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Gears of War Cheats :

This page contains Gears of War cheats list for XBOX 360 version. Now we have 17 cheats in our list, which includes 1 cheats code, 1 unlockable, 5 easter eggs, 3 glitches, 7 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Gears of War on XBOX 360 platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Cheats - Gears of War Unlockables

by cGub Nov 08, 2006

Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.
Unlockable-- How to Unlock
The Money Shot (20)-- Kill 100 enemies in ranked matches with a headshot.
Always Remember Your First (10)-- Finish playing a versus ranked match.
Don't Hate the Player (10)-- Finish with the highest points in a ranked match.
Mix It Up (30)-- Win a ranked match in every versus game type.
Around the World (30)-- Win a ranked match on every versus map.
Can't Touch Me (20) -- Win 10 ranked matches without losing a round.
Seriously ... (50)-- Kill 10,000 people in versus ranked match total.
Prison Breakout (10)-- Completed tutorial level on any skill level.
Completed Act 1 on Casual (10)-- Complete Act 1 on Casual Difficulty.
Completed Act 2 on Casual (10)-- Complete Act 2 on Casual Difficulty.
Completed Act 3 on Casual (10)-- Complete Act 3 on Casual Difficulty.
Completed Act 4 on Casual (10)-- Complete Act 4 on Casual Difficulty.
Completed Act 5 on Casual (10)-- Complete Act 5 on Casual Difficulty.
Mercenary (10)-- Complete all acts on Casual Difficulty.
Completed Act 1 on Hardcore (20)-- Complete Act 1 on Hardcore Difficulty.
Completed Act 2 on Hardcore (20)-- Complete Act 2 on Hardcore Difficulty.
Completed Act 3 on Hardcore (20)-- Complete Act 3 on Hardcore Difficulty.
Completed Act 4 on Hardcore (20)-- Complete Act 4 on Hardcore Difficulty.
Completed Act 5 on Hardcore (20)-- Complete Act 5 on Hardcore Difficulty.
Soldier (20)-- Complete all acts on Hardcore Difficulty.
Completed Act 1 on Insane (30)-- Complete Act 1 on Insane Difficulty.
Completed Act 2 on Insane (30)-- Complete Act 2 on Insane Difficulty.
Completed Act 3 on Insane (30)-- Complete Act 3 on Insane Difficulty.
Completed Act 4 on Insane (30)-- Complete Act 4 on Insane Difficulty.
Completed Act 5 on Insane (30)-- Complete Act 5 on Insane Difficulty.
Commando (30)-- Complete all acts on Insane Difficulty.
Time to Remember (10)-- Recover one-third of the COG tags (on any difficulty).
Honor-Bound (20)-- Recover two-thirds of the COG tags (on any difficulty).
For the Fallen (30)-- Recover all of the COG tags (on any difficulty).
My Love for You Is Like a Truck (30)-- Defeat a Berserker on Hardcore Difficulty.
Broken Fingers (30)-- Defeat a Corpser on Hardcore Difficulty.
A Dish Best Served Cold (30)-- Defeat General RAAM on Hardcore Difficulty.
Zen and the Art of Reloading (10)-- Perform... 

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Secret - Speedy Reload

by Irockz Jul 12, 2010

When you have to reload, when the little white line is on the small box placed on the reload bar, quickly press the reload button. If you miss, it will take ages-but if you get it exact, you'll auto-reload and Marucs/Dominic will say "Nice".

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Easter Egg - Faster reload times

by ckjkj Mar 25, 2010

When you press RB to reload, there will be a clear bar with a small white segment somewhere along it. It will appear where your bullets used to be. There will also be a smaller white bar moving across the clear bar. As soon as the white bare gets inside the white segment, press RB again. This will reload your weapon much faster, and if timed just perfectly, will give your gun an extra boost in fire power. However, if you do not time it correctly, the clear bar will become red and it will take even longer to reload than if you had not attempted it.

