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Dragon Age 2 Review :

An Epic Tale

by arbynthechief Mar 14, 2011

In DA:2, you are Hawke, son of Malcom and Leandra Hawke. You will amass fame and fortune and become a Champion. You will gather companions with different personalities and interests. Each character is unique in their own way. You can develop intense romances and fiery rivalries. You have the power of choice and this will effect your gameplay greatly. It's your unique story, and there are really no "canon" choices. The story-line and actual gameplay mechanics are excellent, but the graphics are a bit lacking. You can preform amazing feats and mages can even get into the fray of things. There are limitless possibilities and tons to explore. It is definitely a game for any type of player to try. Hope you enjoy it.

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9Story line
The story line was very satisfying. It had an ending that I never expected. Though at times I did think it relied to heavily on side-quests at some points. But overall, excellent
Graphics were mediocre. Nothing special. Some people, especially the elves looked all stretched out and thin. Kirkwall was very bland, and sometimes the screen would flash and glitch.
Sound, at most points was good. I experienced a few glitches, but nothing notable. I was impressed by the voice acting.
I loved the gameplay in this game. Instead of having a touch and go system like in Origins, you were fully in control of Hawke. I liked how mages could really get into the heat of battle, and some of the attacks your character can do are amazing.
8Lasting Appeal
As with most decent RPGs, there is a lot to explore. You'll probably play multiple playthroughs to discover new things. I know I did. However, I would not say you'll be playing it 5 years from now.
(Out of 10)


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