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Crysis 2 Review :

Futuristic Warfare Mastered

by arbynthechief May 02, 2011

The world is under attack from the Ceph, a race of aliens who have inhabited the Earth since Prehistoric times.

In Crysis 2, which takes place three years after the events of the original game, you take the role of Alcatraz, a U.S. marine who experienced a near-death experience at the hands of Ceph invaders. The Nano Suit, a suit with extraordinary capabilities, has been passed down to Alcatraz by "Prophet", the protagonist of the original Crysis and the man who saved Alcatraz from the sinking of the USS Nautilis. The illusive "Prophet" has committed suicide and left you the responsibility of using the Nano Suit to defend New York city from the "alien" invaders.

Right away, I noticed how great the graphics are in this game. As I witnessed the flawless detail of the scenery in this game, I thought, "10/10, just stunning". Now this was just during the first level of the game; I continued to witness these stunning graphics throughout the entire game. Crysis 2 is filled with a nice contrast of bright, bold colors, and dark, dreary, and depressing colors. This adds variety to the game and emphasizes the desperate struggle for survival in the war-torn city of New York. All objects in Crysis 2 are filled to the brim with detail. I could notice small scratches and patches of dirt and rust on the armor of my enemies. The stone that made up structures, wood, and the very dirt and grass that made the landscape had such an amazing level of detail that I was astounded! I could notice scratches and lines on objects to represent different textures. Other graphical improvements that have been made to this game, that I appreciate very much, are the vastly improved animations for explosions and breaking objects. Instead of having in object explode in to a jumble of random shapes that disappear after a few seconds, explosions have been made to look more realistic. Objects still retain their individual properties after being destroyed and the inferno from explosions remains for more than just a few miniscule seconds. As well as this, any contact an object has with a projectile always causes some sort of environmental damage (aside from common objects you can throw at enemies; I mean any projectile from a weapon). The only game I've seen that has graphics comparable to those of Crysis 2 is Mass Effect 2, a game that revolutionized the standard for graphics on the 360 platform forever, and I'm even questioning which has better graphics. Definitely a lot of effort on the part of the developers.

I have to say one thing: Sound in Crysis 2 is absolutely mind-blowing. I must say, Crysis 2's sound-system is the most realistic I've seen delivered from any FPS this decade! Yet another aspect of this beautiful game I must give a lively "10/10!" The stunning sound effects in this game served to make it even more amazing and mind-boggling than it already is. Although good sound doesn't necessarily make a great game, I sure as heck appreciate it! Crysis 2 comes with a soundtrack including about 10 songs. Each song is used in certain parts of the game to allude to seriousness, mysteriousness, etc. And I must say, each song in the soundtrack works great to make certain parts of the game seem more dramatic and surprising, especially during the plot twists included in the story! At times, the music that played during intense combat made me feel excited and definitely more motivated to defeat my enemies and use cunning strategy to do so. Aside from the great soundtrack, the sounds presented throughout the actual game were extremely realistic. The combination of realistic gun sounds, loud explosions, and air vehicles flying high above made me feel like I was actually on the battlefield! Sounds that came from weapons or vehicles of Ceph origin had a cool sci-fi feel to them that wasn't corny but instead made combat feel even more exciting. Sound in this game exceeded my expectations and more than fulfilled the task it was meant to serve.

The actual gameplay in this game was way above average and exceeded my highest expectations. Crysis 2 improved what its predecessor failed at. Kudos to the developers. I have to give gameplay a nice "9/10!" It was great, but I admit, it still had its flaws. However, this is to be expected from any game. Super speed, high jumping, and super strength are now activated only when you need them, which is much more efficient. All the controls are pretty basic and you shouldn't have any difficulty trying to find what button you need to press to do what (this is the 360 I'm talking about). Crysis 2 has some pretty cool features including: being able to pick up people and throw them, being able to pick up common objects and throwing them, sliding, stealth mode, maximum armor mode, and operating vehicles. Your energy level controls how long you can run, be in stealth mode, and be in maximum armor mode. The amount of energy each action drains has been balanced out. Now you can be in stealth/max. armor mode much longer than you could in the original Crysis, which I had the opportunity to demo on the PC. This is a vast improvement. In the original Crysis, you could only be in stealth mode for a matter of seconds, which was rather preposterous. I also found commanding vehicles rather fun. Overall, combat was very satisfying for me, and I'm sure it would be for any FPS fan. However, some complaints I have include: horrible AI's and overwhelming difficulty. Sometimes I would find myself being randomly mauled by an alien who spontaneously popped out of space and started attacking me. Frustratingly, I'd have to start over again at the last checkpoint after being killed. Other times, I'd just find myself being jumped by 5 aliens while my allies did nothing to help me. This is why I believe at some points, the AI was poorly developed. Another more minor aspect that disappointed me was the fact that most guns were copies of each other with different attachments. But laughingly, I was just happy to have a gun at most points of the game. Overall, the combat provided a fun experience superior to most modern FPS's.

Although the quality of this game's storyline is highly debated, I found it to be easy to follow, yet complex at the same time. Your overall goal is to stop the Ceph from destroying New York, however, you will encounter some complications along the way, including CELL, lead by the brutal commander Lockhart, under orders from Jacob Hargreave, who I call "The Puppeteer". Let's put it this way, they aren't fond of Alcatraz, and want the Nano Suit for themselves. You will encounter mysterious characters along the way that will play a major role in the story. Figures like Nathan Gould, Jacob Hargreave, Commander Lockhart, and Tara Stricktland will play a significant role in the story. I won't reveal anymore, but I will tell you that the story is full of twists. What are Tara Stricktland's true motives? Who is Jacob Hargreave? Will New York City be destroyed? All of these questions will be answered during the story. Sometimes I felt the story dropped a little at some points, but its intensity at others made up for it. Overall, I give it a nice "9/10!".

The replay value of this game is relatively high. A fierce, inspiring multiplayer forms the backbone of this games replay value, because otherwise, it probably wouldn't have much. As mind blowing as its story was, it was one of those "one time" things that is only enjoyable one time through. Multiplayer is very well developed; it's like a combination of Halo and Call of Duty. I'm sure Crysis 2's multiplayer will become very popular over time. I give this game's replay value a nice "8/10!".

This game is a definite must-buy. I would recommend it to all of my friends.

  CheatsGuru rating and opinion
9Story line
Storyline was complex, but easy to follow with many major plot twists to keep you interested. One of the best I've seen from any game.
Grahpics were stunning and made the game appealing to the eye. This games graphics are top of the line and add beauty to the gaming experience very much.
Sound was very realistic and just mind-blowing. Sound from this game was the best I've seen form any modern first person shooter.
Gameplay was very satisfying, although it did have its fair share of and complications. Overall, very good.
8Lasting Appeal
Although its campaign isn't one I'd play more than once, its multiplayer is fund and makes up for its story's low replay value.
(Out of 10)


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