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This cheat for Call of Duty: Black Ops [XBOX 360] has been posted at 21 Sep 2011 by Shadow011398 and is called "ENTIRE ZOMBIES HUGE EASTER EGG SAMANTHA!!!". The Cheat have a rating 1 by 1 our users. Also 2 users added this cheat at them cheatbooks. If cheat is usable don't forgot thumbs up Shadow011398 and share this with your freinds. And most important we have 28 other cheats for Call of Duty: Black Ops, look them as soon as possible!


by Shadow011398 Sep 21, 2011

The easter egg starts at Kino Der Toten. You need the Ray Gun, Thundergun (ZeusCannon), the Bowie knife, and a sniper. The first thing you need to do is turn on the power. Then, go to the theater room of the map and shoot the chandelier with the Ray Gun. A radio should play and once it does, head outside next to the Double Tap Root Beer machine. You need a sniper rifle to see this, and look through the scope and shoot directly in the middle of the podium. Another radio should play, and once it does, use the teleporter. You need to collect 3 film reels throughout the rooms you teleport in (they will spawn in different places, so keep an eye out) and play them one-by-one in the projector next to the Pack-a-Punch machine. Then, use the BOWIE KNIFE to knife two canisters with a monkey-zombie in it. (They are blue storage containers of alien-like creatures in the room where you turn on the power.) Once you knife them, you should hear a little girl screaming and then her voice lowers. Use the teleporter AGAIN until you get to the room with the giant teddy bear and hold X. (Square for PS3.) The screen should shake. If it does, then activate the three rocks to play the song. Once the song is playing, head outside and look for a blinking red light in the sky, and use the ZeusCannon to shoot it at the same time the singer says, "Bring Me 115!!!!!!!" If done perfectly, you should hear your character say, "What now?" Simply knife all the teddy bears on the Mystery Box, (even the one where the box, just use it until it goes to a teddy bear) and go back to the spawn area. A green emblem should appear as a BombFire Sale and a bottle. If you have purchased every perk (Quick Revive, Juggernog, Speed Cola, and Double Tap Root Beer) before knifing the bears, then you get the Wunderwaffe DG-2 and free Pack-a-Punch!!! (until you die)

Alright, next in the easter egg takes place in Ascension. You need the Gersh Device, a Crossbow (preferably Pack-a-Punched), and Mustang and Sally. There are two easter eggs in this map, this is the 'Save Me From Sam!' easter egg. First turn on the power, and use the Gersh Device to *** up the Cassinere mechanism. You should hear Dragovich say something, then activate 3 knobes. The first one is the TV, just hit X and a pyramid should pop up. Next has to be a Monkey Round, go to where Speed Cola (or Juggernog it will spawn in one of those two locations) is and hold X on this red button until it disappears. Go to the Pack-a-Punch area and watch the clock until you hear "KA-BOOM!" Then, the person playing as Takeo, has to locate the RED ball of light, not the white one. Throw a Gersh at it, and use the Crossbow, Mustang and Sally, and other heavy explosives to send it flying upwards. IF YOU GOT A DEATHMACHINE, YOU FAILED THE EASTER EGG!!! If you didn't, then you can still play the easter egg. You have not freed the man yet, so use the landers to fly you across the map and there will be floating letters. You need to spell LUNA. Then, (this requires four people) have the person playing as Richtofen go to the Pack-a-Punch area, and have Nikolai, Takeo, and Dempsey find the white ball of light, and open the portal using the Gersh Device and the explosives. It will disappear and the person playing as Richtofen will have 15 seconds to find RED LETTERS on the wall and spell out HYENA SAM. You should hear loud screaming, and then two faces will appear in the sky, sort of like a little girl's face, one happy and one mad. Go back to the place where the light was, and knife the glowing barrel. You should hear in a different voice, (MAXIS'S VOICE!!!!!!) saying that Group 935 will not settle for conspirators, and that they will DIE!!!!!!! With that, you should get a gamer picture and all the perks.

