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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Cheats :

This page contains Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 cheats list for XBOX 360 version. Now we have 56 cheats in our list, which includes 12 cheats codes, 4 unlockables, 4 easter eggs, 9 glitches, 27 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 on XBOX 360 platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Easiest Tactic to Level or Boost your weapons.

by naruto90 Feb 10, 2010

1 - You should play Search and Destroy, it's 500 Exp for one kill, and if you like sniping, and get a headshot it's 1000 Exp.

2 - You should get a friend that also plays MW2, and start a match a "3rd Person Cage Match" and just do headshots or anything to boost your weapons.

3 - You can get a whole lot of friends and play Free-for-all for just the fun of it, and get Exp.

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Easter Egg - Teddy bears on derail (online)

by xYoSHix May 10, 2010

Right, in da middleof da map u c a big hous wer a lot ppl nd hav battles so wen ur der go upstairs nd u shud c a filing cabinet go ovr 2 it nd shoot or knife it. den one o da drawers shud open look inside it u shud c a teddy bear. der is mor teddy bears ino i myt post sum mor if i get mor dan 10 thumbs up THANK U!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Secret - Secret Hidding Place in Afghan

by pokedude99 Mar 23, 2010

If you go on afghan and go to the middle of the map there will be crashed plane if you go to the left wing on the front part of the plane and on the left wing at the very end of the wing the will be like a bit sticking up jump on the wing the sticky up thing and you will be on the plane if you keep going along there will be two barrels on the wall if you sprint at them then jump at them and when your right by them press a and you will be on the barrels and if you turn to your right there will be like a ledge with grass on it if you want get on there go to the end of the barrels the run and jump then press a when your right by it then you will be on it then you can sniper of it and PWN everyone

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Secret - Extra Xp :D

by Unregistered Jan 28, 2010

At the end of the game you will receive a Match Bonus for example. 2459. The moment you receive your Match Bonus consistently and extremely quickly tap X (or for ps3 users SQUARE). Keep tapping the X or SQUARE button until you come to the results screen (The Accolades and XP total and also youre Callsign and Emblem) then go right to see your Match Bonus, Challenge Bonus, Match XP, and Total XP. Look at the Match Bonus and you will see you will either have a Major increase in XP or depending on the rate of your tapping a Minor increase of XP. Hope This Helps Guys. =D

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Unlockable - Professional Perks Unlocks

by cGub Nov 17, 2009

With each perk you unlock you can upgrade it by completing various requirements with each one.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Bling Pro (2 Primary Weapon Attachments + 2 Secondary Weapon Attachments)Get 200 Kills with a Weapon with Two Attachments
Cold-Blooded Pro (Undetectable by UAV, air support, sentries, and thermal imaging + No Red Crosshair or Name when you are Targeted)Destroy 40 enemy Killstreak Rewards with Cold-Blooded Perk
Commando Pro (Increased Melee Distance + No Falling Damage)Get 20 Melee Kills using Commando Perk
Danger Close Pro (Increased Explosive Weapon Damage + Extra Air Support Damage)Get 100 Kills with Explosives while using Danger Close Perk
Hardline Pro (Killstreak Rewards require 1 less Kill + Deathstreak Rewards require 1 less Death)Get 40 Killstreaks (2 or more in a row without dying) with Hardline Perk
Last Stand Pro (Pull Out your Pistol before Dying + Use Equipment in Last Stand)Get 20 Kills while in Last Stand
Lightweight Pro (Move Faster + Quick Aim after Sprinting)Run 30 Miles with Lightweight Perk
Marathon Pro (Unlimited Sprint + Climb Obstacles Faster)Run 26 Miles with Marathon Perk
Ninja Pro (Invisible to Heartbeat Sensors + Your footsteps are Silent)Get 50 Close Range Kills using Ninja Perk
One Man Army Pro (Swap Classes at Any Time + Swap Classes Faster)Get 120 Kills using One Man Army
Scavenger Pro (Resupply from Dead Enemies + Extra Mags)Resupply 100 times with Scavenger Perk
Scrambler Pro (Jam Enemy Radar Near you + Delay Enemy Claymore Explosions)Get 50 Close Range Kills using Scrambler Perk
Sitrep Pro (Detect Enemy Explosives and Tactical Insertions + Louder Enemy Footsteps)Destroy 120 Detected Explosives or Tactical Insertions with Sitrep Perk
Sleight of Hand Pro (Faster Reloading + Faster Aiming)Get 120 Kills with Sleight of Hand Perk
Steady Aim Pro (Increased Hip Fire Accuracy + Longer Hold Breath Duration)Get 80 Hip Fire Kills using Steady Aim
Stopping Power Pro (Extra Bullet Damage + Extra Damage to Enemy Vehicles)Get 300 Kills with Stopping Power Perk
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Code - Killstreak Rewards

by cGub Nov 13, 2009

You can unlock the Killstreaks by receiving the amount designated before dieing.

