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Gears of War 2 Cheats :

This page contains Gears of War 2 cheats list for XBOX 360 version. Now we have 29 cheats in our list, which includes 3 cheats codes, 8 unlockables, 5 easter eggs, 5 glitches, 8 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Gears of War 2 on XBOX 360 platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Code - Beat your enemy as easy as eating a pie

by princepoke Mar 23, 2009

wile you are figthing do this to win faster

B while holding the Torque BowBow whack
X while holding any weponCurb Stom
Y while holding the Torque BowDecapitation
B while holding the shotgunGolf Club Kill
Y while holding the boomshieldShield smash
B while holding the longshot sniper riflesniper whack
Y while holding the longshot sniper riflesniper sledgehammer
Y while holding the shotgunpunch combo
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Code - Auto shotgun

by WALKA413 Jun 25, 2010

Go to a map like blood drive and bring a lancer and a friend(custom) first throw a smoke and switch to you lancer then to your shotgun quickly and back to your lancer on your screen you have a lancer on anybodys but hosts u have a shotgun and when u shoot it's automatic if u have trouble and want In game help send me a message my gamertag is walkawalkawalk and if I get on I will help u ps I no almost every glitch that isn't patched so hit me up

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Secret - Hint: Difficulty Help

by megamanfreak123 Dec 05, 2008

If you want to beat the game on Insane Difficulty but are having trouble, try the following. Start each chapter on Casual Difficulty after having unlocked Insane Difficulty. Then, before reaching the final checkpoint on any given chapter, switch the difficulty over from Casual to Insane. Then, finish the chapter. The game will record that you’ve completed that particular chapter on Insane Difficulty, even though you played a vast majority of the chapter on Casual Difficulty.

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Unlockable - Bonus multiplayer skins

by cGub Dec 26, 2008

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding skin in Multiplayer mode.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Anthony CarmineSuccessfully complete Act 1 in the original Gears Of War.
Dizzy WallinSuccessfully complete Act 1 in Single Player mode.
KantusSuccessfully complete Act 2 in Single Player mode.
Tai KalisoSuccessfully complete Act 3 in Single Player mode.
Flame GrenadierSuccessfully complete Act 4 in Single Player mode.
SkorgeSuccessfully complete Act 5 in Single Player mode.
Lt. Minh Young KimFind 10 COG tags in the original Gears Of War.
RAAMDefeat RAAM in the original Gears Of War on Hardcore difficulty.
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Secret - Where's Carmine

by GrizSelber Jun 15, 2009

Ok well I'm not really sure how it happened but when your in the Hollow and your about to go up the towner with the patrol on the side. The one where Marcus is saying "Anyone need sniper practice". Well at one point Carmine might try to jump over the rockworm and instead of getting over it he's on top off it! And when the worm goes in to his cave instead of Carmine getting pushed off he will go inside the cave with him! But you havn't lost him forever, later when you reach the top and then the cheackpoint happens he will spawn infront of you

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Easter Egg - Who wants Toast?

by pokemonmasterjustin Dec 25, 2012

On Act IV, Chapter 5, in the middle of the level, before heading down the spiral staircase to head to the Queen's room, take an immediate left. If you go all the way to the edge of the half-oval space, there will be a little box with a Locust symbol on it. Shoot it, and there will be a little purple toaster that pops out. Press X, And some burning toast will pop out of it.

Also, Marcus will give a little dialogue saying, "Who wants toast?"

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Code - Secret room

by bonehead3 Jun 20, 2011

u need a shotgun and ink greanade hored wave 25 hook the greanade to the floor and shoot it u have to be cole train tho

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Secret - Day one Horde tip

by ckjkj Dec 13, 2010

On day one, there are 2 sniper platforms where you have to walk up stairs to get to, each with cycling weapons. One has a mortar and hammer of dawn, and the other has a sniper / torque bow. If you set a Boomshield where the path curves round to the sniper spawns, the Boomers and Grinders get stuck. the only enemies which can get past are the Drones, which aren't very common in the higher levels. even if the shield fails, he Boomers cant climb over the barricade which leads to another area. this got me to level 38 in the horde without dying once.