The next easter egg has to be done in co-op and takes place on the Call of the Dead map. First things first, turn on the power and go to the lighthouse area. There are stairs that go down, and find a metal door. Richtofen, Nikolai, Takeo, and Dempsey are trapped behind the door. They will ask if someone is there, knife the door and they will ask to to find a blown fuse. Head upstairs and look for the fuse in one of three locations; at the dark brown desk with a bunch of papers stacked on it, the desk next to PhD Flopper (don't know if that is correct name of perk) or in the filing cabinets. Once you have it, go downstairs and place it in the feedbox right of the door. Then Nikolai will screw things up and activate the N. T. D. Security System. There are four generators with a glowing red light on the top of it, and you need to destroy those. The first generator is in the room with the door. The second one I prefer to do is go upstairs and look off the edge, you can see the light in the distance. Then, go to the bottom of the lighthouse and out the back door where the Stamin-Up perks cola machine is. There is a window that you can have zombies take down to get a clear shot of the generator. The last one is off the side of the boat, sitting next to an iceberg. These generators can be destroyed with frags, Semtexes, crossbows, Scavenger, etc. I prefer Semtex grenades because they are cheap and well effective. Once that is done, go to the room with the sealed door and knife it. Then you will have to retrieve a vodka bottle for Nikolai. The vodka can spawn in A LOT of places, but it will always spawn under a railing that you can stand under. This requires two people, because one person needs to knife the ice patch and someone standing under it needs to catch the bottle. If the vodka breaks, then it will respawn in a different location. Once you catch it, head back to the room with the door and deliver the bottle through a tube left of the door near the stairs. Knife the door, and Richtofen will ask you to find a Golden Rod. Please note that everything from here on out has to be done in the correct order the first time. First thing you do is the combination which is 2746 from the top of the lighthouse to the bottom. This requires a team effort because turning one dial will also change another dial on a different floor. After that is done, you need to activate four radios. One is in the room below the power room. The next one is with Stamin-Up on an icy barrel. Take the zipline from the top of the lighthouse to the back of the boat and it will be on a shelf with some barrels laying upwards. Then, go back to the room with the door and look at the bottom of the stairs and the radio will be there. Then go to the power room and turn the wheel with the taped spoke to the 5 o'clock position and press the lever on the left down one time. Leave the middle lever alone and press the lever on the right three times. You should hear a foghorn and when you do, take the ice slide from the bottom of the lighthouse and activate the first foghorn by the little ice pond. Then, take the slide again and activate the foghorn right next to the opening, a crease will form around it. Then go over to the foghorn near the AK74u (on the brick corner) and TAKE THE SLIDE AGAIN to activate the foghorn next to the huge rock. Once done correctly, a GREEN light should appear and you need the V-R11 to humanize a zombie at the bottom of the lighthouse. You need to kill him before he reaches the top, (you will know he is dead when he gets in a lay-fedo position. Once his corpse reaches the top, a rod will shoot down the lighthouse and you need to pick it up. Go back to the room and deliver the rod the same way you delivered the vodka. They will talk for a while and then the fuse will start sparking. Simply knife it and your job is done. You get the achievements-: Stand-in: 35G In Call of the Dead, send the crew to paradise in solo or co-op. Ensemble Cast: 45G In Call of the Dead, send the crew to paradise in co-op. You also get two gamer pictures, and the Wunderwaffe DG-2.

