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Castle Crashers Cheats :

This page contains Castle Crashers cheats list for XBOX 360 version. Now we have 6 cheats in our list, which includes 1 glitch, 5 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Castle Crashers on XBOX 360 platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

HoW To Get Too Level 256 (finally its posted)

by edaniels00 Jan 04, 2010

It took a long time but i figured out and now what people have all been waitin for How Too Get Too Level 256 ok
this is what you need 2 contorlers 2 xbox live charecters that go on xbox live

ok all you have to do is go to your own game when its the count down at about 2 do not leave with the charecter you want
quit usin the char you dont want too lvl
beat the barbarin boss and leave when the treashure goes off (go out of the game) and wahla ur lvl 256!

plz rate goo or comment Hope You Liked It,Edaniels00

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DiGging spots

by theauditor Mar 26, 2012

when you go in a level, look for a a small "X' in the ground, many can be found in the desert, use your shovel to dig up various treasures from the ground like coins and gems, or even weapons.

NOTE: you can also use the Dog animal orb to find the spots for you, you can buy it at the Snow Store for about 600 coins

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HoW to obtain Animal Orbs.

by _XbOx360_ Jul 06, 2012

Hi, I'm _XbOx360_, and I thought that I'd just like to help you find cool Animal Orbs on Castle Crashers! Look BELOW for the Orb(s) you'd like to obtain.

- Giraffey: You can find Giraffey almost near the end of the Desert level. This Orb, however, is hidden underground. Dig all of the X's that you can see, and hopefully, Giraffey will be waiting for you when you dig. Pazzo is recommended to help you find the Animal Orb. (Levels you up faster.)

- Pazzo: Buy this dog-like Orb at the Snow Store for 750 gold. (Finds buried treasure for you.)

- Frogglett: Dig Frogglett up while journeying through the Marsh. Frogglett's X spot is situated in front of the third crypt, which is not a grave, but in fact, a home. (Picks up items with it's long tongue!)

- Burly Bear: Look for Burly Bear at the end of the Tall Grass Field level. Of course, you can't see this strong Orb though, because it's cleverly concealed in a hidden cave within the rockface, just before you climb the Moss Ladder. Use the Sandwich to get inside and then use, roughly, 2 or 3 bombs to blow a hole in a part of the wall that was previously (almost) cracked. (Gives +2 Strength.)

- Beholder: Beholder is locked behind a door at the very end of the Animal Ark. You must have the Key Sword, found in the Full Moon level. Bring Cardinal along, and it will then retrieve what you need to obtain Beholder. The second hut contains the Key Sword. (Gives +2 Magic!)

- Cardinal: Obtain Cardinal at the Industrial Castle after killing a Beefy Brute. (Will retrieve secret items and occasionally, fruit.)

Hope you can find these cool Orbs!


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WhEre to find the ice sword

by yoshi114 Mar 14, 2012

The ice sword is the only weapon in the game that grants the player an ice ability when attacking with their weapon. you can find it in the ice castle. go to the room where the ice king takes the princess away and laughs at you, then go to the upper right of the room, then use your shovel and dig around in the ice, its position is random each time so it might help if you had the dog animal orb( can be purchased at the snow store for about 700 coins) this weapon has no upsides or downsides, it gives the player the chance to freeze the foe similar to the Blue knight's magic attack. The Meat Sword can also be found in the same room. it is on the shelf with some other meat

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by MlGxFrOstBiTe Jan 15, 2010

1.get a level 256 in your team
2.get the ram from the pet place
3.then go to the barbarian boss beat him
4.then get the 256 guy to go in the top left corner of the arena the Y button right under him that will throw him in the air (and he'll stay there)
6.then just keep running at the wall next to him
your ram will constantly keep hitting him which will keep giving u exp
P.S. you have to keep running at the wall or the ram will stop hitting him.
if u like this cheat hit me a message

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Castle Crashers Cheats


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