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Fable III Achievements :

This page contains Fable III Achievements list for XBOX 360 version.We have description of 60 Achievements right now. Also you can find at this page guides about reaching these Achievements are written by our users. Of course you can make some own guides for any Fable III Achievements.

Hand in Hand

You've held hands with another person. What better way to make a connection?

The Guild Seal

The Guild Seal reacted to your touch. You're a Hero! But then, you knew that already.

He's a Woman. She's a Man

Heroes have long been free from the boundaries of normal society. What is normal anyway?


Your literary investigations have unearthed a one-of-a-kind play. Shame it stinks.

And So It Begins

You've taken your first steps towards gathering a rebel force to stand against your brother.


You dispatched an enemy while he was airborne. At least he went with style.


You may well be the first Hero in history to weave two spells together. And wasn't it pretty?

Touched By A Hero

At least twenty people in Albion have felt the hand of Hero touch them. In a good way, we hope.

The Resistance

The people of Bowerstone are behind you, ready to stand up against your brother.

Distant Friends

You convinced the Aurorans to to join your cause. It's time for a revolution!

The Ruler of Albion

You led a revolution and now the throne is yours. How will history judge your rule?

Total Warrior

Killed enemies with Melee, Ranged and Spell Attacks. Which is your favourite then?

Wizard's Revenge

They called you a nerd. They called you spotty. They mocked your beard. So you killed them all.

Swift Justice

Major Swift and his men have joined your cause. How can you fail with that moustache on your side?

For Albion!

You killed the Crawler and ended the greatest threat ever to loom over Albion. You are a legend.

Save The Princess!

You rescued a piece of cardboard and gained valuable insight into the game development process.

If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It

You're a one-Hero army. A pure massacring machine. A total killing-- well, you get the idea.

Ghost Brothers

Not even death can put squabbling siblings to rest, but at least they're safely back with Mother.

Magnate Personality

You've amassed a fortune in real estate. Just as well there's no window tax.

Gunning For Glory

Few have ever put the trigger to such bloody use.

Barrel of Laughs

Kill 30 enemies with explosive barrels.

Coronation Chicken

You brought a real sense of gravitas to your role of monarch. That and feathers.


Hunting for treasure isn't always glamourous. The dirt under your fingernails can attest to that.

Online Merger

You are the epitome of a modern day Hero, unafraid to embrace newfangled technologies.

Island Paradise

Thanks to you, there is a new, thriving community away from the stresses of the modern world.

The Dark Sanctum

You have reinstated the Dark Sanctum. Come back to see it in all its glory and discover its secrets.

Tough Love

Save the maximum amount of Albion citizens.

Super Hero

You are the ultimate Hero. A master in every discipline. In other words, you're awesome.

Adopt Or Die

Good for you. Why bring more people into the world when there are poor, parentless children around?

Knight Jumps Chesty

You beat an inanimate object at chess. Although to be fair, it is a very evil inanimate object.


Magic holds no secrets for you. If it did, you'd probably cast a "make magic talk" spell on it.

You Can't Bring Me Down

You got all the way to the end without being knocked out. Well, there was that time in the desert...

My Weapon's Better Than Yours

You have fully upgraded an already historical weapon. It doesn't get any more legendary than that.


Who said interior decorating was incompatible with leading a revolution? No one.

Long Distance Relationship

You married another player! N.B. Marriage not binding in any real court of law.

Dye Hippie, Dye

You look, like, totally amazing, man. Can you feel the universe touching you yet?


Score 2000 on the Mourningwood Fort mortar game.

Chest Grandmaster

Unlock all of the chests on the Road To Rule.

Cross-Dimensional Conception

We all knew this day would come. Having children online is finally a reality.

Lute Hero Tour

Play in each town as a 5 star lute player.

We Can Be Heroes

You've earned an honest day's wage fighting for another Hero. Though "honest" is a subjective term.

Crime Spree

You've become Albion's most wanted criminal. We just hope you could afford the fine.

Gnome Invasion

Oh, you're tough, you are. Destroying tiny, bearded, pointy-hatted, immobile men. How could you?

Flower Power

You have collected all the rare desert flowers and returned a sense of cultutal heritage to Aurora.

Popularity Contest

Make 20 Friends.

I Am The Keymaster

Your dedication to the art of key-getting is laudable. No ordinary key-getter you.

Henry VIII

As ruler of Albion, get married 6 times and kill 2 of your spouses.

Brightwall Book Club

It's always nice to meet someone for whom "bibliophile" isn't a dirty word.

A Slow Day At The Office

There's nothing like an attempt on your life to liven up a boring day.

Science And Industry

You've found the first escaped prisoner. Is Albion safer now?

Unnatural Laws

You've found the second prisoner. Have you ever wondered what your nature is?

Who Are You?

There is no third prisoner. Or perhaps it's you, sitting on that throne forever more.

Fashion Victim

You own every item of clothing in Albion worthy of a Hero. And more than a few that are unworthy.

I, Robot. You, Idiot

You helped Huxley construct a friend. You'd think he'd be more grateful.

Keeping It Real

Decide the future of the Keep.

A Revolutionary Idea

You were once a revolutionary, but just how real was your revolution?

Diary Of A Sad Man

You collected all of Faraday's diary pages, and learned some history in the process.

Lab Notes

Crazy witches aren't the only ones who long to change their nature.

We Need Guns, Lots Of Guns

Collect all 50 legendary weapons. They won’t all appear in your world, so trade with other Heroes!

Set Them Free!

What does freedom mean to a talking piece of stone? Free speech, one supposes.

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