Call of Duty: Black Ops Review

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Review :

Black ops, is it worth the money?

by theflash Jan 04, 2011

You all know of the INCREDIBLE hype for this game, as if it was going to be groundbreaking or whatever. but it's not like anyone cares, its the same thing...shotting people and only buying it for the sole purpose of prestiging 10 times online and showing off how many head shots you can get in a game. all this is is a shotting game with other details, including weapons, attachments, and perks, however i love to tomahawk people in the face :) . with the guns there is too much recoil with the guns having not owned mod 2 i dont see much of a problem until my friend brings over mod 2 and we play them back to back, but black ops dropped the prestige level by 20 so i guess i can't complain.

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9Story line
You are Mason, a man who is being interagated by....well we don't know who (yet) and you keep reverting to the past to solve the answers that lie in the future, it's quite addicting to get to the end...except for one mission where you get a chooper and get double teamed by two others.DAMN CHOPPERS!!
Same about the mod 2 graphics...constipated zombies, but yet...there is a light of hope! you can paint your face!!!!!! and depending on your perks you can get a different look....deffinately an improvement from mod 2
I have no words to describe the simply yet amazing sound...except for...picture perfect, clear quality, it's like your right there with woods...and bowman...and reznov
nothings changed but thats a good thing, nothing has to be adjusted and when you get in a chopper for the first time theres a tut...nice
10Lasting Appeal
this game will be around for years to of duty 2 was this good and im still playing that si ummm...yeah this game deserves my first...5 YAY!!! 5/5
(Out of 10)


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