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Far Cry 2 Review :

Fantastic multiplayer!

by 5-Year-Old Aug 05, 2010

"Though it has been shattered with bugs and it's story is a bit weak, Far Cry 2 is still a great game."

Far Cry 2 was one of the first games I bought for my Xbox 360 that I got in 2008 and I definitely wasn't disappointed. Far Cry 2 is one of those games that has it's pros and cons about it but still turns out to be fun.

First off, we'll start with single player. Now the single player isn't that great. The story has very low replayability so you'll want to enjoy as much as you can at first. It seems to be repetitive but it really isn't, it just depends on how you play. Doing the same thing over and over is of course going to be repetitive so make it more interesting.
The story is kind of boring at the beginning which is a definite negative. But after you do progress it gets better. Another negative is the respawning outposts. They are VERY annoying, it seems that the enemies respawn every 3 seconds. if you can't handle that it's going to be a major nuisance. But that's about it for negatives besides the fact that it's full of bugs and that the malaria (disease system) can be a hassle. Don't worry, though - the only major bug I ever found was getting stuck in a table (LOL) and that was on the PC version.
On to the positives: The AI is great! They react like an actual soldier. They try to flank you, they go for cover, they even react to your actions which can result into interesting reactions. So if you shoot a bullet or two but they don't know where you are they actually start searching with their buddies, scattering out everywhere. On from AI, the visuals are great and still are today. The dialogue is good (not the best, though) and although the ideas implemented into the game could of been done better, Far Cry 2 still has a lot to offer.
Next is multiplayer. Multiplayer is what makes this game so awesome so you'll definitely want to have Xbox Live. There is nothing negative about the multiplayer, that's why it's so great. This game's multiplayer is unique from other games. It does take some skill but it also doesn't so it's fun either way. it has a lot of ways to play. You can either be a stealthy sniper, a runner n' gunner or you can try your luck with one of the vehicles. The vehicles are a great addition and can be very fun. Then you got the map maker. It's the best map maker you'll ever see, I promise. Without map making, the multiplayer just wouldn't be as good. It offers a bunch of creativity so every time you play custom maps you are a bound to find fun maps.

Overall, this game could of been better but it's still great due to it's fantastic multiplayer. I recommend to try it out, maybe rent it first if you aren't too sure if you want it or not. It has it's ups and downs but Far Cry 2 is a worth a play.

  CheatsGuru rating and opinion
8Story line
Though it can be repetitive at times, this game's story line is very interesting and you would of never expected the ending.
This game's engine is Dunia Engine but it's related to CryEngine. Not only are the physics good but the graphics are extremely good.
The sounds on guns aren't very high quality but they are realistic along with all the other sounds which are not only realistic but high quality.
The gameplay is real smooth and gets to the point. It is very entertaining and the only thing that I can find that is slightly annoying is the malaria system in the game.
9Lasting Appeal
Far Cry 2 has some flaws and some lost potential but combined with the amazing map maker and the fantastic multiplayer this game is really good and is demanding of a buy.
(Out of 10)


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