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Call of Duty: World at War Cheats :

This page contains Call of Duty: World at War cheats list for XBOX 360 version. Now we have 23 cheats in our list, which includes 3 easter eggs, 15 glitches, 5 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Call of Duty: World at War on XBOX 360 platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

ZoMbie house secrets

by kingelite Feb 09, 2009

go to the where you can buy stachel grenades upstairs then stand about 3 meters away from them then sprint jump and hold crouch just when you nearlly land then turn facing away from the wall but dont move and if you have done it right there should be writing saying cant stand here.
zombies cant hurt you ps this really does work if you don't believe me look on you tube.

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EaSy Veteran Glitch

by cGub Jan 22, 2009

1. Go to Mission Select and select a mission on Veteran. 2. After the first checkpoint, save & quit. 3. Go back to Mission Select and choose the SAME mission, however change the difficuty to Recruit. 4. While the level is loading, you will see a white bar at the bottom of your screen. When the bar reaches around about 33%, eject the disc or return to the Xbox Live Dashboard. 5. Reload the game and select Resume. 6. You should now be playing the level on Veteran with Recruit AI.

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SeCret house on makin

by kingelite Feb 09, 2009

well on makin there is hut that you cant get into, what you have to do is climb onto the box in front of the window and jump onto the frame along the side of the house. then you crouch and make your way over to the window not closet to you but a bit further and face away from it, then you stay crouched and walk backwards then you should lay down and still be going backwards untill you fall through the window.
dont do this on xbox live do it in a private match because you could get band.

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by deathdog54 Mar 01, 2010

On the level blowtorch And corkscrew go run the back of the Detroit lion tank and you will be in it then when it gets hit by mortar fire your stuck in the tank then have some one lay down not in the tank then the other person can only see your feet in the tank all you can do is spin

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OuTskirts glitch

by footymad09 Feb 27, 2009

Go to0 the building opposite to the Church so you go up there and there is no wall jump on the wall on your left and then press B and keep on tapping A

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RaY Gun in Little Resistance

by pokemonmasterjustin Oct 13, 2010

Once your boats have been destroyed by the Japanese, go straight to the beach. You should go a little to the right and see a little crater, jump in it. Then keep moving left and jump into another water crater, and then there will be one without water in it, Jump into that one too. Then all the way on the left side of the beach and jump into a huge crater filled with water ( it should be the forth and last crater you should jump into. ) WAIT IN THE CRATER FOR ABOUT 10 SECONDS!!!! You should here a rumbling noise and then see four bear figures come out of the ground. If you go up to one of them, they will be holding a Ray Gun!

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NaZi zombies der rise survial trick

by fatalkillingmad Apr 22, 2010

When you start you need to get kills but stop when you get 600 and buy a g and keep killing and then stop at round 4 and by the doors and stairs{works more with 2 players}when you get to the random box dont turn the power on yet when you get the bear in the box turn the power on then save up till you get 1250 and then buy the cat walk and when you get to 950 or more get a crawler and then use the box when you get all the good wep's in the box link all the telleporters and packapunch all your weps and after that get all the perks and then keep killing anywhere.I HOPE THIS HAS HELPED YOU A LOT.I WILL HAVE MORE GLITCHS SOON

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deR riese glich found 3 or 2 players needed

by kkooty Apr 21, 2011

when u start therse a door right of u buy that at round 4 then buy all the other doors turn power on then go to the fg on the wall then keep going backward and turn around there will be a room on ur left and in front there shal be a little pole in the cornor if u do ]ing this with 2 plays 1 play stand in the cornor if u doing it with 3 2 players stand there and u will see a door next to u the last player go stand on the other side of it u will see the zombies going to the the first door u brought WARNING all the zombies will kill u after 1 person goes out the glich the zombie try to kill u and 2 more things it dont work for dogs and it will stop working after round 16 hope that help

i found this with my mate i didnt copy

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UnLimited guns on verruckt (sorry bout spelling)

by blueray2000 Jun 09, 2010

To achieve this glitch you need to turn on the power and have betties.
first you need to have any 2 guns
then when you have about 3000-4000 points depending on which perk and gun you want put one betty down so you have 1 remaining
next go to a perk machine (best to get double tap last and quick revive first) but before you buy it put your betty down
as you are putting the betty down you need to buy the perk and if it has worked you should have an empty hand
as long as you don't press Y the next gun you buy will be an extra gun
you can do this over and over until you have all the guns you want and if you have all perks down yourself and get someone to revive you and you will have all your guns still but no perks.

