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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cheats :

This cheat for Call of Duty: Black Ops [XBOX 360] has been posted at 12 Aug 2011 by lowacasedigits and is called "Call Of Duty Black Ops cheats, Guides and walk throughs.". The Cheat have a rating 1 by 1 our users and has been commented 8 times. Also 1 users added this cheat at them cheatbooks. If cheat is usable don't forgot thumbs up lowacasedigits and share this with your freinds. And most important we have 28 other cheats for Call of Duty: Black Ops, look them as soon as possible!

Code - Call Of Duty Black Ops cheats, Guides and walk throughs.

by lowacasedigits Aug 12, 2011

This is my tactic that me and my friend came up with. It will guide you to ease with about round 26 before you should start to think about heading off in your own way.

May I start by saying don't buy a gun in the first room it is your worst idea ever. Those 500 points will get you into another room all the quicker. My guide will easily get you to the power room just on a pistol at about round 3. It might take a certain amount of skill to do it by knife so all noobs don't complain that you are crap at the game and its not working for you I really don't care.

This is a 2 player guide for split screen. You can adapt it easily for 4 people but please don't try it with solo. You can do it with 3 people just make sure the person who you think it the best is doing the harder stuff. I will also post a solo game guide later on. In which i will explain how to start off and how to easily get some points.

So you will start in the lobby where you and your friend will assign windows. I don't know if its just me but my upstairs and below the stairs windows seem to get the most zombies and they come from there first. Also the one below the stairs keep an eye on it because it takes a while for them to come for this window. After assigning windows go to your windows and in the first round take 2 shots to the stomach and knife. It is 3 shots but this way you save ammo for when you cant have order and they come form what ever way they want to come from. You don't have much starter ammo so if you wish to just knife without shooting feel free. If you need a gun in the first room go ahead and get one but it will take you longer to get there. When you have got about 3000 points each head in the direction you want to. I will explain some glitches and also note both ways of going both upstairs and downstairs.

Lobby: May i point out the lobby is the same for both upstairs and downstairs it wont make any difference. Don;t buy a gun at the start please don't. If you do it will hold you back a round but ok. Go to the bottom window but before going through to archway look left there is a rock with a little podium collect it for a funny voice and 1/3 of the collection which will lead you to a song. I think its Everybody Lies but Evernessance.


Heading downstairs is a good way it might be slightly harder because there is no area you can run in circles with. If heading this way then you have got yourself in your own demise.

First room: Leave this room alone make sure you skip it because it is a bad idea to stay there because you cant really run anywhere if they come form the lobby. You can find the MP5K in this room for 1000 points.

Second room: You are now outside feel the fresh air then come back to reality. This is probably a bad place to be because they come from a window at both ends plus the door you came through. You should not be in this place in case of dog but if you follow my guide you should be fine and dog shouldn't come now. You can get an AK47u in this room for 1200 points.

Third room: Try and avoid this room like the first room if you do get stuck in here on 2 player have one man on the inside windows and one man on the stairs. If on 4 player have 2 people on the stairs and 2 people on the windows there you can ensure safety for rounds from about 1-8. There is also a rock in this room if you go to the shelf by the window nearest the window made of glass then you crouch and hold X you're guy will say something

Power room: This is the same for upstairs i will copy and paste it. Turn the power on mid round and also buy juggernaut it is essential for my guide and you should get it before Pack A Punch if you are on about 4.5k or more you can go for Pack A Punch but just don't get hit. This is where you find out where the big one is. If the random if a different route buy a weapon off the wall and carry on or do what i do. Start the round again by dying it will automatically respawn in the same place restarting will make it randomize location again. You should go to the teleporter at the start of each round. A good way to make easy points is to keep pushing the aim button up in the teleporter room it will automatically aim between the zombies and will only go off one when it dies or you brake the chain. There is a clock on the Pack A Punch machine this will tell you how much time you have left if you dont know. Also on single player the little projecter with a light on the right side will show you on the big screen if you stand in the right place. The three disks you find actually only how you some zombie picture which is probably a big let down for some of you. It also has an audio track if you get lucky.

I said you get 3 rocks the third rock will be explained inside the upstairs route.

Upstairs: First room after completing the lobby you can pend a bit of camping time there if you have to i would not recommend this my guide is for the peed of getting into the power room. You can see if the randoms is in the theater buy looking were all the seats are it will be simple there is a blue light but only one out of the 2 can see it.

Second room: This is a good rooms because you can easily move around if you have any spare points i recommend picking up a steakout its good for shooting with 6 strong bullet loaded it hss a bad reload time but its a good gun. There is also an MP40 as i said before they compliment each other but get to the power room first.

Third room: This is a bad room to be in because there are too many windows the can come through it also houses the third rock which is buy the huge something i cant remember on the table in front of the window on your left when you enter the room. Then you will need to go directly into the power room cause you don't want these guys crawling up and biting out your brains.

Power room: I'm sorry my computer is bad and wont let me copy and paste.. but no fear because i cant remember what i said so I'm simply going to say Scroll up for more details.

I hope it work and you like it and please if i have missed anything tell me and i will put out another guide with different tactic explaining it.

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