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Castle Crashers Review :

greatest microsoft arcade game EVER!!!

by yoshi114 Jan 09, 2012

hey, its me again, for my fourth review, im gonna talk about what the title says.for this game, its FIGHTING! you fight the many types of enemies found thruouht the kingdom, and go on a quest to save the 4 princesess from the evil wizard.Epic indeed if i do say so myself. now there are, At First, 4 knights to choose from: Green, Red, Blue, and Oarange, each woth their own elemental magic to unleash on the many bosses, enemies and obstacles thruought the you might have guest, you have different stats, That can be upgraded by leveling up. the 4 stats you improve are: Strentgh, which is your attacking power, Magic, is how powerful your magic is, and how fast your meter refills, Defence, your overall health and damge resistance to enemy attacks, and finnaly Agility, which is how fast you run, and how good your archery skills are.those are the basics, you can also choose from a WIDE variety of weapons, AND animal helpers, to customize your knight and make him as powerful as he can be. So, ARE YOU READY TO KICK SOME BAD GUY ***?...lame

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10Story line
classic, saving princesses, from creative, difficult boss battles, and also to find all the weapons and animal orbs, this game provides for a truly memorible experiance(this game also has DLC available)
for an arcade game, from newgrounds(essentially) they were just fine and dandy, even for all the the events and stuff that go with it, good graphics in my opinion
the sound made sense, and the music, ooooh the music, soem of the greatest if heard, my favorite is the Necromancer battle, it makes me want to.......JAM OUT!!!
gameplaywise, its a fighting game, and who doesnt like a good beat 'em up? so fun and so simple, gamplay has got to be 10
10Lasting Appeal
YES! I'll never forget that last boss and the Necromancer! and the music? ive got it on my ipod! yeah its great! i could play this game for days if i could let myself. and the DLC keeps it fresh, and new!
(Out of 10)


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