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Easter Egg - Infinite grenades in Multiplayer mode

by ckjkj Mar 25, 2010

This trick can be done on any online level. First, get either smoke or frag grenades. Take out your Lancer and do an Active Reload then immediately switch to your grenades and press B when switching. Then, press RB(5) or RB(10), depending on the game. Next, throw your grenade. The ammo counter should read zero but you should be acting as if you are holding a grenade. Note: You can only tag people and if you switch weapons you will exit the glitch.

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Secret - Closing Emergence Holes

by ckjkj Mar 25, 2010

When an Emergence Hole opens up, toss a grenade into it. This will automatically close the hole, and therefore keep the locusts from coming out.

The Hammer Of Dawn can easily destroy Emergence Holes. You must activate it by targeting an enemy first, and then aim it toward the Emergence Hole.

Fire a Torque Bow arrow into an Emergence Hole. This is somewhat challenging to do, due to the straight line of fire given by the bow. However, if you are close enough to fire while the line of fire is arced, it is possible to make it into the hole. A Torque Arrow stuck in the top of the hole will close it as well.

When there is an Emergence Hole, take out your Lancer, go over the hole, and hold B. When you do this, every enemy that comes out of the hole will get chain-sawed.

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Easter Egg - All The COG tag positions

by bmwgt117 Jul 23, 2007

Act 1

Prison Area

1: After you choose paths go straight ahead. The tag is under
the logo.

2: In the room where the Locust cut through the door. If you are
facing away from the door it is to the back of the right side.

3: When you enter the outside courtyard, go up the small staircase
on your left. It is in the corner on your left.

Trial By Fire

4: It is in the small courtyard after you exit the building.
It is to the right of the Gears logo. Your team will point it
out to you.

5: After you cross a bridge you enter a building will a lot of
broken pillars. There are two Emergence Holes in this room. The
tag is behind the second one in the grass.

6: This one is in the large battle area with the fountain in the
middle. The tag is in the back left corner if you face the logo.

Knock Knock

7: When you enter the outside area (in front of the House
Of Sovereigns) with lots of stairs, there is a van with a logo
on it and a big hole to the left. If you follow the edge of the
hole up, the tag is in that corner.

8: In the hallway where you fight all the wretches, the tag is
in the left corner if you face the door Jack is ripping. It is
easier to get it after killing everything.

9: You will enter a small room where you find the body of Rojas
(a dead Alpha soldier). The tag is in the direct right corner
after coming down the stairs. Its behind the column.

China Shop

10: Immediately after the Berserker intermission sequence,
the tag is in the flaming area to one of your sides. There is
a logo in there.

11: You must get the Berserker to smash down doors. In the third
room before the final door, the tag is in the last alcove to your
left if you are facing the door.

12: Once you get outside after tag #11, you will enter a courtyard.
Go to the left and follow the wall. The tag is behind one of the
broken blocks along the wall. You must get this one before you
kill the Berserker.

Act 2

Tick Tick Boom

13: After you split up but later meet again, you reach a room
with stairs in the middle. They lead to a couch. The tag is under
the couch.

14: There is a room that you enter in which you walk on catwalks.
After you leave this room, you go down some stairs that lead to
the street. The tag is down under and behind the stairs.

15: When you come up on the stranded gateway (not in it but prior),
there is a tag back behind the newspaper dispensers. There is
a logo above it.


16: After... 

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Easter Egg - Gears cereal

by dragonmaster350 Nov 07, 2007

when your on act 5 on the train if you can get far enough and find the 3rd most annoying berserker after he knocks down the crate go try and avoid him and check the pile zoom in and youll see that its actually boxes of cereal called gears crunch.

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Glitch - Chainsaw Explosion Plus Moonwalk

by Pokemaster99 Jun 11, 2007

Get your lancer out and shoot as many bullets as you want, then get a perfect reload abd press RT + B at the same time.
Keep hold of them and when you walk up to someone it just blows them up. Then move your right analog stick forwards and you should be able to do the moonwalk.

