Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Achievements

 [ XBOX 360 ]

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Achievements :

This page contains Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Achievements list for XBOX 360 version.We have description of 50 Achievements right now. Also you can find at this page guides about reaching these Achievements are written by our users. Of course you can make some own guides for any Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Achievements.

The Trickster

Unleashed Warrior Johnny (Quest)

The Dynamo

Liberate Warrior Echo (Quest)

Lucifer's Accountant

Beat any song with a final score which is evenly divisible by 6 (QP+)

The Siren

Recruit Warrior Judy (Quest)

The Recluse

Invoke Warrior Austin (Quest)

Axe Claimer

Regain the Legendary Guitar (Quest)

Anthemic Archivist

Expand your song library to at least 115 songs of any type. Be creative!

Stellar Centurion

Deploy Star Power a total of 100 times (Quest)

The Exalted

Summon Warrior Pandora (Quest)

The Brute

Release Warrior Lars (Quest)

The Vigil

Charm Warrior Casey (Quest)

The Eternal

Awaken Warrior Axel (Quest)

Divine Liberator

Free the Demigod of Rock (Quest)

Savior of Rock

Defeat the scourge of Rock (Quest)

Gold Master

As a single player, earn Gold or higher on three or more Challenges on a single play of a song (QP+)

Amateur Astrologer

Earned 100 Stars in QP+

Altered Virtuoso

Dominated a song in Quest

Diamond Master

Earned Diamond on 2 challenges at once

Manager of Fate

5-starred 5 chosen songs

Player of the Ear Worm

Played any song 10 times

Gold Standard

As a Standard Band, earn Gold or higher on 2 Band Challenges in a single play of a song (QP+)

Pseudo Perfectionist

Dominated 2 chapters

Gem Collector

Hit 75,000 notes in Quest

Quick Learner

Full-Comboed a tutorial exercise

Patron of the Arts

Supported the GH(tm)Tracks community

Motivated Improviser

Laid down 100 notes in GH(tm)Jam

Partial Perfectionist

Dominated 4 chapters

Accomplished Astrologer

Earned 500 Stars in QP+

Apostates of Orthodoxy

5-starred as a Medium Non-Standard Band

Self Improver

Target your own score on a Challenge and earn a higher grade than you did previously (Local QP+)

Champion of Challenges

Target another person's score on any Challenge and earn a higher grade than they did (Local QP+)

Giant Slayer

Withstood the Punishment

Tracker of Deeds

Follow any five Hero Feed items (Xbox LIVE only)

Mocker of Fate

5-starred 5 random songs

Mythical Millionaire

Scored over a million in a Power Challenge

Perfect Perfectionist

Dominated all character chapters

Adept Astrologer

Earned 1000 Stars in QP+

Nauseous Numerologist

Earned an elite score

Hand Mutilator

Survived the Black Widow

Mathematic Sharpshooters

Earned a band score ending in 000

Scions of Excess

Maxed out the multiplier

Gem Hoarder

Hit 150,000 notes in Quest

Poor Boys

Faced the Truth

String Twins

Guitarist and Bassist tied

Seasoned Competitor

Tried out some Competitive games

The Meek

Stood up to Father Brown

Bearers of the Standard

5-starred as a Medium Standard Band

Ace Astrologer

Earned 2000 Stars in QP+

Chosen One

Endured the Storm

Ultimate Answerer

Earned all there is

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