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Glitch - Ride a bloodmount

by ckjkj Dec 13, 2010

This glitch was supposed to be kept a secret between me and my friend but since this glitch hasn't been spread yet i'll tell you this is a really old glitch. Okay first of all in horde pick wave 10 on Gridlock then get a boom shield and place it on the stairs after when you see a bloodmount kill the locust that's riding him but don't kill the bloodmount instead let him live just mantle over the shield and you should land on his back. Once your on him he will start to run around with you on him theres no way to get off of him you can't even shoot him so you'll just have to throw a grenade it won't kill you but you'll be downed but not out, or have a teammate shoot him and that's it i don't know if this glitch was fixed by the fourth title update but you can still try it.

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Easter Egg - The Silver Toaster

by ckjkj Dec 13, 2010

During act four you will receive the objective "Make your way down to the Palace." Once you get this you will come to a small area willed with ammo, which Cole will refer to as "Juice". There will be a small cube which can be blasted open, Inside is a silver toaster, activating it will start some pretty funny dialogue.

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Glitch - Special veiw

by EJ1275 Jul 21, 2009

When you have died and you are waiting to spawn(Annex,king Of The Hill,Submisson,Gardian)
Keep on pressing rt or lt so you switch player screens.When you have respawned quickly press lb and a multi coluered screen will pop up instead of a grey screen.

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Glitch - Past the laser glitch

by Unregistered Feb 19, 2009

go to a laser on security make your back face the laser then throw a smoke gernade without dieing

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Easter Egg - Easter Egg: WHO WANTS TOAST?

by ObviousOblivion Jan 07, 2009

In Chapter 4, Section 5, before you descend the staircase from the room with the two ammo boxes, there will be a large container. Shoot or hit it open to reveal a toaster with two pieces of bread in it. Press X and Marcus will pull the toaster and the pieces of toast will go in. Wait a few seconds and black smoke will arise from the toaster, then the toast will pop back out and triggers a hilarious moment with Marcus and Dom

[After toast pops up]


Dom: I like em crispy!

Marcus: I like em crispy on the outside...


(Note: Sometimes the second half dialogue will not be spoken if Marcus is aiming his weapon or is moving around. So be still and do not aim your weapon for your best chance to hear the whole dialogue.)

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Secret - Kick em' when they're down achievement

by Unregistered Jul 31, 2009

NAME / button / weapon
1.torquapitation / Y / torque bow
2.sniper head smash/ B / sniper
3.snipe hammer / Y / sniper
4.shotty driver / B / shotgun
5.pistol whip / Y / boltok pistol
6.curb stomp / X / any
7.lights out buddy/ Y / any weapon not listed
8.neck twister / A then X/ any
9.back breaker / B / lancer
10.boomshield headache/Y / boomshield
11.shwing / B / torque bow

remember. keep your head down.

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Easter Egg - Cowboy Hat & yehaw corpser.

by Daniel26 Jun 19, 2009

On insane Go to the level where you first meet Dizzy on the rig. whwn the level begins go to the edge of the rig in the back facing the barn. look for a cow boy hat and shoot it with your pistol.( HAS TO BE A PISTOL) Marcus should say "That's one" then go to the opposite side ther should be water tank like things look for the second cowboy hat. shoot it with the pistol .( HAS TO BE A PISTOL) he should "That's two". finally look for the last hat close by the last water tank looking thing shoot it WITH THE PISOL" marcus and the entire crew onboard should have cowboy hats and marcus should say"Yehaaaaw" continue to the corpser that comes out of the ground. he doesn't attack but he has a cow boy hat and says yehaaw.

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Secret - Almost invicible

by Unregistered Jan 05, 2009

if you see a boom sheild whack it and quickly pick it up and change your gun at the same time to use that gun whith the boomsheild.

