Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Review

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Review :

Hype, hype and more hype.

by 5-Year-Old Aug 04, 2010

"We've been here and done that. Modern Warfare 2 surely fails to beat it's predecessor (Call of Duty 4)."

Modern Warfare 2 has been a success, in sales at least, but is it really that good? It's hated and also loved but still... many play it. I hoped it was going to be better than Call of Duty 4, the revolutionary game that changed the FPS genre forever, but it fails to meet my expectations. If you loved COD 4 you'd probably agree and probably already know my view on MW2 but if if this is your first modern warfare, continue reading.
Modern Warfare 2 is the sequel to the 2007 award-winning game, 'Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare'. It pits you in the hands of a new character named Roach and an old one... It's been three years after the events in COD 4, year 2014. There is many complications, along with one big major one: America and Russia are at war...again. But this time it's even worse.

If you played any of the latest Call of Duty games (COD 4, World at War, etc.) the gameplay is the same as them. "That can't be very bad, right?" You say, but it is if you're a COD fan. It's all the same, you're always doing the same thing: Run, Aim, Shoot. There's not many new additions to the gameplay aspect, besides a few minor things you may notice. Difficulty-wise, it's not the same and is that good? No. The game has gotten easier. Even on Veteran, the campaign is still pretty easy for those of you who own noobs online (or in the campaign if you don't have Xbox Live). Of course, this makes the multiplayer a horrible walk in the park. It's gotten easier for even the noobs to own: you got grenades flying everywhere, helicopters hovering above you and literally millions of bullets being sprayed everywhere just because it's easy.
Another aspect in gameplay is the graphics. Most of us love graphics, it makes you feel like you're in the game, right? MW2's graphics are on par with COD 4's. They've been updated but there's nothing new and there's far better graphics on the market.
Next is the campaign. All I got to say is that the campaign isn't very good, at least compared to COD 4's. Even if we base it solely on MW2 itself, it still isn't very good. It IS a good experience but it definitely seems rushed. The story seems like something a 10-year-old wrote. It's interesting but we've seen it all before. It'll keep you satisfied at first, but the replayability is low, for some levels at least. There is some very fun levels to be honest, I won't spoil them, it's up to you to see them.

And then we have multiplayer. Many of the players, or should I say most of the players, think it's great. But generally it's still the same except for new, bad additions thrown in. They got rid of the 3-5-7 kill streak system and put in a whole bunch of customizable kill streaks. Now there is EMPs and nukes which is ridiculous, IMO. From that, there is now 70 levels, which may be one of the [very little] good updates to multiplayer. To prestige, you have 10 levels still so I guess that hasn't changed either. For some that's hard to achieve, but for this game's repetitive multiplayer that takes no skill to play, it shouldn't be too hard. But other than that, the multiplayer is still very superior. If you want to have some fun, invite some friends over and play a match together. It's pretty fun and doesn't get very old (but it will in the slightest, I promise).

Overall, if you are new to modern warfare you may want to try it out. If you were a big COD 4 fan and have big hopes for this game, you may want to rent it first. This game just basically didn't live up to it's predecessor and it's a shame it didn't. Sadly, it was mostly all hype.

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6Story line
Modern Warfare 2's story line is no where near as good as it's predecessor. It's ridiculous and unimaginable.
Graphics don't make a game but they do offer a better gaming experience. MW2's graphics aren't amazing but they are quite good.
The sound and voice acting is high quality and sounds very realistic which is a definite good thing.
If it was unique to the FPS genre it would be pretty good, but it doesn't offer enough new good content and it's mostly more of the same.
5Lasting Appeal
If you were a big COD 4 fan and have big hopes for this game, you may want to rent it first. This game just basically didn't live up to it's predecessor and it's a shame it didn't. Sadly, it was mostly all hype.
(Out of 10)


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