Crackdown 2 Review

 [ XBOX 360 ]
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Crackdown 2 Review :

is it good?

by theflash Aug 08, 2010

Crackdown 2...bad aiming....good vehicles...bad storyline...good weapons...this game is a hodge podge of good and bad to make....perfect make sure you crank up your volume and play at night for maximum enetertain ment and to make sure your neighbors can't sleep for many nights untill you get arrested...go get the game noowww4/5

  CheatsGuru rating and opinion
10Story line
basically a gang(if you could call them that) is causing trouble and you have to stop them but then things get out of hand,
very good. i like how smooth the running motion is and the explosions are very realistic and when you kill mutants, when the camera zooms in on them you can see every grueling detail
very energetic when you explode somthing boom!!! if you have the volume cranked and surrond brings you to life every good gamer knows that when the sound is amazing so are you gaming skills
bad aiming but good orb power ups make up for it the guns and slam attack also make the game that much more epic
10Lasting Appeal
this is a game that you will play for months on end mostly because killing the zombies at night is just so amuzing
(Out of 10)


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