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Halo 3 Cheats :

This page contains Halo 3 cheats list for XBOX 360 version. Now we have 90 cheats in our list, which includes 14 easter eggs, 23 glitches, 53 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Halo 3 on XBOX 360 platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

LiFt with a covenant ship

by fable96 Mar 29, 2010

When you have shut down the last tower on the level the covenant a green covenant ship comes outside. Jump in 2 it and lift with it but after a while you slowly fall in the water

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CoOkie Monster

by Lugia27 Dec 26, 2007

If you complete a level by punching every single guy dead, no shooting, just punching, then the next level a grunt will be on your team. He is invincible and is named the cookie monster. I have tried this many times and IT ONLY WORKS IF YOU KILL EVERY SINGLE GUY BY MELEE.

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InFection cheat on longshore

by KILALAVA389 Jul 07, 2010

When playing infection on the map longshore "mythic" get a rocket lancher and go to the life rafts shoot them into the water. wait afew secounds and jump on and you float away to saftey.

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TeAbagging the Prophet of Truth

by kingviper37 Mar 11, 2009

If you teabag Truths dead body a couple of times it will fall through the platform its on and fall into the place under it. When its under the platform then you can see it through the steps but you can't shoot it or throw grenades in there, this works with all bodies on the platform.

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GoIng under water and not dying

by DylanGoGame Jul 08, 2010

Go to the first level (Sierra 117) and go to the first rally point which is when you get to use grenades for the first time in the game. You can dive into the water and not drown you will be able to walk around under water. It's not the most fun glitch in the world but it was exiting to me at first. Hope you enjoy it!

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FlOod jonhnson

by xhloking4lifex Jun 15, 2010

If u play halo (the last mission of halo 3) untill u have to kill spark 343 then kill johnson right before u enter when u kill spark. after, johnson will be attacked by those spiders and he will be a part of the flood

PS he will still be in the cutscene.

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HoW to get the arbiter help u beat the scarabs

by xhloking4lifex Jun 10, 2010

First u play the convenont map and go until u gut to the part where the arbiter gets on the ship. then get the tank and blow up the ship and the arbiter should get out. then go up to him with the tank and he will get in the turret and he will help u kill the enimies.

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FlY off maps (forge only)

by smoochum123 Jul 14, 2009

First create a ghost,warthog,wraith, or scorpion

fly real high and drop 1 of the 4 things and drop it and just be4 it hits u turn human
and let the ghost,warthog,wraith, or scorpion fall on u u may die

NOTE:u may fly 2 hi and when u drop it it will go poof but just make another 1 and
umay not get hit by the ghost

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by l33makky Apr 16, 2009

1.go to the elephant and fill it up with fusion coils and plasma batteries so you have none of them left

2.go to the forge ball and go onto fusion coils so its highlited and press x,set runtime minimum and run time maximum to its highest number

3.do the same but with the plasma battery

4.now go to human mode and stand at least 3-5 metres away from the elephant and shoot the fusion coils and shoot them,if done correctly the elephant should fly

have fun elephant flying!

top tip:this worthwhile and is great for your file share

i will soon be putting on glitches for ghost recon advanced warfighter 2 and
lord of the rings:battle for middle earth 2

thanks for looking at this and goodbye :)

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InVisable master chief

by xhloking4lifex Jul 19, 2010

We all know the glitch on the covenant where after u disable the 2nd tower when the arbiter and spark 343 get on the ship go on and quickly kill the elite on the plasma turret get on the turret and wait and u will turn invisible and still on the turret

PS the ship wont move

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TrOugh the window!

by Unregistered Feb 11, 2010

Ever wondered how to get through those windows in halo
well ive figured it out. (must be done in forge
you need at least 2 players in the game (works on xbox live as well as split screen) get one player to turn into an editor (or what ever you call it) get him to make a machine gun and than he must put it on the ground so that the other player can mount onto it.
now the editor must lift the machine gun with the other guy on it up to the window now you must place the machinegun on to the window so that the end is pointing straight.
now you need to concentrate some times you can get stuck in the window. the player mounted on the gun must look up so that there body goes through the window. now quick ly turn into a editor and back (press up twice on the d pad). now you should be through finnaly. you can also use this trick with some fences and walls!!!. you cant do this on every window. if you cant do this with a friend than sometimes you can position the gun just right and still be able to go through. if you die randomly out side dont worry its just something bungie put in there to screw it all up for us.

