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Dead Rising Cheats :

This page contains Dead Rising cheats list for XBOX 360 version. Now we have 5 cheats in our list, which includes 1 cheats code, 1 unlockable, 3 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Dead Rising on XBOX 360 platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Cheats - Truck Boss

by Unregistered Aug 29, 2006

You'll need a gun. First, get them to follow you into any close by trees. That way they don't run you over. Second, shoot them down in tis order.
than get in the truck to kill all the zombies & PP +

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Unlockable - Easy Achievement

by Redfire Jul 10, 2008

When u start the game and ur at the part where ur at the mall but the zombies have not come through yet, take pictures of all of the people in the room, and not only will that get u a little pp it will also get you an achievment

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Secret - Small chainsaw

by Unregistered Apr 03, 2008

after killing adam the clown he drops his chainsaws and you can hold more than one and there are 3 books for it (entertainment, engineering and criminal biography ) so it almost never breaks and they reappear next to the space rider machine whenever you go back into wonderland plaza

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Hints - Hints

by cGub Aug 12, 2006

Hint: Katana
As soon as you begin the demo take the first staircase to your right and walk up.

At the second store/shop on your left (it is a resturant/food court) enter the shop and jump behind the counter and walk to the juice section (you'll see it, mmmmm O.J.) after you replentish your health,walk to the right of the juice section and jump off-trust me.

You will land on an orange canopy and yeehaw you'll find the Katana that will slice and dice the hoards of zombies in your path. All though the katana does not last long, it is freakin sweet watching the zombies be cut into bloody pieces!

Hint: Bester Fester Beginning
Replay the first few portions of the game first -- save the couple and photograph them hugging for moola points. Kill a few zombies and then die around the parking lot area. When you "save and exit to title", you keep your character's development (and PP values) for the next attempt at the game. You can power up significantly to muscle through the later areas of the game!

Hint: Samurai Onechambara Zombie Action!
Screw the firearms. This is not Resident Evil! Stick with the samurai sword if you want to whack bosses. Deliver a few hits and your bullets can be saved for times when you need to attack at range to get to vital food and health items.

Hint - Jeep Inmates Tactics
Head to the North Mall across the park. Inside hunt around the shops that are under construction for the nail guns. You shouldn't need more than two. Go back out to the park the way you came in and the cutscene will play. Head to the trees near the Food Court and wait for the jeep to try and make a go for you.

If you stay in the tree area, the jeep should smack repeatedly into the trees, freeing up a major opportunity to nail gun the inmate on the machine gun from a safe distance.

Once he is down, nail gun the passenger, then finally the driver. Once all three are dead you can go examine the .50 Cal machine gun and dismount it. It holds about 200 rds and is extremely powerful (I used it to kill Carlito in one small burst). It is also extremely acurate (you can lightly squeeze the trigger quickly for single shot). One of the best weapons in the game!

Hint - Carlito Tactics
In order to beat Carlito, there are two ways I have discovered. Either go into the battle with two pistols, one of which is given to you by Brad and another you can find from a cop, or go into the battle with the sledgehammer or katana. Method one involves... 

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Cheats - Unlockable: White Hat

by cGub Aug 12, 2006

You must achieve Census Taker.

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Cheats - Unlockable: Infinity Mode

by cGub Aug 11, 2006

You must obtain the "true ending.

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Hints - Megaman

by Unregistered Nov 13, 2006

as Thor177 said you can get a megaman helmet from the cinema and a fake blaster BUT if you get the punisher, unbreakable and zombie genocider you will unlock megaman tights, boots and buster(real mega blaster) respectively when you finish the game!

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Code - Boss Tips

by Tufu911 Dec 06, 2010

Hey again, Here for more Boss tips. Again same as Dead rising 2 If i miss one post it.

3 hits thats it.

Adam ( The Clown )Make sure you have guns. When adam goes to attack you run from him. hell start blowing up ballons and when hes doing that shoot the BALLON and then adam. Repeat till hes dead.
Convicts ( Jail birds on the jeep )Shoot at a far away distance. Shotgun or Uzi helps.
SnipersAfter killing Adam the clown take his many chainsaw and kill those Bastwords.
Kent ( Camera Guy )Shoot or Melee his as.
Carlito ( Food Court )In the middle of the food court theres a pile of boxes that lead to him and from there. Climb on the boxes and melee his as with like a bat or something.
Carlito ( Car )Run
Steven ( Grocery Store owner )Mini uzi this guy. This guy chases you with a cart filled with pitch forks and swords and gung. So Only long range weapons on Steven.
Cliff ( The famous Machete man )In his store theres a lot of chainsaws pick one up and then chew his as up with one.
JO ( The fat cop )Melee her or he whatever she or he is ???
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Secret - Hint - get extra light at night

by ibizarulz123 Feb 19, 2010

Go to either ye old toy shop in the paridise plaza, go to the toy shop in the wonderworld plaza, or den's toyshop in the entrance plaza and then go inside and pick up a toy laser sword. you will have a lot of light wen it gets dark. happy zombie killing :)

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Secret - How to defeat the clown

by soldier719 Feb 11, 2010

To defeat the clown all you will need is a bat ( you could get this at the sports store near the coaster) and a pistol ( you could get it from the cop Zombies near the stairs, near the coaster) then when you try to stop the roller coaster he will come then you will fight him. when he throws a knife dodge it and then when he blows a balloon shoot it with the pistol and then run up to him and hit him with the bat or sword then do it over until his health is low and then you defeated him.

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