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Code - How to get out of tyro station (multiplayer)

by extremez Dec 10, 2010

if u spawn on the correct side, on the left of the train facing forward, walk the way train is moving to the edge of the level(on the platform), then take cover and run the opposite way (still taking cover) until u pop up on top of cover. Then walk of the wall, u should be standing on the wall, walk the way the train moves, and you are past the edge, u cant jump onto the track, but standing on the edge of the platform, u will get hit by the train. Then walk to the 2nd pillar and u can jump off. Then u are out officially then u can run through moutains of rock if u reach the end, u will see the train spawn.

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Secret - Destroying the second beserker.

by Unregistered Aug 03, 2009

First of all you need to go into the plant room inside a building.Then keep your distance from the exit door cause thats where he will pop out.Then you need to attract him by moving or firing your gun.Once she gets away from the door go through and stop because she will come through the wall in front of you and automatticly and kill you if you run into her(trust me i did it before).you have to do that twice then you will run into a room with pillars and a giant tree in the way.Don't wory some bats will move and the beserker will try to get them.Once you get past her try to make her destroy all the pillars then it will break the glass and you can use the hammer of dawn to destroy her.

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Secret - How to beat last boss

by doomrock101 May 04, 2009

All you have to do is equip chansaw.keep shooting.Then when those bugs come out go in light.keep doing this until boss is dead and there you got him dead.(only shotgun can work for this and if this doesent work pm me)

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Secret - Kill RAAM (not co-op and without dumb torque bow)

by Marcus_Felix Jan 09, 2008

You all know General RAAM right? If your only on act 2 or trying to get past the berserker in act 1, RAAM is the locust you killed Kim with that sweet sword. Now to own him easy, let Dom do most of the work...ok stop laughing...seriously!...stop it!...DON'T MAKE ME GET THE BAT!!! Ok now your done. ok the kryll (black bats surrounding RAAM)are the only thing stoping you from owning him as easy as a boomer. Let Dom shoot him until the kryll leave. Then unload perfect reload clips of your COG chainsaw lancer (cuz its very fast) until the kryll come back. Keep doing that and RAAM will die before he can get halfway between where he starts and where you start. This works best on Casual, but also works on Hardcore. I'm not the best so I haven't finished Insane yet. Well I hope this helps you.

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Secret - My favorite gun (worth checking)

by Marcus_Felix Jan 09, 2008

My favorite gun is the guns that the snipers use in the beginning of chapter 5. (you can get it other places like the beginning of chapter 4 and throughout chapter 3). This is my favorite gun because it kills ALL enemys in 1 shot. (except berserkers, boomers, seeders, and obviously, RAAM). It also has a scope on it so you can get a headshot easy (you don't really need to do that though, not even on Theron Guards). The only bad things are its single shots and its limited ammo. THAT is why its my favorite gun!

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Unlockable - New 250 points Achievements

by cGub Nov 09, 2007

These new achivements requires the new update and is only for Annex mode and the Hidden Font. Maps

Unlockable:How to unlock:
All That Juice (30)Win 20 multiplayer matches of 3+ rounds in any game type on the Process multiplayer map
Green Thumb (30)Win 20 multiplayer matches of 3+ rounds in any game type on the Garden multiplayer map
Inconceivable (30)Win 20 rounds of multiplayer matches in Annex by fewer than 5 points
Mind the Gap (30)Win 20 multiplayer matches of 3+ rounds in any game type on the Subway multiplayer map
Nub Pwn3r (30)Win 20 rounds of multiplayer matches in Annex by shutting out the opposing team
Purdy Mouth (30)Win 20 multiplayer matches of 3+ rounds in any game type on the Bullet Marsh multiplayer map
THIS! IS! ANNEX! (40)Complete 100 multiplayer matches of 3+ rounds in Annex and capture 3 objectives in each match
You Down With E.P.I.C? (30)Win a multiplayer match of 3+ rounds in any game type on 6 different downloadable maps
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Secret - Easy Kill RAAM

by bmwgt117 Jul 23, 2007

Play co-op and have both people get a torque bow. use all your ammo on him. (at least 6 each). then one of you frag tag him and he will die.

