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Grand Theft Auto IV Cheats :

This page contains Grand Theft Auto IV cheats list for XBOX 360 version. Now we have 29 cheats in our list, which includes 3 easter eggs, 10 glitches, 16 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Grand Theft Auto IV on XBOX 360 platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

$100 for all ringtones and themes

by mulamp Aug 09, 2010

After acquiring the phone from Playboy X, go to the nearest Internet cafe. Buy all of the ringtones and themes from the ringtones site. Log out of the computer and you will notice that you only paid $100 for all ringtones and themes.

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by alexsu22 Jul 22, 2009

This really does work and it only took me one try to do it!!! All u have to do is spawn an annhilator go to the second tallest building in liberty city. Once on spawn a motorcycle half inside the building half out. Get on the motorcycle and drive barley inside the building then spawn a car any car. Then drive off the side and u should land under the city. Sometimes it may appear u back on the street though but that usually only happens when ur on foot or an a motorcycle. so good Luck!!

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BuIlding Glitch

by Unregistered Jan 24, 2012

so you go to the building with the lights(not the empire state building) and on one of the sides you go in and go down slow with the helicopter and your under the city

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UnDer the map

by WoWfan001 Jul 25, 2011

First you will need an annihilator police helicopter, then you need to fly to the abandoned theme park in Firefly Island I think. On the west coast is a go-kart track, and there is a building with a picture on it. Fly the annihilator straight into the right corner (looking at it from above the track) where the wall meets the floor. If done correctly, you will enter a blue hell where there is nothing beneath you and 2D buildings above you. You can fly anywhere, but I have never tried flying upwards, into the floor. You can see this glitch on YouTube, just type "gta 4 spongebob glitch" and you should find it.

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by appleboydaniel Oct 25, 2010

When your car has broken down and Niko starts to say "come on start" just call 911 and then hang up, and then your car should be working.

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FuN fair glitch ! XD

by bigbush1 May 10, 2010

Go to hove beach fun fair and next to the ferris wheel theres a red web like struckture go on it with chopper and you cant fall through the holes so bust out the sniper and do your thing if this was help full comment pls

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2nD under the city glitch

by alexsu22 Jul 27, 2009

Get a car and go in the subway. Go to where the train picks up people and park halfway in front of it and halfway on the wall. It should start to push u then flip u and u should either appear on the street or under the city!! so good luck!!

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SeCret red room and under the game

by Assassinman21 Sep 16, 2010

if you go to the hospital that you can go inside go straight in then turn right then right agen theres a window with something infront of it jump into it a couple of times youl go through the window and be in the room

you can walk around the hospital but underneath and around the city :D enjoy this glitch and i hope it helps

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SwIngset launcher

by WoWfan001 Jul 25, 2011

Activating this glitch causes a swingset to launch you and your car into the stratosphere using nothing but physics.

First, steal an average car, people carriers are too heavy to be launched more than a few metres and sports cars are too light to activate the glitch. Then, drive to the child's play park in Firefly projects, south of Mohegan avenue. You will see a slide set, and two swingsets to the left or right of the slide set (the set on the "left" is actually north-east of the slide set, and the swing set on the "right" is actually south-east). It is possible to launch using the swing set on the right but the slide set usually gets in the way and the results are less satisfying. Maneuver your car into the play park, trying not to damage it against the fences or bins. Doing this will change the shape of your car, thus changing the results of the launch. Drive past the slide set to the swing set on the LEFT. Then, slowly, ever so slowly, drive your car onto the middle support pole. Your car will begin to slide down the pole if you stop, so keep holding down RT slightly. The swings will begin to thrash about, then suddenly your car will be thrust into the sky. If your car was average and it sustained no damage prior to the launch, you should be launched a generous distance, landing in the Hove Beach area, near Outlook Park. Post-launch your car will be heavily damaged and refuse to start. Have fun :)

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WaLk in thin air!!! Awesome-

by alexsu22 Jul 27, 2009

Go to the airport and find the red spinning satellite. Spawn an annhilator fly above and jump out on top of it. U should be able to walk in thin air around the satellite but dont walk to far or splat!! so good luck!!

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