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FlY off the edge and fly covenet

by Unregistered Aug 26, 2009

Goto lvl covenet and fight thru the scrabs then when they r gone there the edge its hard to get to but easy when u get the hang of it go up the side is tan (note have to have a ride) fall off and you will see a steep hill go up it and jump off and it should keep u in the air if u want to fly stay in the car and then get out it might fall but stay there and have fun(the only way to get out is to die ro start from save

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FlIp elephant

by smoochum123 May 18, 2009

1.try 2 find all plasma batteries and fusion coils and by them
2.set all of them next 2 the elephant note: don't let them roll away
3.shoot them with spartan lazer or throw granade spike prefered

NOTE:may not work with granade

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MaKe a blimp in forge mode

by Doom_Guy_07 Jun 30, 2011

To make a blimp in forge mode you will need an open shipping container, a deployable grav lift, and a deplyable cover. first you put the shipping container where the open part is on top, then you throw the grav lift in the center now all you do is jump in and throw the cover on the grav lift.Have fun but watch your head. this works best on the level with the big fan in the center.

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DeStroy pelican on seria 117

by xhloking4lifex Jul 28, 2010

On the end (after the pelican destroys both phantoms when the pelican comes toword u throw a plasma gernade and sometimes it will go through it and kill the driver and the pelican will crash.


heres a link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKbz0Y4TVkQz

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LiFt with pelican

by xhloking4lifex Jun 15, 2010

On the covenant on co-op when the pelican drops of the warthog go in front of it and get on the rock. then jump on the pelican and have 1 person go to finish the map and it will take u out of the map

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ScReen peeking.

by Daniel26 Jun 19, 2009

On the level sandtrap go yo the building connected by a bridge, (the one with the gravity hammer on it) from ther got othe side where there are ledges go to the one nearest to the gravity hammer zoom in and you can see in the corner of the floor your opponents screen

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3 Hit kill hunter

by Unregistered Jan 10, 2008

theres a glitch that on hunters backs if u bud wack it 2wice there will be a gap then u simply get back and throw a plasma grenade and it has to be a plasma

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whY am i here?

by Unregistered Jan 10, 2008

This is actualy fo halo 2. Firs set up split screen multiplayer. go to beaver creek. go under the ledge where the rocketlauncher is. there should be some rocks maley them of the ledge. there should be what looks likea scorch mark that says why am i here. if not go to all the ledges and try it. there you go. :~)

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taNk batle

by chopnsueu Nov 05, 2007

first, go to forge,thenbuy a tank, let one person stand on the ground, spin the tank and the other person dies, me and my friends had lots of fun u too!!!!!!!

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by Daniel26 Nov 13, 2007

On the level Covenant there is a glitch that lets you float note(when you float you must die to get back up)First go to level selct and select The level The Covenant then select point Bravo or the second one. Then after you beat the scarabs go to the edge of the cliff and jump off with a vehicale then while the vehicale is floating get out and your floating!!!!!!!!

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FlYing mongooses

by chopnsueu Nov 05, 2007

First, go to the map were there is 2 power gravity things that make u fly, than, put a gravity lift........ oh wait go to forge than do all this stuff. Anyways put a gravity lift in front of the gravity thing maybe like a couple inches farther in each gravity thing. then ride a mongoose over the gravity thing and u should go back and forth. have fun!!!P.S BEWARE IF THERE 2 OF U GOIN AT THE SAME TIME YOULL BOTH DIE

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UnLimited Money

by Unregistered Sep 05, 2008


Go to this URL to see the Unlimited Money Glitch.
Credits to:
Delta MisFit
Srgnt Sprinkles
Chris Laws
Dr Chillie

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