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Gears of War 3 Cheats :

This page contains Gears of War 3 cheats list for XBOX 360 version. Now we have 8 cheats in our list, which includes 2 cheats codes, 6 unlockables. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Gears of War 3 on XBOX 360 platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

WeApon Skin Unlockables

by reader45 Oct 21, 2011

These skins can be unlocked by earning achievements or ribbons

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Chrome LancerEarn the "Don't Hate The Player" achievement in "Gears of War."
Gold GnasherUnlock the Veteran Gear achievement in "Gears of War 2."
Gold HammerburstHave the Gold Hammerburst from "Gears of War 2" or play a multiplayer match of "Gears of War 3" in the first week.
Gold Lancer.Have the Gold Lancer from "Gears of War 2" or play a multiplayer match of "Gears of War 3" in the first week.
Gold Omen Weapon SetReach level 100 in "Gears of War 3."
Gold Retro LancerUnlocked in "Gears of War 3" beta for getting 100 kills with the Gold Retro Lancer.
Gold Sawed-OffUnlock the Commando achievement in "Gears of War."
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UnLockable Mutators

by azure.eyes Sep 27, 2011

Mutators are special option allowing certain changes to be made to the game as you play. To unlock these, just complete each task below to the corresponding Mutators

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Big ExplosionsIn any mode, unlock the Hail Mary ribbon 100 times.
Big HeadIn Horde Mode, unlock the Gold Horder medal.
CometIn Versus Mode, unlock the Gold Shock Trooper medal.
Enemy RegenerationIn Arcade Mode, unlock the Silver Afficianado medal.
Flower BloodIn Arcade Mode, unlock the Silver King of Cog medal.
Friendly FireIn Co-op Campaign, complete the co-op campaign with four players.
Infinite AmmoIn Horde Mode, unlock the Combat Engineer ribbon 100 times.
Instagib MeleeIn Beast Mode, play as a Wretch and score 200 kills.
Laugh TrackUnlock the Bronze Tour of Duty, For the Horde, I’m a Beast, and Warmonger medals.
Must Active ReloadUnlock the Silver Active Reloader medal.
PinataIn Beast Mode, unlock the Gold Investor medal.
Super ReloadIn Versus Mode, unlock the Bronze Master at Arms medal.
VampireIn Versus Mode, unlock the Executioner ribbon 100 times.
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UnLockable Xbox Live Avatar Rewards

by maxcooldude59 Sep 23, 2011

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Horde ShirtGet the "Welcome to Horde mode" achievement for beating Horde mode.
Locust Drone MaskGet the "Welcome to Beast Mode" achievement for beating Beast mode.
Marcus' Doo-ragBeat the campaign on any difficulty.
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UnLockable Locust Multiplayer Characters

by ziggyrulesu Sep 23, 2011

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Beast RiderReach Level 5.
Flame GrenadierReach Level 26.
Golden HunterReceive the gold Master-at-Arms medal.
Golden MinerReceive the gold Rifleman medal.
GrenadierReach Level 39.
HunterReach Level 8.
Hunter EliteReach Level 60.
KantusReceive the gold Medic medal.
MinerReach Level 3.
Savage Grenadier ElitePreorder code from Walmart.
Savage KantusPreorder code from
SniperReceive the bronze Headshot medal.
SpotterReach Level 20.
Theron GuardReach Level 12.
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UnLockable COG Characters

by razadaza Sep 23, 2011

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Aaron GriffinReceive the Big Money Onyx Medal or “Like” the Gears of War 3 Facebook page to get an unlock code.
Adam FenixPreorder code with purchase of the Gears of War 3 Limited or Epic Edition.
Anthony CarmineReach Level 75.
Benjamin CarmineReach Level 34.
Chairman PrescottReceive the silver Allfathers medal.
Civilian AnyaReach Level 45.
Classic BairdReach Level 30.
Classic ColeReach Level 23.
Classic DomReach Level 17.
Classic MarcusFinish the campaign on any difficulty level.
Clayton CarmineReach Level 14.
COG GearReach Level 2.
Cole TrainPlay the multiplayer beta.
Colonel HoffmanReach Level 50.
Commando DomPreorder code from GameStop.
Dizzy WallinReach Level 7.
Golden GearReceive the bronze War Supporter medal.
Jace StrattonReach Level 10.
Mechanic BairdPreorder code from Best Buy.
Samantha ByrneReach Level 4.
Superstar ColeReceive the gold MVP medal.
Unarmored MarcusReceive the silver Veteran medal.
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by vvvvvvvvvvvvv Sep 21, 2011

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Ain't My First Rodeo (50)Complete all campaign Acts on Hardcore Difficulty (Standard or Arcade).
All for One, One for All (10)Earn the Bronze "Force Multiplier" medal.
Anvil Gate's Last Resort (10)Story Progression in Act 3 Chapter 1 (Standard or Arcade).
Award Winning Tactics (25)Earn at least one Onyx medal.
Baird's Favorite Kind of Toy (10)Story Progression in Act 4 Chapter 5 (Standard or Arcade).
Brothers to the End (10)Story Progression in Act 3 Chapter 5 (Standard or Arcade).
Collector (5)Recover 5 Campaign Collectibles (any difficulty, Standard or Arcade).
Enriched and Fortified (10)Complete all 50 waves of Horde mode (any difficulty, any map).
First Among Equals (25)Earn the Silver "Number 1" medal.
Hoarder (15)Recover all 42 Campaign Collectibles (any difficulty, Standard or Arcade).
It's All About the Loot! (25)Earn the Bronze "Loot Courtesan" medal.
Judge, Jury and Executioner (10)Get a kill with every possible execution finishing move (any mode).
Lambency (50)Execute an Epic employee, or someone who already has Lambency, in Versus multiplayer (any mode).
Level 10 (10)Reach level 10.
Level 15 (15)Reach level 15.
Level 25 (25)Reach level 25.
Level 5 (5)Reach level 5.
Level 50 (50)Reach level 50.
Look at That, Instant Summer. (10)Story Progression in Act 5 Chapter 2 (Standard or Arcade).
Lost Your Good Driver Discount (10)Story Progression in Act 3 Chapter 3 (Standard or Arcade).
Marcus, It's Your Father (5)Story Progression in Prologue (Standard or Arcade).
My Fellow Gears (50)Complete all Campaign Acts in Co-op (any difficulty, Standard or Arcade).
My Turf! Cougars Territory! (10)Story Progression in Act 1 Chapter 5 (Standard or Arcade).
Oh Yeah, It's Pirate Time (10)Story Progression in Act 2 Chapter 5 (Standard or Arcade).
Ok. Faith. Yeah. Got It. (10)Story Progression in Act 5 Chapter 5 (Standard or Arcade).
Okay, Now We Find Hoffman (10)Story Progression in Act 2 Chapter 1 (Standard or Arcade).
Pack Rat (10)Recover 20 Campaign Collectibles (any difficulty, Standard or Arcade).
Putting it Scientifically… (10)Story Progression in Act 1 Chapter 6 (Standard or Arcade).
Ready for More (50)Complete all campaign Acts on Casual or Normal Difficulty (Standard or Arcade).
Remember the Fallen (15)Recover all 15 COG Tags during the Campaign (any difficulty, Standard or Arcade).
Respect for the Dead (5)Your respect for the dead earned you access to Griffin's special weapons stash.
Seriously 3.0 (100)Reach level 100 and earn every Onyx medal.

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