near where you came into the area Place all your claymores along the path down to the doorway(which is now open because thats where the enemies came from) warning do not plant your claymores to close to each other or they'll blow each other up Now simply sit in the doorway and snipe them when they come at you and when they shoot at you just go back into the doorway and let the claymores kill them(it helps to pick up a shot-gun when your going through the level in case all your claymores get blown up) Then once the helicopter lands detonate your C4 to clear out troops in your way grab MacMillan and jump on the chopper Hope this helps this is the way I beat this bit and it made it heaps easier because if i just sat behind the ferris wheel they would come up from all sides and overwhelm me

Just some things to know:

The reason you can't run straight to the door after you drop off Captain MacMillan is that if your standing near the door then it won't open and the enemies will come out another door across the map

Remember dogs! They've got a bad habit of getting past claymores and if your sitting in the doorway thinking your safe because you've got claymores between you and the enemy they can surprise you and kill you fast

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Secret - Three of a Kind Achievement - Easy

by kingviper37 Mar 30, 2009

On the level 'Crew Expendable' run down the first stairs before your allies and stab the drunken man then quickly stab the two men sleeping in the bunk-bed

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Secret - Bird on the Ground Achievement - Easy

by kingviper37 Mar 30, 2009

On the mission 'War Pig' make your way to the bus thats in the center of the map go around it to the other side and you should find some RPGs sitting there Once the enemy helicopters come just shoot them down its that easy

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Secret - Intel - The Bog

by kingviper37 Mar 30, 2009

1: On the second story of the first building you enter after you complete the objective allied NPC's will open a door in the main hallway The intel is on the left side of the doorway on a table

2: After using the javalin go through the fence into the alleyway Just stay along the left side as close as you can the intel is behind a large pile of cardboard boxes on a pallet

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Secret - The intel in 1 shot 1 kill

by Unregistered Sep 28, 2009

Its right in the computer room you take a left from the bathroom and go down the hallway take a right and there will be a dark room go in put on night vison goggles and there will be at table go to the under end and t5here should be a intel!i dont know where the other 1 is

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Glitch - Body Glitch

by rocko23 Apr 08, 2010

This cheat is very complicated. You must do every detail right, so be very precise. Do not do anything in between, and that includes killing anyone else or getting killed.
1. Play multiplayer mode (4 player works best, I also suggest unlimited points and time) and select the map crossfire, I also suggest one or both of your opponents should have the deagle(or any other strong pistol, deagles are just better).

2. Track down the opponent that has the deagle (if they both have it, track down an opponent) and kill them with your main gun.

3. repeat step two twice after that, making sure you had killed them 3 times straight, without killing anyone else or being killed

4. Let them kill you with the deagle.

5. After being killed with the deagle, find a building with a trash can. If the trash can buzzes, it worked, if not, here are the biggest causes: 1, you got killed or went down 2, you didn't have 4 player on 3, they used a gun other than your pistol at any time, or 4, although this usually doesn't happen, you got shot by someone other than the target, or they shot you before the third kill.

6. Go to the top of the building, and a body will just fall through the city for no reason whatsoever

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Code - Crew Expendable: Desert Eagle

by Unregistered Jun 04, 2013

You can get a desert eagle by going on crew expendable. When you reach the room with a lot of stairs, jump down before your allies do. Then two dudes will ambush you. Kill them and they drop desert eagles. You need to be quicker than the rest.

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Code - Cheats

by arbynthechief Feb 16, 2010

Enter the following buttons to unlock specific things.

Customize weapons- During offline campaign mode, press: RB + LB then Y,X,X,B,Y,X,A

All weapons- At the main menu, enter: X,X,A,A,RB,L,start.

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Unlockable - Shoot Mini-Nukes Out Of Any Gun

by CrappyShit Aug 04, 2009

Infinity Ward(game creator) has announced that if you buy prestige edition of Modern Warfare 2 and have Xbox Live you will be able to download a cheat for 50 microsoft points. This will make any gun you are using shoot out mini-nukes. ONLY WORKS ON SINGLE PLAYER. Modern Warfare 2 Prestige Edition will be available November 10, 2009. Prestige Edition is $150 in US.

Shoot Mini-Nukes Out Of Any GunBuy MW2 Prestige Edition, have Xbox Live and download with 50 microsoft points.
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