Precision Airstrike (drop airstrike)06 Kills
Harrier Strike (choose bomb location and defending Harrier)07 Kills
Attack Helicopter07 Kills
Emergency Airdrop (4 ammo/killstreak drops)08 Kills
Pave Low (Armored Helicopter)09 Kills
Chopper Gunner (be the gunner of the Helicopter)11 Kills
AC130 Gunship (be the gunner of the AC130)11 Kills
EMP (disables electronics)15 Kills
Nuclear Strike (kills everyone on map)25 Kills
Predator (guided missles)05 Kills
Sentry Gun (deployable gun)05 Kills
Counter UAV (jams enemy radar's)04 Kills
Care Package (drops ammo/killstreaks)04 Kills
UAV (shows enemy location)03 Kills
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Glitch - Infinite care packages/senrty guns/ E. airdrops

by Lazyboys126 Feb 10, 2010

Care package glitch #1- This glitch helps with speedy things, like knifing around the map instead of shooting. This is the simple glitch and only requires 3-4 kills with care package on(or sentry gun or E. airdrop). Just obtain the care package, hold it in your hand, and your speed will dramatically increase. This helps with perk challenges, like commando, lightwieght, marathon, and the close range kill perks(scrambler, ninja).

Care package glitch #2- This is one of the best glitches in the game, and infinity ward has not discovered it or has not gotten rid of it...yet. The glitch lets you throw a care package, sentry gun, or emergency airdrop and reuse it(but no exp points are awarded on usage). To do the glitch, all you have to do is find a ledge where you can mantle(press A to climb) and have a care package at hand(press right on the d-pad). While climbing, press right on the d-pad quickly so above the compass, equipment, ammo, etc. it should say the gun you have and then once you press right on the d-pad the second time, it should change to the care package again. To know if you did it right without actually using the package, the care package should come to your hand very fast. Recap- have a care package in your hand, climb a mantable surface, press right on the d-pad twice fast, and if you switch out the care package to your gun and then quickly again to the care package, it should bring it out faster than usual, and then you use it. If done correctly, you will throw it and get no exp. points, but a successful and usable care package. This glitch is widely known and helps get killstreak challenges unlocked. The best thing that can come from a care package is EMP, because nuke wouldn't be very fair if it came from a care package. If anyone has gotten a nuke from a care package, which I doubt, I would like to see a youtube vid about it. Back to the subject. The infinint care package glitch can only be used once you have used your killstreak reward( If you earned an airstrike, for example, you can not use the care package glitch again until you call in the airstrike). If you care package a resupply, you cannot use the care package again until you die. So if you get resupply, get killed, and go back to the spot and glitch again. Make sure you are in a good spot and find different spots often, because the heli that appeares on the UAV that drops your care package reveales where you are glitching, and the enemies will also know that you are... 

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Secret - Riot Sheild Boosting

by xInsaneGamer10x Feb 07, 2010

Get twelve people in a lobby, and explain how the level boosting is going to work. Next, kick six people out so there are only six in your party. Then, find a Search And Destroy game. Note: While trying to find the game, make sure the host (the person trying to find the game) temporarily has a bad connection so it will make you host the lobby and not pair you with someone else. Once you are in the lobby, you can invite the other six people to join. When all the spots are filled, you can make your connection good again and begin the match. Choose a class with the riot shield. It is recommended both players use the One Man Army perk if you have unlocked it. Once the match begins, find another player, and have them keep shooting you while you hold the riot shield to block the bullets. You will get +500 experience points every few seconds five times. Once you start only getting +100 experience points, switch classes and have the other player switch to a riot shield class. Do the same things to them until they only get +100 experience points, and then switch back. Repeat this as many times as desired. It is possible to get over 50,000 experience points per match if done correctly. Note: To keep the game going as long as possible, make sure one team plants the bomb and then the other team defuses it.

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Secret - Museum bonus level

by cGub Nov 11, 2009

Successfully complete the game to unlock the Museum bonus level. Go to the single player missions, select the new "Museum" mission at the bottom, and choose a difficulty. When the level begins, it is recommended you first study the layout. Get two weapons, and max out your ammunition through the crates supplied. Go to the desks by the entrance to the rooms. On the desks there is a red bell that is labeled "Don't Press". Once you press this button, enemies will begin coming to life in one room area at a time. About thirty people (all characters from the game) will try to kill you. You will hear a sound once that wave is completed. There are two waves of kills needed to complete it. Note: There are three rooms, one of which nothing happens in. Do not bother shooting anyone prior to using the bell, as it will not count.