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Easter Egg - Cog Tags

by Unregistered Jun 15, 2007

Look for a red Sign (gear of war sign Skull and bolt shape outside) There is a Cog Tag near your posistion

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Glitch - Float Back while Curb Stomping

by Pokemaster99 Jun 11, 2007

When you are curb stomping press A and X at the same time and then hold back.
Then while you are doing the actual stomping you will float backwards.

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Glitch - Walk The Dog

by Pokemaster99 Jun 11, 2007

This glitch only works in Warzone online when the enemy is down and at least one of your teammates alive.
First get any enemy down and make sure you have your lancer. Tell your team mate to get his pistol out.
Once you start to chainsaw the downed enemy, your teammate has to melee him twice as you chainsaw (shooting him twice works too).
This will not kill him but as you walk back the downed body will follow you.

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Hints - Finding COG tags

by Sk8er23 Apr 09, 2007

COG tags are placed throughout all 5 acts in Gears of War and if your trying to get the achievements than this may help. Ever see a red gear sign on the wall? And did you ever think that Microsoft put it in there to make the level cooler? Well, your wrong! That gear sign means that there is a COG tag nearby.

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Hints - Kill Beserkers Faster!!!

by Unregistered Mar 20, 2007

When you encounter a beserker (except the last one on the train) use the hammer of dawn, make it glow red and frag tag it, killing it instantly. Founded by OUTLAW V or OUTLAW 408 on xbox live

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Hints - Chainsaw over walls

by Unregistered Nov 28, 2006

When you are running low on ammo one of the best ways to kill your average Locust grub is to get up close and personal with your chainsaw and chop it in half. This also work over walls and cover. Run up them, by hold A, while they are reloading and get on the opposite side of the cover, press and hold B to activate your chainsaw and thats one less locust to worry about.

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Hints - Kill Raam!!!

by Unregistered Nov 21, 2006

If on co-op one person use the bow to shoot him, all his birds will just go crazy but not hurt you. The other person shoots him with the Gauntlet gun When the bids get off RAAM.
(do it a couple of times)

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Hints - Hints

by cGub Nov 16, 2006

Hint: Quick Reload
When reloading your weapon, watch the upper-right corner of the screen for a meter that counts down. Press the reload button a second time when the meter's moving bar matches up with the stationary bar. This will give you a super fast reload and put you back in the fight quicker than normal. However, if you mis-time the second button press your reload will take longer than normal.
Hint: Avoiding the Kryll
In the second chapter of the game, you'll be swarmed by enemy kryll if you so much as set foot in the dark. To avoid being attacked, stay in the light at all times. When there's no light in sight, look for propane canisters you can blow up to create some flames that'll scare off the kryll.
Hint: Regain Health
Unlike most games, you can regain all of your health in Gears of War without the need for health packs. Simple stay in cover for a few seconds and watch as the bright-red gear in the center of the screen fades away. When the gear has comlpetely disappears, your health will be completely full.
Hint: Fighting the Wretches
When fighting wretches--the small, shrieking enemies that don't use weapons--attack with melee strikes. The best melee strikes come from weapons other than your grenades and Lancer chainsaw rifle. The chainsaw attack is too slow to combat the swarming wretches, so stick to quick-hit melee punches for instant kills.
Hint: Finding Cog Tags
There are thirty hidden Cog Tags scattered throughout the game. They're small and sometimes hard to find, but there's a a mark you can look out for that'll make finding the Cog Tags easier. Look for large, red Gear logos pasted on the walls--if you find a room with this large Gear logo, examine the room and you're sure to find a Cog Tag somewhere.
Hint - Berserker Beat Down (Then Beat Yourself Down)
To defeat the Beserker at the end of act one, simply dive to the side when she charges at you. Run through the doorway to your right and continue to the door at the end of the room and face your back to it. Get the Berserkers attention by shooting at her or revving the chainsaw then, dive away at the last moment when she charges causing her to break the door down for you.

Continue this to get through the next two doors. When you finally lure her into the courtyard simply use the Hammer of Dawn twice to take her down. If Dom is killed the mission is over, so revive him if he's knocked down.

The second one in Act 4 is defeated similarly. Defeating the second... 

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