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GeT out of nazi zombies shi no numa

by Unregistered Apr 13, 2010

Ok first u haf to get juggernog then go to fishing hut. U must save one running zombie and go inside the fishing hut. go into the little room. at the left of that barrier(make sure its repaired), move along the wall on the right side of the rope pile. U will find a corner. you must let the zombie get inside of you then u immediately jump repeatedly while trying to walk in the direction of out of the map. The zombie should hit you ontop of the barrier and if you keep jumping in the right direction, you will jump out of the map. ps: very difficult. probably 9 out of 10 for the difficulty of it. Hope this helps :)

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DoG Proof

by xInsaneGamer10x Feb 06, 2010

This will help u not to be touchced by the dogs. On the map Dome where the Germans spawn go to yer left and there should be a corner with pieces of metal by it. IF the enemy gets dogs jst go to that spot u will not get hit.

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M1 Grand easy ammo

by fatalkillingmad Apr 22, 2010

Hello fan's of call of duty world at war this is a glithch for nazi zombies{only works on map pack 3 der rise}ok to do this you need 2 pepole on the game when one of you are runing low on ammo in your M1 Grand WL the guy with the MI needs to go down and then get back up again by the other player and you should have full ammo in the M1 Grand{dose not work with lancher}

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NaZi Zombies multiple weapons shi no numa

by KakashiHatake08 Jul 22, 2009

This glitch is pretty simple. It allows for a player to hold mor than two weapons in the nazi zombies shi no numa. It could potentialy get the player every weapon in the game to be held. You first have to move the mystery box to the houses on the outskirts where the perks are. The glitch only works in fish hut, doctors quarters, and sometimes works in storage if it is done right. Once box is moved there the glitch can happen as long as the player hasn't taken the perk yet. Use the mystery box and then wait by the perk machine until you see the weapon. If it is a teddy bear or molotovs the glitch won't work. Now as you see the weapon take the bottle and as you are drinking it switch out for the weapon. You should have a third gun. If you are with several people and you have the points, I suggest doing it again. I have seen it done up to 6 or 7 weapons and it makes the game a lot more fun and easier. As long as the glitch doesn't get patched up enjoy it.

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InVincibility in zombie level

by alexsu22 Jul 21, 2009

( Must be on Co-op to do invincibility.) At the start of the level buy a new gun and then go to the corner where outside there is a truck. You or your partner must prone in order for the other person to jump on top of you, then u stand up and BAMM u r invincible. Just don't move from that spot and you can't be killed. Also a hint don't try to knife far away zombies because you'll pull away from ur partner and most likely die. Also another hint is to have a flamethrower so u dont run out of ammo. Good luck!!!

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by 5-Year-Old Dec 09, 2009

*** Castle Bayonet Glitch ***

Go to the burnt down tower. Get someone to crouch on the boxes and the other person on the window. The man on the window has to run, jump and knife with the gun with a bayonet on it, into a brown window that is on its side. You will then go on the roof where you can do what you want.

*** Cracked Pillar Glitch ***

In the main room there is a pillar close to a window. When you are at the cracked part of the pillar run and then go prone mode. Then the zombies can't get you.

*** Nazi Zombie Wall Glitch ***
In Nazi Zombies go to the staircase in the starting room and look at the pillar on the left with the chip in it. Stand 5 feet from the stairs and run at the chip in the pillar and you should get stuck in it. It should say "can't stand here". Do not touch the left stick, it wrecks the glitch. The zombies pile up by the windows and flail their arms but can't touch you.

*** Three Guns in Nazi Zombies ***
This can only be done in co-op. Open the help room. Have one player go to the random gun and blow themselves up. Then you open the box. When the box progress is halfway through revive the player next to you. Don't let go of X. Right before it says "take weapon" press and hold X and you will pick up the weapon while reviving the downed player. If done correctly you should get 3 guns. This may not work the first time but eventually you will get use to it. If you do the glitch correctly again you can get even more weapons.

*** Makin Rock Glitch ***
Go to the path in the back of Makin. There will be a rectangular looking rock. Go to the bottom right corner of the rock and keep jumping. Jump about four or five times, or just keep jumping. When you start to move into the rock just crouch. No one can shoot you, but you can shoot them!

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