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Glitch - Care package glitch

by mitchsufc Feb 17, 2010

WARNING: The care package glitch might be patched up if you try it. (if you do not know what patched means then leave a comment) you have to have unlocked one man army to do the glitch. first you need a care package. secondly you need to find a wall. then go to the wall and jump on to it. then press right on the D-pad, you can keep repeating it until you feel that you've done it. if it does not work then you have done it wrong or it has been patched up.

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Unlockable - Whole bunch of cool unlockables in the game

by Fatality100 Jul 01, 2010

This is a lot of cool unlockables int he game have fun with them. I will be posting more

Bling Pro / 2 Primary Weapon Attachments + 2 Secondary Weapon AttachmentsGet 200 kills with a Weapon with two attachments
Cold-Blooded Pro / Hidden from UAV, air support, sentries, and thermal imaging + No Red Crosshair or Name when you are TargetedDestroy 40 enemy Killstreak Rewards with Cold-Blooded Perk
Commando Pro / Increased melee distance + No falling damageGet 20 Melee Kills using Commando Perk
Danger Close Pro / Increased explosive weapon damage + Extra air support damageGet 100 Kills with explosives while using Danger Close Perk
Hardline Pro / Killstreak rewards require 1 less kill + Deathstreak rewards require 1 less DdeathGet 40 Killstreaks (2 or more in a row without dying) with Hardline Perk
Lightweight Pro / Move faster + Quick aim after sprintingRun 30 miles with Lightweight Perk
Marathon Pro / Unlimited sprint + Climb fasterRun 26 miles with Marathon Perk
Ninja Pro / Invisible to heartbeat sensors + Your footsteps are silentGet 50 close range kills using Ninja Perk
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Code - Glitch-Double XP

by L3G1TxGhost7 Oct 11, 2011

Hold (X) when you see the match bonus until you return to game lobby.

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Secret - Easy ways to get challenges without boosting

by Lazyboys126 Oct 04, 2010

Below are some easy ways to get some difficult challenges without boosting

Counter Claymore- An easy way to get counter claymore is to hide behind a narrow hallway or corner, like the underground passage below Highrise, put a claymore in front of you, and prone camp behind it. If it is a corner where you can enter from 2 sides, make sure your team spawns behind you, or you will be killed from behind. Camp prone right behind it, and when an enemy walks in front of it and you hear it click, then you immediatly shoot it and instead of going off by itself, it counts as a shot claymore. Danger close helps increase blast radius, so put that on for better results.

Hot Potato- Everybody cooks frags now, so to get Hot Potato, you get a class with a frag, Scavenger or One Man Army, and danger close. To get the kill as a thrown back grenade, throw it at the ground beneath you, pick it up, and throw it at an enemy, and it counts as a thrown back frag grenade kill.

Counter C-4- An easy way to get counter C-4 and possibly multi C-4, is to have a class with a C-4 pack, Scavenger or One Man Army, and Danger Close, and enter into an objective type game, preferably domination. Throw your C-4 pack on a domination spot, and camp the spot and make sure you're hidden well. When you see an enemy or enemies near the objective sight, then shoot it instead of setting it off by itself, and it counts as a shot claymore.

The Invincible- To me, an easy way to get the Invincible is with a class with a riot shield. Make sure your standing up when you see an enemy, let him shoot your legs a bit, and then crouch down when you start bleeding badly, and try to do that 5 times, and you should get it. It can be really difficult, because you might not know when to crouch before dying, but i would say it's the easiest way.

I hope i helped

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Glitch - Easy way to unlock Cold Blooded

by lizard78 Aug 26, 2010

You may have noticed that when u hit a pvelow or chopper gunner with a at4-hs or rpg-7 it starts to spin out of control. well what you do is when this is happening take your cold bloodeed class preferably with a LMG or an assalut rifle. when the helicopter is spinning out of control keep shooting it and every bullet that hits counts as one kill streak destroyed, so if u shoot it enough times before it crashes you get cold blooded pro in one match!!!!!
my xbox live gamertag is: xHaZMAt95x

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Secret - "Free" Care package

by ckjkj Dec 13, 2010

If you have any type of box to drop, plant a claymore they're first, then drop it ontop. If you die, the guy who tries to steal the box will get blown up. You'll both be even for kills, but at least yours was wicked.

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Easter Egg - Immune to radiation (multiplayer)

by WoWfan001 Apr 29, 2010

This will tell you how you can walk inside a radiation flagged zone... WITHOUT BEING AFFECTED BY RADIATION.

Tactical insertion (equipment)
Painkiller (deathstreak)

1. Tell a friend on private chat to meet you by the radiation zone (on a map like Afghan or Wasteland)
2. Meet up with your friend there.
3. Use the tactical insertion
4. Your friend kills you
5. Spawn, use tactical insertion
6. Your friend kills you
7. Spawn, use tactical insertion
8. Your friend kills you
9. Spawn. Painkiller should be activated.
10. Run into the radiation IMMEDIATELY
11. You will keep getting hurt, but when your painkiller runs out you will not take any pain.
12. You can now run around the radiation zone without getting hurt. Don't go out and back in - the effect wears off.