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Unlockable - Achievements

by cGub Oct 31, 2008

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:
Green as Grass (10 points): Train the rook (any difficulty).
It's a Trap! (10 points): Story progression in Act 1, Chapter 2.
Escort Service (10 points): Story progression in Act 1, Chapter 4.
Girl About Town (10 points): Story progression in Act 1, Chapter 6.
That Sinking Feeling (10 points): Story progression in Act 2, Chapter 4.
Freebaird! (10 points): Story progression in Act 2, Chapter 5.
Heartbroken (10 points): Story progression in Act 2, Chapter 6.
Longitude and Attitude (10 points): Story progression in Act 3, Chapter 3.
Tanks for the Memories (10 points): Story progression in Act 3, Chapter 4.
Water Sports (10 points): Story progression in Act 3, Chapter 6.
There's a Time for Us (10 points): Story progression in Act 4, Chapter 2.
Better Wrapped in Beacon (10 points): Story progression in Act 4, Chapter 3.
Have Fun Storming the Castle (10 points): Story progression in Act 4, Chapter 6.
And the Horse You Rode in On (10 points): Story progression in Act 5, Chapter 1.
You Are the Support, Son (10 points): Story progression in Act 5, Chapter 2.
Brumak Rodeo (10 points): Story progression in Act 5, Chapter 4.
Does This Look Infected to You? (10 points): Story progression in Act 5, Chapter 5.
Tourist of Duty (25 points): Complete all campaign acts on Casual Difficulty.
Guerilla Tactician (50 points): Complete all campaign acts on Normal Difficulty.
Artist of War (75 points): Complete all campaign acts on Hardcore Difficulty.
Suicide Missionary (150 points): Complete all campaign acts on Insane Difficulty.
Collector (5 points): Recover 5 collectibles (any difficulty).
Pack Rat (15 points): Recover 20 collectibles (any difficulty).
Completionist (30 points): Recover all 41 collectibles (any difficulty).
One-Night Stand (10 points): Complete 1 chapter in co-op on any difficulty (Marcus or Dom).
Open Relationship (30 points): Complete 10 chapters in co-op on any difficulty (Marcus or Dom).
Friends with Benefits (50 points): Complete all acts in co-op on any difficulty (Marcus or Dom).
Once More, With Feeling (10 points): Perform 30 perfect active reloads (any mode).
Takes a Licking (30 points): Melee 30 Tickers (any mode).
Organ Grinder (10 points): Kill 30 enemies with a cover mounted Mulcher (any mode).
Shock and Awe (10 points): Kill 30 enemies with the heavy Mortar (any mode).
Said the Spider... 

continue →

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Secret - Boom sheild glitch

by cheifanator Apr 02, 2010

Go on day one and go to the stairs (note this for dirty dirty hoard badge) with boom sheild this is the trickey part get boom sheild and put it 2 the middle and no one can pass but team mates and rarely little grubs (sorry forgot what there called)

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Glitch - Sire hand glitch

by megalodon17 Sep 14, 2009

Go on horde (i recamend that u go on the map day one) and shoot of a sires hand then aim over it

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Glitch - Glows like a candle.

by megalodon17 Sep 14, 2009

On horde on level 4-5 shoot a locaust till hes down and watch him glow (make sure no one else is around him to revive.)

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Secret - Clearing all 50 waves with 2-3 people.

by mulamp Aug 10, 2010

There is a small tunnel in the central area of Pavilion which leads to a Boomshield and there is an ammo supply near the entrance. You can simply plant the shield in the middle of the tunnel and that is enough to prevent most, if not all enemies from entering. This is very useful from preventing heavy attackers such as bloodmounts, butchers and maulers. It is possible to hold all 50 waves from this position.

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Secret - Carry over weapons

by mulamp Aug 10, 2010

In Horde, starting a new wave clears all the weapons dropped by enemies so if you want to carry over heavy weapons such as mulchers boomshields or mortars, pick them up and carry them until the new wave of enemies appear. This way, you can still get a new copy of the weapon if it is one of the default weapons of the map or have the advantage of having extra firepower at the start of the wave.

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Easter Egg - Jack Thompson

by mulamp Aug 10, 2010

Enter the arcade room on the "Day One" multiplayer map with a character or the Ghost Cam. One of the fake arcade machines is entitled "Murder Simulator", a jab at attorney Jack Thompson, who often labeled Gears Of War (among other games) a "murder simulator".

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Unlockable - Unlock Insane Difficulty

by megamanfreak123 Dec 05, 2008

To unlock the Insane Difficulty level, complete the game once through on any difficulty setting previously available

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Unlockable - Unlock RAAM

by megamanfreak123 Dec 05, 2008

To unlock RAAM for use in multiplayer, have the “A Dish Best Served Cold” achievement on your hard drive from the original Gears of War.

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