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Halo 3 Review :

GSP - Halo 3

by AlexGETsomePIE Sep 16, 2010

Halo 3 is one of the best FPS's to date. I guess I should start with the campaign. You basically start out shooting. There isn't much of a tutorial, and after watching a cutscene you are thrown into a jungle environment where you walk for a bit then immediately start unloading on enemies. Enemies are rewarding to kill, most take 3-4 shots to kill or 1-2 shots in the head. It's not as fast-paced as some other games due to this, but it makes every kill even more fun. You have regenerating health, which means if you get shot a few too many times, you can duck behind a rock and as long as you don't get shot for about 5 seconds your health will return to normal. There are many environments to play through, which means that you won't get tired of seeing the same old thing. The campaign is great, but the multiplayer is the real highlight of the game.

Next up is the multiplayer. This is probably the part of the game that is the best. There is forge, where you are able to make your own maps to play. This allows so many possibilities for different types of games from racetracks to shoot-outs. You can spawn things such as boxes, weapons, powerups, and about 20 scenery items per map. The controls in forge are hard at first, but once you get the feel for them it won't be a problem. Custom games is basically where you can play forge maps. You make make your own game types that have things such as damage modifiers etc. and play on the maps you made online. This part of the game is what gives it the immense replay value that is has, as you'll find yourself playing these for hours.

Theatre is the part of the game, where you can save your films from in-game and share them with others. There really isn't much to it, except that if others want to watch it you are pretty much forced to put it on your "file share" (a system that allows you to transfer maps, in-game movies, and gametypes) and have them download it, since the party theatre function is broken and chances are you will probably end up getting dropped.

The game is great overall, and it's a must have if you own an Xbox 360.

  CheatsGuru rating and opinion
8Story line
The story line is pretty good. You know where you are at and what you are doing but it's not really in-depth. If you've followed the previous games then it will make a lot more sense, which is a disadvantage or an advantage.
The Graphics aren't great. You never find yourself saying, man, the graphics in this game sure are bad. When comparing to other games on the market this one falls short.
The music is amazing, the voice acting is great, and the sound effects are realistic. It couldn't have been done better.
The gameplay is very fun, probably the highlight of the game. At intense parts you might even find yourself getting closer to the TV screen. The multiplayer is loaded with features that will keep you playing for a long time.
10Lasting Appeal
The lasting appeal for this game is amazing, if you have Xbox Live. While the campaign will only get a good 60 hours out of you if you want to get everything, forge and custom games presents so many more possibilities that you'll find yourself playing for a long time.
(Out of 10)


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jsa    wrote on sep 17, 2010 3:43 pm


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