Dead Rising 2 Review

 [ XBOX 360 ]

Dead Rising 2 Review :

Dead are rising....Again.

by Pencil44 Nov 03, 2010

After playing the zombie killing show, TERROR IS REALITY 17! You are going back stage when your elevator breaks down.... finding out the zombies broke free! being the prime suspect of starting the zombie out break,72 hours to kill zombies and an infected daughter to save..... what could Chuck Greene do? This is one of the best horror games ever! my fav game and you can even go to the loo to save your game! CAPCOM are great! i would never violate them. EVER. You should buy this game from your cheapest game store. 2 thing why you should buy this EPIC,COOL and AWESOME game.

1. For CAPCOM and the cool zombie game play.

2. For great voice acting, sound alike zombies, load and loads of gore, EPIC story line, you would keep playing it and a long lasting appeal

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9Story line
You play as a character called Chuck Greene in a zombie outbreak, being thought as staring the zombie out. you also have to save your infected daughter called Katey, with a drug called zombrex. she will need it every 7:00 am to 8:00 am. the army will come in 3 days to save anybody alive. what to do?
bloody and it has loads of gore in it. a lot of fighting scenes and is also an action game. going to make a combo item is a good scene to watch.
Very sound alike zombies, very good voice acting.when chuck is in a grapple hold,or drinking something,to hitting someone and of course, going to the loo while saving game!
the game play is so cool and you would want to keep playing this. even if don't want to do missions or if you do. but overall you would keep playing it.
9Lasting Appeal
you would like to make combo items and..... well kill zombies in much ways. ect.from gems to dynamite bow.
(Out of 10)


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