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Fallout: New Vegas Review :

A Fallout Failure

by arbynthechief Feb 28, 2011

Fallout New Vegas is a game meant to put a new spin on the Fallout universe. You are "The Courier", a mysterious traveler in a war torn New-Vegas. Sounds exciting, doesn't it? Well it isn't. The story-line was extremely short and unappealing. And although the graphics and sound were mediocre, the gameplay was downright awful. I was torn apart by Deathclaws while wondering at the beginning of the game. I also found the factions in the game to be EXTREMELY ridiculous. The Legion was the worst. The White Glove Society was awful. The Boomers, ridiculous. I would even have to say the NCR was the most appealing, even though they're just citizens playing dress up. I found it extremely insulting that the Mojave Brotherhood consisted of a pathetic bunker that contains a few soldiers. The final battle of Hoover Dam..... lame. The factions in Fallout 3 were much more appealing. The Purifier played a much more important role then a dam... I mean seriously. Come on. I think the Enclave ( My favorite faction) should have returned instead of a couple of rogue Enclave geezers. Really pathetic. If you side with the NCR, which I did, you have to face Legate Lanius as the final boss, who can run 100 mph an hour even though he's 300 pounds. And his sword takes out half of your health. I had to resort to using 100 speech to avoid the battle. Horrible new creatures...cazadores, just painful, albino radscorpions that can climb 20 ft slopes, and the new securitrons. ( Which I loath) I suggest playing Fallout 3 instead, a game that I would give at least a 9.5.

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5Story line
The story-line was very short and unsatisfying. In my first of many playthroughs, I believe I finished before I even struck level 20. And to make things even worse, the game ends right after you finish the "story". Tracking down someone who stole a chip from you and a battle for a dam isn't exciting
The graphics in this game were good, as I expected them to be, but because of the numerous amount of glitches and "borrowed" buildings and terrain from Fallout 3, I lowered the rating.
Sound in this game was very good. Though few minor glitches did ruin some parts of the game. I was very impressed.
Gameplay was very mediocre, from cheap V.A.T.S. shots, to ridiculous creatures and feats. I found V.A.T.S. to be extremely annoying.
6Lasting Appeal
The game lasted a little while for me, but slowly died down. I suppose those who love New Vegas will be popping it in for a long time, though.
(Out of 10)


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arbynthechief    wrote on mar 01, 2011 7:56 pm

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