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Secret - Last stand just got easier

by Lazyboys126 Apr 02, 2010

You know the perk "last stand" and what it does. Well, to make last stand better and easier to train, make a class with any primary weapon of your choice and the M93 raffica. That's right, the raffica works in last stand. To make it better, train the raffica until you've gotten enough kills with it to unlock akimbo M93 Raffica, which is even better. Make sure your class contains the raffica(akimbo. if not, train it to get it). Make sure you have last stand on and "One man army" off. This method does work and is a lot better than using a pistol.

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Secret - Get 800 xp with a 50cal. turret

by DALEX17 Feb 08, 2010

On any map with a 50cal. turret like wastland, when there is a pavelow you can get 800 xp by shooting it, when you shoot it for less than 5 seconds it will say +800 xp and at the corner it will say (your name) destyoed pavelow, twice! I have done it on wastland a flaw to this thoe is that while i was shoot in it some one shot it with a stinger. this may be a glitch in the game but it did say i shot it down twice a got 800 xp.

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Code - COD hack to level up fast

by CODhead1234 Aug 01, 2011

get attest 2 people on a private match, set the games to a capture the flag, go unlimited score and time, then set it to 1 life.

( this makes the score limit allot higher)

then chose the map RUST to make it allot easier to get the flag.

then start the match and take it in turns to get the flag and return it.


it is really easy to level up it took me around a week or so the get to level 70 prestige 10 and that is only playing about 2 hours a day.

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Secret - Pro Running class, Pro Camping class, Pro Sniping class

by Kurodo Feb 14, 2011

Pro Running class:

Primary: P90 Extended Mags

Secondary: M1014 Extended Mags

Perk 1: Marathon

Perk 2: Stopping Power

Perk 3: Steady Aim

Pro Camping class:

Primary: ACR ACOG

Secondary: M9 Extended Mags

Perk 1: Scavenger Pro

Perk 2: Stopping Power

Perk 3: Ninja Pro

Pro Sniping class:

Primary: M21 EBR Silenced

Secondary: PP-2000 Akimbo

Perk 1: Scavenger Pro

Perk 2: Stopping Power

Perk 3: Steady Aim

(Keep in mind the last two classes are people who go for bigger streaks)

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Glitch - How to do a shotgun jump

by Karlad8 Jun 14, 2010

This is a shotgun glitch u need to be on a hardcore mode or if u want to do it in a normal match u need
him against u.Step1 find a spot thats not to high and not to short ok now that u hav found a spot stand right at
it now shoot three times but not at ur friend and on ur 3rd shot tell ur friend to shoot u while u jump now u just stay in ur little glitch and do the same thing to ur friend but dont get down from ur glitch and thats how u do a shotgun jump

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Secret - Make your Intervention sniper rifle do the worm

by WoWfan001 Jun 25, 2010

This is a short and easy cheat, anyone can do it.
Intervention sniper rifle (primary weapon)
G18 (secondary weapon)

1. During the match/game whatever, repeatedly press the change weapon button in a steady rythm.
2. The rythm should be like this: with the Intervention, change to the G18. He will lift the Intervention up, when it is at the peak, press the weapon change button again. He will bring the sniper down again. When it reaches the bottom of the screen, without hesitation, press the button. Keep doing this and he make the sniper do the worm.

Thanks for reading this. Look out for more cheats on Just Cause 2 from me, as well.

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Glitch - Javelin Glitch

by Wambo May 24, 2010

Make a class name it suicide bomber,Then make sure it has Marathon, Danger Close,Ninja, The Javelin,and a Semtex Grenade. Then go to any level, pick that class and make sure another player is play-in then hold the Semtex grenade but don't throw it then switch to the Javelin and have them kill you then it will blow up anyone within 40 feet.

Hope this helps.

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Secret - Karachi Secret

by Unregistered Jan 27, 2010

In the Karachi map on multiplayer, go near the bus and resturaunt. Climb up to the top of the building near the bus, to the left of the resturaunt. After that, look towards the wall and you'll see three balconies. You can jump in all three to snipe, but jump in the one to the very right. After that, go on top of the rail, and jump on one of the resturaunt umbrellas. Jump to the one next to it, then jump up towards the wall across from the umbrella. There's a little window, and you can crouch there to fit in the tiny space. That and the balcony are really good sniping spots.

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Secret - Speed loadout

by GreyStorm Mar 22, 2010

Equip maraton,lightweight and commando as your skills
use a sniper or an smg for your main and a pistol with a combat knife for your secondary
this class iss better than the other speed glitch as you are more accurate with your stabbing.

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