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Grand Theft Auto IV Review :

Grand Theft Auto IV

by ch4r1z4rd Aug 03, 2012

Hello fellow gamers! My name is ch4r1z4rd and this is my very first article on Grand Theft Auto IV is a great game for both the diehard fans of the series, and newcomers. Rockstar did an overall amazing job with Grand Theft Auto IV. The game tells the story of Niko Bellic: A European man looking to escape his past by moving into Liberty City. Alongside his cousin, Roman, Niko gets himself into some sticky situations. If you want to know more, you'll have to play for yourself! Like every other game, Grand Theft Auto IV has it's fair share of pros and cons. Let's dive right in, shall we?

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10Story line
The storyline was perfect. There were many twists and turns within the story. The suspense will keep you at the edge of your seat!
The graphics were phenomenal, especially compared to previous Grand Theft Auto games. Star Junction perfectly symbolizes Times Square. The Statue of Happiness perfectly represents the Statue of Liberty. So on, so forth...
The sound was solid. Every single part of Liberty City, including the cars, had it's own distinct sound.
Gameplay was, like previous GTA games, acceptable. There was a wide variety of vehicles. However, I feel there could've been a wider variety of weapons. For example, in San Andreas, CJ could use a katana, chainsaw, and even a bouquet of flowers as weapons.
9Lasting Appeal
The lasting appeal is great, mostly due to how free the game is. Even after you beat the game, there are still many things to do to keep you occupied.
(Out of 10)


ktourtillott2    wrote on nov 04, 2012 10:25 am

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