After Call of the Dead, comes Shangri-La. First things first, turn on the power. This entire easter egg requires four people, and the Pack-a-Punched 31-79 JGB215. In the spawn area, there will be four stones that need to be simultaneously activated to activate the Eclipse Mode. Go to the giant statue and press X to talk to these explorers who need help. Then stone templates will pop up and one person needs to stand on a stone and identify the design of it, and someone else needs to match it. Do this 12 times. Please note that every step needs to be done in Eclipse Mode. Then, have four people go down the water slide, and stay on the pad until in returns to normal time. The next step is to go up to the water slide and destroy a tree holding the meteorite, and the person with the 31-79 JGB215 has to shrink it and then someone has to knife it down the slide and shoot up the water blaster with the stone. The next step requires a Napalm zombie, what you do is lead him down into the cave and turn the valve four times. You are going to see gas come out of the pipes, and you need to guide the Napalm zombie to plug up the pipes with fire, and once that is done, go to the valve and there will be a lever, pull it. Now the next step requires at least two people to buy Spikemore's. Keep the Napalm zombie alive instead of using a bunch of crawlers. Place four Spikemore's in front of the holes in the tunnel under the waterfall. Use the Napalm zombie to activate them and plug up the holes. Go into the waterfall and find a sign that says, "Don't Hold X." Of course, hold X to increase the pressure of the waterfall. The next step is to blow up the wooden stand near the mine cart . Any explosive will work, grenades, Monkey Bombs, etc. It will instantly turn to daytime once it is destroyed. The next step is fairly simple, you need to knife the top of 13 stone tablets. They should start glowing if knifed correctly. The next step is the Mudpit Codes, meaning you turn the four circles starting out is the one on the left, needs to be four dots. Across from it needs to be three dots. Going right that dial needs to show the weird symbol that people call 16. The last dial needs to read one dot. Then, you need to knife four gongs correctly. If it is the wrong gong, then the stone will light red. Once you knife the correct gongs, the Treyarch symbol will appear on the rock. Whoever has the Pack-a-Punched 31-79 JGB215 has to shoot the rock and catch dynamite. Then, go over to the spawn area and whoever has the shrink ray has to shoot the meteorite stuck in the tree. A bunch of weird noises will sound, and then the huge meteor on the temple will shrink. Now there is no more Pack-a-Punch machine, but you have to stand on the four rocks to activate the stairs and the explorers will need some dynamite. Hand them dynamite and then it will turn to daytime. (Do this last step in the daytime.) Again activate the four rocks to lower the stairs and get the freaking rock!!!! You get the achievement-: Time Travel Will Tell: 75G In Shangri-La, acquire the focusing stone. You also get all perks!!!!

Now, it has come to the last stand. MOON!!!! As with all these ridiculous easter eggs, turn on the power, located where the pyramid is. Step 2 is to play "Samantha Says" in the Receiving Area. Just like the old game Simon Says, a color will flash up and you have to match it. After that is done, all four computers should light up green. The next step requires the Hacker, so what you do is hack the four lights on the wall, and then four green buttons will light up, and you and a certain amount of time to hack the green lights before it starts over. Once that is done, push X on all four lights, and they should light up. For this next step, you need to have an Excavator dig Hallway 6, and go down to the "maze" and right next to the M16, will be a little egg. Knife it and follow it until it gets stuck on the transmitter. Use the Wave gun to shoot it and continue knifing it until it reaches the pyramid. Once the egg goes in place, a vacuum tube will pop up. You need to fill up the tube with "zombie souls" and you do this by killing zombies near the tube. Once it is all filled up, flip the switch next to the pyramid and out comes SAM!! Right here you will get a 90 second Deathmachine, which you should use at Area 51. But this easter egg isn't over. Next head over to Area 51 and throw grenades to knock down these pentagular plates and someone has to throw a Gersh Device and *** them up to the teleporter. Travel back to space with the plates and use the wave gun to shoot the plates and they will magically form in front of the computer. The next step is that you have to find a broken pipe in the Hacking Area. It will look like a broken bar on the floor. Put it on the computer and the person playing as Richtofen has to keep pressing X on the computer to type. Now the person playing as Richtofen has to have done the Call of the Dead and the Shangri-La easter eggs. After he is done typing head over to the pyramids and again fill the tubes up with zombie souls. (I forgot to mention that the Golden Rod gets upgraded after typing on the computer.) Then, Richtofen has to put the Rod in the slot in the middle of the pad. Time will slow down for a second and then play Samantha Says again. Rockets will appear and then you hear Maxis saying like 30 seconds to impact and then BOOOM!!! The earth blows up. You get the secret achievement-: Big Bang Theory worth 100 gamerscore. All perks, and sweet, sweet revenge...

Well that is all the zombie easter eggs!!!! I honestly hope this helped!!!!!

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